CAFEROUXCafe Roux is a venue that is known not only for their scrumptious food, but also for ‘live’ entertainment. The last couple of years they have showcased some of the biggest names in the music industry. Saturday evening was no exception. Wendy Oldfield and Lionel Bastos were headed to our valley, specifically to Cafe Roux! To find out more about upcoming venues, check out their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/caferouxCapeTown

LIONELWENDYLast year I had the opportunity, purely by chance, to see Wendy and Lionel in action at the Kommetjie Festival. I was touched by their music as were the crowds gathered there. There isn’t anything quite like an intimate setting with the best acoustic sound.

Cafe Roux never fails to deliver on both accounts.


Copy of BWNICELionel and Wendy have performed together countless times and the connection between the two was seen and felt by everyone present. Witnessing the culmination of their unique style and presentation is something truly beautiful to behold.   Incredibly gifted artists, each unto his/her own and together they bring their creative ideas and they shine like the brightest sun. Wendy and Lionel played and performed many of their songs.

EDIT4They complement each other to perfection.

Watching Lionel hug his guitar close, all I could think was that here is a man that plays with feeling. Lionel’s guitar is what a paintbrush is to an artist – in his hands he works his art.

EDIT10His guitar becomes an expression and outpouring of who he is. Upon doing some investigation, I found a whole bunch of Lionel’s songs that I have not yet listened to and reading through the lyrics I could see that Lionel doesn’t take his music lightly. Songs of love, loss and life are what they’re about. Lionel has just recently been asked to put together all the music for the movie ‘Konfetti’. No small wonder, as he is not just an accomplished artist, but a brilliant lyricist to boot.  To find out how this came about, