Paige Mac, Stone Jets & Grace de La Hunt at The Waiting Room

To say I was excited when I heard that Paige Mac was going to be joining forces with Stone Jets for a gig, would be an understatement. On Tuesday evening a friend and I travelled through to The Waiting Room on Long Street to watch them do what they do best.

WAIT1Driving through to Cape Town, in particular, Long Street, I watched people sitting chatting socially with each other in all the little restaurants and cafes along the way. It’s always a treat to watch the hustle and bustle that is Long Street. The street comes alive at night and the sound of chatter fills the air. Walking down the road, I felt exhilarated at the thought of what awaited us at The Waiting Room.

It is a venue that hosts many local artists and is one of the best acoustic venues in Cape Town. We had booked a table at the Royale Eatery, which is always such a treat.

Royale Eatery

Royale Eatery


The service and food is tops and the burgers are definitely the highlight on the menu.  I have yet to eat a burger that comes close.

A surprise awaited us! At 9pm sharp, Grace de La Hunt was the suprise! Grace took to the stage with a natural ease. I had not previously watched Grace, but the saying ‘first impressions count’ was certainly true in her case. Grace is a young lady who has a voice that is second to none.



Listening to her, I realized, that not only is Grace a natural beauty, but she possesses a deep soul.

Grace de la Hunt

Grace de la Hunt

grace4My friend turned to me and said ‘I love her voice’. We were itching to see whether Grace had brought any albums with her, but sadly Grace told us that no albums have been produced as yet. I am sure that it won’t be long before this happens, as Grace de La Hunt is someone to take notice of – young, fresh, dynamic, soulful and creative are words that come to mind when thinking of her performance.

Take a listen to her songs here:

Or follow her on Facebook:


Stone Jets

Stone Jets

Next up, was Stone Jets, a duo consisting of Given Nkanyane on vocals and Manfred Klose on bass and vox. The band has just celebrated their first year together and what a year it has been. Given and Manfred met each other in Johannesburg and the rest is history! Given with his heartwarming, soulful voice and Manfred with his brilliant guitar playing, bring a ‘sound and feel’ like no other. It is difficult to put a finger on it, but from the moment I experienced them for the first time, they moved me to my core!

Their music seeps into the deepest depths of your heart and spills over filling you with warmth.

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane

Manfred Klose

Manfred Klose

 Powerful, heartfelt, touching, happy and warm are just some words that come to mind when experiencing their music. The crowd loved them and shouted ‘more’ when they said it’s their last song. Given has a personality that is infectious and rubs off on a person – he has a stage presence that reaches out and grabs you. Manfred on the other hand has a quiet spirit that soothes the soul. When they performed Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ , Given brought it all on that stage. His energy and stage personality made me feel like dancing. As I turned to look at the crowd gathered, I saw happy faces everywhere. It bears mentioning, that when they perform ‘Caravans’ the mood changes and Given openly displays his soul – you can see it in his eyes. I have realized that Stone Jets are so versatile and they can perform just about anything.  Stone Jets add a special touch to everything they do. From happy to sad songs, they manage to reel you in with their presence.

Stone Jets have produced an EP and each and every song is a masterpiece.

I just discovered that Stone Jets have a video on You Tube!! Watch it here:

To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook:

Listen to some of their soulful tunes here:


Paige MacMahon

Up to this point the evening had been so fulfilling and I realized that I didn’t want it to come to an end. Last, but certainly not least, Paige Mac was up next. Paige Mac is a name that has taken off in South Africa and their sound is funky, emotional, real and unique. Paige Mac has played at most of the music festivals throughout the country and has appeared on the Expresso Breakfast Show on SABC 3 as well as Top Billing. Their diary is sometimes booked months in advance, as their popularity is known far and wide and they are dearly sought after – I can tell you, this is no surprise. The band consists of Paige MacMahon (vocals), Garry van Vuuren (bass) and Giovanni Serci (drums). I will never forget the first day I heard Paige sing. A very good friend of mine who promotes musicians, suggested I go take a listen to her on You Tube, the particular song was ‘Atrophy’ – from the moment I heard her sing, my whole body broke into goose bumps –  my whole body felt like one big goose bump. I only heard how personal the song was to Paige at a later date and it moved me deeply.

Paige MacMahon writes deep lyrics and she lives out her music on stage, sharing her truth and the emotions that she experiences. Her music is her life and her journey. The beauty of Paige’s heart is real and raw – this is Paige and her music in every sense of the word.

Paige brings it all together, as music is part of her past, her present and her future. Music that makes you ‘feel’. As a person who lives in an imperfect world, I can relate. Listening to them, you cannot help but be moved emotionally and spiritually. So often, music can be empty and meaningless, just words strung together, but Paige sings about real life and experiences, displaying real emotion and it grips me every time. When Paige performs her song ‘Love Makes You Fat‘ I cannot help myself from giggling as it has such a happy, funky feel about it.  Paige can sing about pain, darkness, joy and the light side of life and to do this truly speaks of someone who is gifted with a rare and genuine gift.


Garry van Vuuren

Giovanni Serci

Giovanni Serci

The first time I met Paige and Garry I was bowled over by their humbleness and sincerity.  As a band they form a powerful connection, which is conveyed to their audience. Paige and Garry bring so much to the table with their unique sound and I was fortunate enough to witness their drummer, Giovanni Serci  for the first time.  It was truly a ‘wow’ moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, Paige Mac are a band to be reckoned with.

The evening was every kind of perfect.  My friend and I left at the end of the evening  feeling deeply privileged to have experienced some of the finest musicians that South Africa has to offer.

Take a listen to them on Soundcloud:

Follow them on Facebook to find out about events happening in your area:

You Tube :


 Quote: “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
Sarah Dessen, Just Listen





Sunday afternoon was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I was excited as I had heard Stone Jets were heading to a brand new restaurant/café/coffee shop in Muizenberg, namely, Blonde&Beard. I had the absolute pleasure of watching them play before and can say the bug that is ‘Stone Jets’ has seriously bitten me!

Upon arriving I was impressed. The Blonde&Beard has a quaint feel about it. It is situate in the Balmoral, which is just before you turn off to Muizenberg Beach. As I entered the room, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee awakened my senses, as did the smell of delicious vegetables and other yummy dishes being prepared.



A certain charm can be found at Blonde&Beard and it is definitely unique to some of the other venues I have visited – intimate and cosy, but designed with a feeling of space. Positioned upstairs is a platform for artists to do their thing and I was fortunate enough to get a table right next to the band.


Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Salad

I ordered a ‘mediterranean roasted vegetable salad’ which was beautifully presented and super fresh. I could just tell that love went into preparing the meal. The coffee bears mentioning – I am a keen coffee lover and must say, it met all my expectations – rich, creamy and delicious.


Manfred – the man with the magic fingers

Given – the voice behind the band

One day, just over a year ago, Given Nkanyane and Manfred Klose met at a recording studio in Cape Town. Since that day Stone Jets was created and the rest is history. Given and Manfred came together and formed a dynamic band and haven’t looked back. I am personally so happy that I discovered them, because their music warms my heart. Their sound is a folk/rock acoustic blend and they played all their own music as well as some covers.

IMG_8858Stone jets played two sets for the afternoon and it was just such a treat to enjoy a scrumptious meal listening to them play and sing. These guys have a groovy feel about them – Manfred with his gentle quiet spirit and Given with his outgoing bubbly personality, together they fit like a glove.

When Given sings his voice tells a story – music moves him deep within his soul and the beautiful light that shines within his soul comes forth and shines brightly for all to see.

At the end of their second set, a lady approached Given and I overheard her say to him ‘your voice is phenomenal – you have such an incredible vocal range’ – true words indeed.

Stone Jets is a band that has achieved so much in their first year and I cannot wait to see what awaits them down the line.



A saw this beautiful quote and it seemed so apt -

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
 Harriet Tubman

To find out more about Stone Jets, or to give their page a ‘like’ on facebook, follow the link:



Their website:

Let the beauty of their music touch your soul.







Stone Jets at Blonde&Beard

Thursday eve I headed to Cafe Roux to watch 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR!  I was excited to say the least, judging from previous shows I knew we were in for a mind blowing experience!  3rd WORLD SPECTATOR had since then gripped me in a powerful way.  The band members are – Peter Crafford - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano Justin Versfeld - Lead Guitar André Wentzel – Drums Louis Kuhn – Bass, Backing Vocals Elan Schnider – Piano, Synth, Guitar.

What a night at Cafe Roux!

What a night at Cafe Roux!

Cafe Roux is such an awesome venue.  So if you’re looking for live music and good food, look no further, Cafe Roux is the place to be. All the top bands and artists in S.A. have graced the stage at Cafe Roux. So, be sure to check out their website for all the latest news and events happening -

This is no run-of-the-mill band – together they bring something unique and different. 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR boast a list of accolades, which includes their video “Ambulance’ it reached number 2 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart, placing the band firmly at the forefront of the local rock scene.

editnice1When listening to the band’s lead vocalist, Peter Crafford, my arms break out in goosebumps! Peter’s voice has a haunting affect and it lingers in your mind long after. It seems to reverberate in your mind over and over and Peter’s vocal ability is truly phenomenal – unforgettable is the word! An evocative quality is evident and not only does it enter your mind, but his voice infiltrates your soul – something much deeper takes place.  Their music has a spiritual element and I think this is what comes through very strongly when listening to them.


edit1 editnice6 editnice4The band are a powerful force – there is a strong rock element, but at the same time a gentleness which comes through. Being a witness to their energy and connection as a band on stage is something remarkable to behold. As a band, they bring so much and watching the audience I could see they were mesmerized by what was playing out before their eyes. The band has a certain liveliness that rubs off and looking around me I could see the energy in the room.

What warm fellows!

What warm fellows!

Peter shared at the beginning of the evening that they would play some of their old familiar songs as well as their new tunes. All I can say is, that listening to all the old familiar songs brought a fresh longing for more and listening to the new tunes wowed every single person in the room. I cannot wait for the release of their new album. 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR is taking Cape Town by storm and there will be no stopping the storm once this album hits the shelves.

To get a little taste of what they’re about, watch their song ‘Ambulance’ on You Tube :

Take a listen here:

To find out more about them as a band and also where they will next be appearing, follow the links –









Michael Lowman at Cafe Roux

On Thursday evening a friend and I decided to visit Cafe Roux as Michael Lowman was visiting our valley after he had opened for international music sensation Tori Amos. I was excited as I had watched Michael previously and knew we were in for a treat.

edit10It was a cold winter’s evening, and a brightly burning fire added to the cosy atmosphere that Cafe Roux is renowned for. Cafe Roux is one of the finest restaurants to be found in the Noordhoek valley. The dining area is set up for either small intimate tables, or larger tables, depending on how many bookings are made and for how many people. The venue also offers a fully licensed bar for all your thirsty needs. Not only does Cafe Roux offer the tastiest food, but entertainment is a high priority.edit7 edit8Good food and   entertainment are a winning combination that very few restaurants offer and when you drive up the road that leads you to the venue you are surrounded by the beauty of the valley.  The ‘ever’ so friendly staff at Café Roux ushered us to our table, which was right in front of the stage.  I was tickled pink at the thought of taking some nice photos.
We sat back enjoying our delicious food, which is always beautifully presented and of the highest standard.

edit9Michael arrived with a friendly wave at the crowd gathered before him. We were all counting the minutes in anticipation to him kicking off the evening. Michael has this serene aura that surrounds him and you immediately pick up on it. He is as cool as a cucumber, so to speak. His charming personality  rubs off on his audience and people all around me giggled delightfully at his jokes and quirky personality. I could see that he was in good spirits and the mood was light and people felt relaxed and ready for a great show.
Michael played all his own music, which to me is ‘real’ music as well as some covers.

His lyrics are personal, genuine and sincere. Michael is versatile and his music is gentle on the ear- it comes naturally to him. There were people of all ages, young and old in the audience and they loved every minute of his soulful performance. Some ladies stood up and clapped loudly. Michael gladly indulged our requests for more and gave freely and abundantly of himself.  There was nothing that made Michael want to leave in a hurry and I think, even Michael was captivated by the ambience of Cafe Roux and the beauty that is our valley.
edit26A little background on Michael – Michael lost his dad at a very young age and it had a huge impact on his life and his music. ‘Michael recorded his debut EP “In My Own Words” with the help of producer Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers), Scott Austin and some incredibly talented musicians in the iconic Studio at The Palms.’ Michael has become a household name in S.A. and his music has a folk, blues and pop feel to it. Music that is pleasing to the ear and it tugs at the heartstrings. Michael is a deep young man, despite his music being lighthearted and fun.

When picturing Michael’s music in my mind’s eye, I have visions of the sea – not just the visible beauty seen with the eye from shore, but viewed from deep down below- the dark depths where beautiful colourful sea creatures live and move in rhythm to the waters – music of many colours, depths and beauty.

Michael is making waves, not just locally but internationally too and this is no small surprise as his music is heartfelt, soulful and once heard, there is no turning back – his fans are hooked for life.

edit2To find out more about Michael’s journey and latest events, check out his Facebook page:
Michael on You Tube :

Mean Black Mamba at 5 Rooms Jazz


I felt like a kid with a big present – you see I was heading out to pay the 5 Jazz Rooms a visit. The venue features musicians on a weekly basis. Not only was I excited about this particular place, but my excitement was double-fold as I had heard that Mean Black Mamba was heading there for the evening. I had been fortunate enough to witness them ‘live’ on other occasions and I knew that this evening would be a night when hearts would be touched.

Upon arriving at the Alphen Hotel, I could see why so many people had told me I would love it. From the garden to the entrance and the spectacular décor, we immediately felt welcome. As we walked in, a waiter rushed up to us and ushered us to our table – which was right in front – a mere arm’s throw from the band!  I think my face mirrored my inner smile – knowing I would experience this ‘close up and personal’ brought untold joy.  This was something that just added to the already ‘high’ I was experiencing.

edit18  If you have not yet had the privilege to experience this venue, let me give you a glimpse of what to expect – a warm fire place fills the room and beautiful rich works of art grace the walls, as do beautifully framed vintage mirrors.



Crystal chandeliers hang from the old high ceilings and just complete the room.  Antique furniture can be seen all around and it brings an ‘old world charm’. Our food was beautifully presented and finer cuisine you cannot find.

IMG_7259The crème brûlée was the biggest delight – decadent and one of the best I have ever tasted.

edit11From the friendly and very efficient staff, to the food and venue, I can truly say it was a delightful experience.

The Alphen Hotel is to be found in the Constantia valley which boasts many well known vineyards and top quality restaurants. When driving through Constantia you cannot help but be swept away by the sheer beauty that surrounds you. From the tall leafy trees to the valley spread out for miles around you, you cannot help but catch your breath when gazing upon the loveliness thereof. To find out about events, or to enjoy a good meal, click on the link:

Now while we were sitting back enjoying the good food and company of friends, the reason for the evening was about to begin.


The first time I saw Guy perform I was at the Baxter Theatre watching the Folk Festival. There were many artists that took to the stage that night and halfway through the evening Guy walked onto the stage with his banjo and from the moment he started playing I felt connected to his music. What came across very strongly for me on this particular night at the Alphen, was even though Guy has the ability to play a guitar with perfection and brilliance, it goes much deeper for him then just an outer display. Guy plays his guitar with every fiber of his being – it is not just an external display, but an inner one which shines forth and moves the heart.

edit65 edit17When I sit and listen to the ‘blues’ singers of old, visions of Guy flash before my eyes, even though I didn’t exist back then, in my mind’s eye, the picture is like a clear painting and what I believe, is that this is what it must have felt like back then – Guy has blues living in his soul and he displays it every time.

Mean Black Mamba’s tunes are pure blues and rock ‘n roll, which must explain why you feel like moving to the groove and a lot of foot tapping takes place. What they experience and feel as they bring the music – we felt.

edit15 James van Minnen is a drummer that plays with great spirit and if you watch closely you can find yourself almost in a trance like state, because he plays the drums with an intuitive sense – it comes so naturally to him.

edit13Schalk van der Merwe accompanied Guy to perfection and the connection between them was a visible display of what they were experiencing and it reached out and gripped us. If ever I felt like I had been hypnotized it would be on this night. Music doesn’t get any better.

To find out more about Mean Black Mamba, check out their facebook page:

Watch them on You Tube:



Louise Day and friends at Studio 7



Thursday night was a night that promised to meet all my expectations. I was destined for Studio 7 where Louise Day was scheduled to perform with her friends. I had watched Louise a few weeks back at Mercury and the night was magical in every sense of the word.

After this encounter, I decided I would like to find out as much as possible about Louise. Upon research, I discovered that Louise started her career from the tender age of 10. From here on up Louise was destined for great things. Louise headed off to the USA where she spent a year.

To quote: “There she began performing at Aspen’s premiere live music venue, “Bellyup (, regularly opening for visiting internationally recognized artists, including the likes of the acclaimed ‘Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ and ‘The English Beat’. This exposure resulted in a tremendous demand for her talents, and her remaining time was spent performing as a Fender Musician at the Winter X Games and Tempe Music Festival in Arizona, performing on the same stage as many international artists such as John Mayer and The Fray, as well as regular appearances on East Coast Plum TV with the ‘Morning, Noon and Night Show’. In 2006, she made her mark on Fender USA when she was approached to endorse their new range of guitars for women.  Since her return to SA, Louise and her band at the time launched their very successful debut album “Chasing the Wind” followed by a second album “Swallowed by the City” which received a SAMA (South African Music Awards) nomination for best Pop Album. After a busy time of live performances, the band is back in the studio working on their third album which will be released in 2014. Her band ‘Louise Day Band’ has since changed to fit her focus of getting back to her singer/songwriter/folk roots for the new album. Her current band consists of : Nathan Woodman on keys and backing vox and David Bryant on drums and backing vox.


Studio 7 is a prominant venue that is on every tongue in the music industry and has hosted some of the biggest names in the industry – this venue has one of the best acoustic set ups and the pure joy of the homely atmosphere adds to the value of what Studio 7 is all about. It is such a pleasure to enjoy the chatter before the show catching up on shared conversations and news from friends before settling down on the ‘oh so comfy’ sofas to watch the performers, wait for it…………. uninterrupted!! YES! You see, Studio 7 is a venue where people take music seriously. Every person present respects the artist for their craft and they are excited to see what is going to unfold before them. A kind of hush comes over the audience and the music kicks off. To find out about latest events, check out their page:


Louise had invited Joshua Grierson to share some of his soulful songs for the night. Joshua is a true folk singer in every sense of the word and his music is very much part of his journey. He loves to share what his music is about before he sings his songs.  Joshua adds a certain flavor and spice to each of his performances and the audience lapped him up as he worked his charm on the stage.

Music that speaks directly to your heart – it is a personal touch that he brings to his performances which simply cannot be denied.

Joshua is a rare phenomena and I have yet to witness someone so gifted.

To find out more about Joshua and his music, here are his links:

You Tube:

To quote : ‘The sweat rolls down his brow;
his entire body aches and weaves with some internal, now exposed dance,
his fingers are rattling on his fret board like scattered bones on the sand
and the feet connected to his rubber legs, are stomping a new hole in the stage’


Joshua’s music always fills the holes and you come away having had a true ‘soul experience’.


When Louise and Joshua perform together it is truly something spectacular to behold – they compliment one another to perfection!


Louise, her friends Leandi and Lelani van der Berg rendered the audience speechless with their beautiful voices. Having these sisters accompany Louise just completed the picture, so to speak. Harmony, melody and rhythm are three words that bear mentioning.

Hearts melted –you could have heard a pin drop as each eye was focused on their breathtaking act. Louise’s voice is to the heart, what silk is to the skin.



A feeling of warmth washed over me as I sat taking it all in. What stands out for me, is the sincerity that Louise displays, not only in her music, but as a person. There is certain vulnerability in her approach and it comes across in the way she brings her music to life on stage.  A feeling of serenity and tranquility fill your heart when listening to her.

Like waves that roll onto the shore, her music rolls gently over your soul, wave upon wave rush in and quench you.



Nathan Woodman – a musician in his own right was also present for the evening and did a fine job on keys. Nathan has accompanied the likes of Ard Matthews, Just Jinjer and Jeremy Loops on keys. Nathan also accompanies The Swingsetters on keys and vox.

Watch ‘The Swingsetters’ on You Tube:

To quote: ‘Accomplished session musician Nathan Woodman is a keyboard sensation who has performed with most of Cape Town’s local talent as a session musician. He also has a penchant for belting out the odd Louis Armstrong cover with consummate ease’. Now this I would love to see!

At the end of the evening, I walked away richer for the experience.

To find out more about Louise Day Band, here are the links:

Watch her video on You Tube :




Ann Jangle and friends at Mercury Lounge


On Friday 13 June 2014, Ann Jangle was having a birthday celebration with her friends at Mercury to raise funds to replace her guitar which was stolen out of her car. I was privileged to get there to witness something that I have never witnessed before.

Ann Jangle was introduced to me by her agent and my first thought was, can this be for real? After eagerly watching some of her tunes on You Tube I thought how could this ‘pixie girl’ that literally bounces around the room like a tiny ‘fairy-like creature’ compare to the powerful voice I had heard.

ImageA band by the name of Taleswapper kicked off the evening. The first impression formed in my mind on the night, was that here are some folk that have the gift of storytelling. I was instantly reminded of a scene out of an old black and white movie. Let me paint the picture – a smoky night club down town where the great jazz players would grace the stage with their presence and people would gather together for a night of escape. Their music made me want to sit quietly and take it all in, so as to catch the deeper meaning of their lyrics.

Their lyrics are poetic and speak of hidden secrets which are mostly deep, dark and mysterious.


Music that has a strong blues feel, with a touch of jazz, folk and something stronger. Here is a little piece of what they’re about: Follow them on Facebook –


Next up was a band called The Shabeen.

The band consists of : Jon Shaban on Guitar & Vocals,
Ryan McArthur
on Upright Bass and Thomas Glendinning on Drums.

The band has a funky vibe about them and I could see the crowd instantly took to them. They call themselves a ‘punk project from Cape Town’ . Image

They evoke a feeling of happiness with their cheerful vibe and I could picture them playing in an Irish pub – they have a certain kind of groove that makes one want to get up and do a little jig.


To catch them in your area find them on Facebook:

Watch their tune ‘Product Of The World’ on You Tube

ImageLast, but certainly not least, was the reason we had come through for the evening. Ann Jangle took to the stage and quite frankly from beginning to end she mesmerized me with her vocal capability. Ann has a complete band which bears mentioning as they are second to none.


Together they form a dynamic team. When listening to Ann, I was reminded of the late great Jannis Joplin but with a richer quality to her voice – Ann encapsulates rock, folk, blues and a bit of everything if that is possible. Her music takes me back to a time when music all began, but at the same time it is so ‘now’. It is very rare to see an artist bring so much to the table, so to speak.

Her voice reminds me of a fire that runs wild through a forest- there is no stopping it once it takes hold. Once lit, it burns brightly with a flame which gets brighter and it runs wild lighting its path as it goes.

Watch her on

To catch a glimpse of what Ann and her band are about, watch this as they play and share!

Follow Ann on facebook to find out where she is next performing.

Listen to her tunes here:

Joshua Grierson – legend folk/blues singer/songwriter, Purity Zinhle Mkhize (Fruits and Veggies) renowned for her powerful vocals and Dubmaster China,added a special touch to the already great evening.

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Joshua Grierson at Cafe Roux

Saturday night I headed out to Cafe Roux for yet another magical night of the finest music. Cafe Roux is known to host S.A.’s very finest musicians and tonight was no exception. Joshua Grierson was the guest artist for the evening. It was a cold winter’s night and as I drove I was anticipating what the evening had in store. Despite it being a cold winter’s night, guests attending Cafe Roux were in for the warmest night they could possibly imagine, especially those that had not yet had the opportunity to experience Joshua Grierson.  Last year Joshua launched his double disc album at Cafe Roux and it was a night that shook the valley and  every so often I catch people talking about the sensational Joshua Grierson who took to the stage that night.


I arrived fairly early, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, so to speak. Cafe Roux is a quaint little restaurant which has amble parking and the finest food available in the valley. Upon entering, you always feel that the place welcomes you in with its warm ambience; the staff must be some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are always quick to escort you to your table and immediately offer you a drink.

The place was already filling up nicely and I sat back enjoying my drink and listening to a sound check by Joshua and Wesley Renecke—Joshua’s percussionist who accompanies Joshua at many of his shows, adding his unique talent to their act. They also arrived early for their set up, which just showed me again the dedication and commitment that Joshua puts into all his shows.

At 7pm my friends arrived and we sat back enjoying a catch up and yummy food before the show began.

Joshua opened the evening with the folk song ‘Colours’ written by Donovan, —a Scottish folk singer/songwriter. The single was released in 1965. This song, is a song that fits Joshua to perfection— the words love, freedom, folk and heartwarming are just some words that come to mind. A perfect way to kick off a cold wet night.


Joshua then proceeded to sing all his own songs.   My friend turned to me and said: ‘I love his music – it is different and unique’. She then asked : ‘Did he write all these songs?’ To which I could answer  a big ‘yes’.

All Joshua’s songs make my heart leap, because he not only gets up on a stage to sing them, but he expresses every single word as if he has lived them out—as if every song is a personal journey. Joshua has one of the most expressive faces and his emotion and sincerity never ceases to grab me. He connects with his audience in a tangible way.

If you want to experience music that can only be described as—real, honest, raw, emotional, spiritual, and touching, get to one of his shows. I must mention that Joshua is a creative being and is not just a solo artist, but is also actively involved in his band ‘Big Exit’ who regularly plays at various venues in Cape Town. To find out more about Big Exit, follow them on Facebook:

As the end of the evening slowly came to an end (sniff), the folk present shouted out the words ‘please play one more’. To which Joshua humbly concurred.

To find out where you can catch him next, follow him on facebook: Find his album for sale here:

Listen here:

Watch Joshua on You Tube 

JOSHBLOG3This is the heart and soul of Joshua Grierson—his music!








Review of Black Water – Gerald Clark

Review and photos by Rene Maritz Image


When listening to this album I am reminded instantly of ‘the blues’. The deep, dark lyrics that speak of love, loss and of trying to pick up life once love has gone bad come through clearly. Gerald Clark has a way and means of telling the story with his voice, but not just in words but with a deep gut wrenching cry from the pit of his soul. This is what makes this album from beginning to end.  Gerald spews forth emotions that take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The combination of the message being portrayed by Gerald together with the background instruments complete the album to perfection.


  1. It Ain’t You – This song just has such sad lyrics that you can literally feel the pain and the need to take to the bottle. Raw, gutsy and emotional are the feelings felt. The loss of a relationship and sheer desperation. A song of laying it all on the table – Gerald sings about ‘getting drunk, getting stoned’.
  2. Black Water – From beginning to end this song speaks of forbidden pleasures, but in a ‘use your imagination’ kind of way. A sensual and provocative song. The words ‘dark’, ‘black’ and ‘burning soul’ ‘come to mind.
  3. Giving Up On Love – For me, this must be a favourite – it has such a strong blues vibe and sends shivers all round. The different levels of Gerald’s vocal range move you and the deep soul wrenching words, stir you to the core.
  4. Ain’t Going To Heaven – Another bluesy song but with a catchy tune. The song brings a spiritual connotation by referring to heaven and not going there because he would have to ‘face up’. The guitar playing on this one is truly something. The darkness of heading down below is also mentioned.
  5. Breaking Down – The song is about breaking down and crying. The song has a good rhythm despite it being a bit morbid.
  6. Poor Man Blues – When listening to this song a picture is painted in my mind of a scene featuring a lounge, a piano and people gathering together from old to young to listen to some of the finest jazz music. It has a beautiful jazzy feel to it, which grabs you right from the start. Gerald still manages to bring that blues sound despite it being a jazzy tune.
  7. Let Me Tell You – A real rocker this song is! Blues and rock ‘n roll all rolled into one. A feeling of being in an old Pentecostal church is evoked from beginning to end. Just an incredible work of art.
  8. Stranger Blues – Beautiful guitar strumming in the opening makes this song. Going down to the railway station and getting a train ride, leaving the city far behind is what this song is about. A feeling of escaping one city for another.
  9. House Of The Rising Sun – this song is a take on the original by The Animals. It has a jolly sound to it despite the seriousness of the song.
  10. Feel So GoodCan’t Keep From Crying – the song is about speaking to the Lord- about getting there someday – getting back to Him. A very up-tempo song about feeling so good that you want to cry.
  11. Late Night Blues – Purely an instrumental song which has a true blues undertone- from the style and arrangement of the song.
  12. Marry Me – A romantic song that makes my knees go weak with the romantic nuances that flow from beginning to end. Gerald sings of wanting to marry someone – being that person that completes another. A lifetime of love and commitment is portrayed. When listening to this song, I could feel the sincerity of his emotions and the deeper part of his heart is exposed. I could picture this song being played as a wedding song as it fits the picture to perfection. A lovely end, to a beautiful collection of love songs. I think anyone can relate to this album, as we have all walked this road somewhere along the line. If you’re taking a drive, or just relaxing on your couch, this album will speak volumes to your heart and soul and maybe take you on trip of your own kind.
  13. As The Crow Flies – a bonus track on the CDwritten and composed by Tony Joe White and produced by Theo Crouse – Gerald brings it in this one. Back-up vocals add a new dimension to the song.

GER3All in all a beautiful compilation of songs that make you ponder on the deeper meaning of life and relationship, stirring and tugging at the heartstrings from beginning to end.

To find out more about the man behind the album, check out his website: and/or

Facebook page:



 ‘Follow The River’ – Gerald Clark

Review and photos by Rene Maritz



This album to me, speaks  of relationships – love won, love lost, love as a journey – Gerald encapsulates it beautifully with his soulful voice, which brings highs and lows of emotions running wild and free. Gerald is known for his bluesy, country voice and this album brings just that. The background guitar, banjo, keyboard, vocals and drums complete the album.

Black Horses – When I heard this song for the first time it sent me to another place – a place of nostalgia – a time long gone. I remember reading insanely whilst growing up. Most of the novels were romantic ones that spoke of dark villains, knights and beaus in hot pursuit of beautiful ladies. Strangely, most of them were about castles in the country surrounded by dreamy forests, mountains and rivers. There would always be a scene where horses would gallop in wild abandonment. Now this song manages to re-create that moment in my mind. Having never experienced the thrill of riding on a horse, this song makes me want to get out there, find a horse and ride it. This is the power of music.

Watch it on You Tube:

Walking Slowly – This song speaks of having to move forward but longing for that feeling of familiar love. Gerald sings with such sincerity. It is about dreaming of the reality of that love and wanting to be back in that moment.

Maybe I’m A Fool – The sheer pain of waiting for someone to love you back – this song speaks of wasted love and time. A desperation, so to speak and Gerald brings that in this song.

All I Need Is Your Love – Another dreamy song about horses and love burning brightly. You get a real country feeling listening to this song. Gerald’s vocal range truly comes through in this one. I can hear a banjo playing in the background, which always sends shivers right down my spine.

There She Goes – A deep song about the painful experience of seeing someone walk away – sung so convincingly, the pain is almost tangible. Gerald’s voice reaches some high notes which express his emotions. The drums playing in the background add to a more up tempo beat.

Don’t Pretend – A sad song that speaks of love that is filled with pretenses. Very powerfully sung by Gerald. This song makes me think of empty and meaningless thoughts of a relationship that is dead.

Middle Of The Road – This song gripped my heart from beginning to end – it speaks of feeling worthy to be loved. Gerald truly brings the message across with this one. The song has a deep spiritual connection.

It Ain’t That Easy - To me, this is a love song that speaks of not wanting to take control. A complicated love that has run out is what it is about. Needing to end a relationship, but not wanting to break someone’s heart. A compassionate touch is felt.

Shooting Star – This is a beautiful song about a shooting star and wanting to fly back to someone special– seeing them in your dreams and wanting the relationship to last forever.

Set Me Loose – Wanting to be set free and on fire is what comes across in this song. Wanting to be ‘another man’ so to speak – having space, time running out and it being too late for love.

Marry Me – A romantic song that makes my knees go weak with the romantic nuances that flow from beginning to end. Gerald sings of wanting to marry someone – being that person that completes another. A lifetime of love and commitment is portrayed. When listening to this song, I could feel the sincerity of his emotions and the deeper part of his heart is exposed. I could picture this song being played as a wedding song as it fits the picture to perfection. A lovely end, to a beautiful collection of love songs. I think anyone can relate to this album, as we have all walked this road somewhere along the line. If you’re taking a drive, or just relaxing on your couch, this album will speak volumes to your heart and soul and maybe take you on trip of your own kind.



To find out more about the man behind the album, check out his website: and/or

Facebook page:




Gerald James Clark arranged a fundraiser for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children which took place on Sunday evening at The Barnyard Theatre, Willowbridge. His passion for horses and his heart for children spurred him into action.

It is so good to see people coming together, not only for their own benefit, but to give hope to the community.

This is what Gerald had to say: “I observed the amazing results of the interaction between horses and the FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) children. The one little girl, Abigail, stood out for me in particular. Abigail was born prematurely and was so heavily affected by FAS that the doctor predicted she would never be able to walk. I was there during a session when she was put on a horse and within a few minutes I could see her orientating herself and getting interested in her surroundings. The other day I saw her running around, dancing and laughing; she is now three years old and only four months behind the developmental phases of a normal child.”

What is the FASt Forward Fund?

The FASt Forward Fund is an initiative set in motion by singer songwriter Gerald Clark and retailer Jade & Velvet.

 The FASt Forward Fund’s main aim is to send young FAS-sufferers to programmes where they will be able to work with ponies and horses. These children (between the ages of one and six) are at a developmental stage where they stand to gain most from working with ponies and horses on both a physical and cognitive level.

Riding can, however, be beneficial to almost anyone with any kind of special needs. Aside from the physical benefits of improved balance, posture, muscle tone and joint flexibility, it also develops attention span, reasoning skills, memory retention and a host of other cognitive functions.

To find out more about the organization and to make a donation, please follow the link:

The Barnyard can seat 500 people and have an in-house pizza deli. Food platters are also available upon request. There is a full licensed bar available for all your thirsty needs. The Barnyard has a certain charm which cannot be denied. Despite being a large venue, it has a cosy atmosphere. To find out about events, here is the link:

MUSOOne of the hosts for the evening was Peter Mitchell. Peter entertained the audience from beginning to end. Peter spoke with a heavy Scottish accent and not for one minute did I suspect that he was a South African!  Looking around at the crowd, I could hear and see people break  into fits of laughter. Old and young were enthralled by his stage presence.

Upon doing a little research on Peter, who may I add, is not just a fantastic singer, but also an outstanding comedian, I found out that he busked in Scotland for a couple of years. After being spotted on the streets he was invited to perform at various pubs in Scotland. Peter was so impressed with the pub scene that he took inspiration from this and ran with it. What grabbed me from the beginning to the end was his ability to captivate his audience with his charm and quick wit. Peter regularly gets invited to perform at various corporate functions in and around SA. Peter sang ‘The Flower Of Scotland’ to perfection and wowed all of us present with his Scottish accent. Being an entertainer comes naturally to Peter, like breathing. He was born to be on a stage.

Some of the artists were Gerald Clark, Fokofpolisiekar, Valiant Swart, Heinz Winckler, Theo Crous, Luna Paige, Natasha Meister and Guy Collins. I noticed a familiar face on keyboard, it was none other than Simon Orange who is very talented man. SIMON1

GERGerald Clark is a well known artist in and around Cape Town. Gerald is such a versatile artist singing both English and Afrikaans music. His song ‘Black Horses’ blew me away when I first heard it in 2011.

Watch it here –

To find out more about Gerald, follow him on facebook:

Another biggie must certainly be ‘Right Kind Of Love’

GER3GROUPThe song was written by Luna Paige, which she performs with him. This is a fun, catchy and soulful performance by two amazing people.

Gerald is not just an accomplished performer, but has a heart of gold. Bringing together all these artists to make an event such as this a success is evident of that.

HEINZ3aIt was the first time I was to see Heinz Winckler and I was impressed. Heinz entered Idols and was the very first contestant to win Idols back in 2002.  Heinz has come a long way since. He performed ‘Chasing Shadows’, the theme song for the Disney movie Treasure Planet. Heinz was voted Number 33 in the Heat Magazine Top 100 for 2007. Heinz’s ‘Once In A Lifetime’ reached double platinum status. It is lovely to see someone take the opportunity presented to them and turn it into a success – this, Heinz has achieved in leaps and bounds. Here is one of his songs:


VAL6I was keen to see Valiant Swart as he was another artist that I had to date not had the privilege to watch. Valiant brought a calm presence onto the stage.  His music made me feel a certain peace and his songs were heart-warming. ‘Kraai Braai’ is one of the most entertaining songs.  Valiant’s music has a ‘feel good’ feeling about it.  Thank you Valiant for bringing such fun to the evening and providing medicine for the soul.

Here is the link to ‘Kraai Braai’ –

LUNANICEThe lovely Luna Paige always manages to stir deep emotions with her ‘bluesy’ voice which is deep and echoes in your mind long after her performance. No matter whether it is an Afrikaans or English song – Luna has the same affect. Her voice has a beautiful lilting quality which soothes the soul. Luna is touring all around SA.

To find out more about events check out her facebook page:


Watch her on Youtube and be get ready to be moved:


NAT2Natasha Meister is like a rare bird with multi-coloured feathers, but in her case a beautiful vocal range. On doing a little research, I found out that Natasha is the only woman in Africa who is endorsed by both Fender (USA) and Lakewood (Germany) guitar makers. Natasha is certainly an exceptional performer and singer. I realized after having watched her play a couple of times, that she feels very comfortable on stage and this certainly is where she belongs. To find out about events follow her :



GUYBESTGuy Collins accompanied most of the artists for the night. I am sure Guy was born holding a guitar. Every time Guy gets on a stage he has the crowd spellbound. There is a certain something that I cannot quite place my finger on – Guy brings it every time. Guy has a unique sound that is hard to re-create. When I think of Guy I think ‘blues’ and ‘soul’ with an ‘African’ feel. Guy brings life and soul to his performance – like a calling or message for the people – a sharing of something greater and people respond. His music reminds me of a bygone era and to be able to make people feel so deep, well this is truly someone who knows and feels music with every fiber of his being. GUY16Guy Collins always manages to send shivers down my spine.

TO find out about events and latest news, follow him on facebook: – watch him and James van Minnen (on drums) – Mean Black Mamba is the name of their band.


DRUMMER GUIT2The talented background players all played their part, so to speak, making it that bit more special.  The presenters for the evening did a superb job too.



FOP15Last, but certainly not least was Fokofpolisiekar, who ended off the evening on a very high and energetic note. It was another first for me. From the moment they took to the stage I felt like I had just climbed onto a rollercoaster and was in for the ride of my life. From the beginning to the end they gripped us with their performance. The lead singer Francois van Coke has a certain ‘presence’ that cannot be denied. Holding nothing back, his passion and emotion are clearly visible on his face for all to see. At one stage he did a handstand on stage – from beginning to end they got the crowd going and for those that weren’t warmed up yet, they were certainly on fire by the end of this performance. To find out more about them, follow them on facebook:



Members: Francois Van Coke
Hunter Kennedy
Johnny De Ridder
Wynand Myburgh

This evening was one that I enjoyed with every ounce of my being. We live in a country that has some of the most creative people and we can be proud to call ourselves South African. Get out and support our local music industry. As a community, let us strive to make the difference.

Gerald Clark’s Fast Forward Fundraiser

Joshua Grierson and friends at Mercury

Tonight was a night where a group of artists came together in unity to share their gifts and we were the recipients. Joshua Grierson had a plan – the plans was to perform his songs and he decided to gather together some of his fellow artists and friends to join him. A collaboration of some of the finest musicians in SA, came together to share what they do best and to share it with the community gathered there. It was an evening of bringing together different voices and styles to create a beautiful tapestry stitched and woven together to produce a rich work of art. The music washed over us like a warm sea.

ImageThe venue hosting the artists for the evening was Mercury, one of the biggest clubs in Cape Town. Image

Special evenings are created for events such as this. Mercury’s live stage has hosted some of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll, indie and other acts that you’ll find in the country. They continually create a platform for up and coming talent. There are long queues on popular nights. The acoustics are truly the best in Cape Town. To find out about events happening at Mercury, follow them on facebook:

Sometimes it’s good to have an evening of escapism from reality of life, just for a while. A moment suspended in time – a time to dream, but also be awakened.

Looking back on this night- a feeling of floating on a big fluffy cloud that moves slowly through an endless blue sky, this was what I felt. Like a walk in nature, where nature paints its own picture and speaks its own language.

The artists took to the stage to create something that can only be described as a bright starry night, where the stars came out to shine and in this case, they shone brightly, each bringing their own gift of harmonies and rhythm – flowing in unison with one another. You could sense the unity of the artists.Image Joshua Grierson has one of the most powerful voices and it resonates with deep emotion and feeling so intense. Whether loud or gentle, Joshua lays his soul bare. A crescendo of different levels can be reached as far as Joshua’s voice is concerned – from strong and powerful to soft and gentle. Joshua’s music is like a kaleidoscope of many different patterns, shapes and colours. A bit of ‘soul’, a bit of ‘blues’ and ‘folk’ – Joshua Grierson always has a little something up his sleeve, so to speak. Each time he brings something new, something old and even bold – it is a culmination of young and old, shadows of dark and light are revealed through his lyrics. Stories so deep, that make you not just ponder about life, but wonder. Joshua loves working with other artists and has a certain way of engaging and working alongside them to create something mind blowing and life changing for the broader community. For Joshua it’s not just about him, it’s about giving back and what music can accomplish. Joshua has many exciting plans lined up and if you would like to find out more about him and his events, be sure to follow him on Facebook.

For listening:

Follow Joshua on Facebook:

The various artists that joined Joshua for the evening are Given Nkanyane, Simon van Gend, Julian Bach, Nicolai Roos, Wesley Graham Reyneke and last, but not least the beautiful Louise Day.

ImageGiven Nkanyane is a man who has a gift and he shares that gift with whoever has ears to hear. The gift is his voice, which is like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night. His voice has the ability to melt the hardest of hearts. Given sings with such soul, that I am reminded of the great Marvyn Gaye. For Given, It is not just about his voice, he is a humble soul with a heart that is as beautiful as his voice. From the minute he opens his mouth and he utters his very first word, it moves you. Given is in a band called Stone Jets with his right hand man, Manfred Klose. Together they form a powerful duo. Take a listen to their awesome tunes here:

Follow them on Facebook:

ImageSimon van Gend is someone who creates an impression of a man with wisdom not yet understood by many. Simon has a style that is uniquely ‘Simon’ – his quirky style grows on you, like a particular food you either like a little, or not at all, but once truly tasted, you cannot get enough. Simon is someone who writes some of the finest music I have ever read or listened to. His writing ability speaks volumes to the depths of mankind. Each week Simon writes a new song. His goal is to write a song a week, for 365 days. Each and every song is brilliantly written – the hand that writes it, reaches into your mind and soul and grasps you, tugging at your heart with poetry and stories of love, life and struggles. What I love about Simon is that his music speaks to me about our humanness and our failings. His lyrics are like a puzzle where there are loose pieces of one’s life, each needing a place to fit and once found, complete the puzzle. His music makes me reflect on the mysteries of life.  Simon is also part of the band known as Simon and the Bande à Part.

For listening:

Follow Simon on Facebook:

ImageJulian Bach is a new name to me and I was eagerly looking forward to hearing more about him. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. Julian certainly brings something different. I listened to his music on soundcloud and it is refreshing and has a new sound. Watching Julian, I could tell that here is a man that loves what he does. His expressive face told a thousand stories and listening to him, I realized that he feels deeply passionate about his music. To quote: From its opening track, Ride—with its rolling choruses and sing-along melodies—to the outlandishly eerie waltz, Ode To No One—right up until the closing track, the honest and anthemic Pirates On A Dead Sea—Julian’s new music captures a quality of songwriting entirely unique to him, but somehow still manages to sound familiar. Keep your eye on this young man who is destined for big things.

Take a listen:



Nicolai Roos plays various guitars and is involved with the band Big Exit – an alternative rock band. He works with sound and arrangement and forms an integral part of the band. I have heard him play at various venues with the band and can honestly say he is a man with much talent. Big Exit certainly measure up to any of the big names out there. Listen to them here:


ImageWesley Graham Reyneke is a faithful friend to Joshua and his enthusiasm and spontaneity is something to behold. He provides background percussion at shows and it is always a treat to watch him in action. Wesley is just always there – a stalwart so to speak.

ImageLouise Day has a voice that is equal to her beauty. Listening to her, I found myself thinking, surely an angel has just walked into the room. Louise has a sincere heart and her eyes speak volumes – there is an inner glow which shines forth to the outside and stuns you with its brightness.


Joshua and Louise captivate the audience with ‘My June To Johnny’

The biggest thrill of the evening was listening to her with Joshua on his song ‘My June To Johnny’ which is a song about unrequited love and always tugs at the heartstrings. Their voices blended together like velvet – rich, smooth and silky; I could imagine that if one could touch it, it would feel like this.

Together they captured the true essence of the song. The evening sadly came to an end and I left feeling renewed and thankful for another night of the finest music, ready to face the the big world once again.

For listening:

Follow Louise on facebook: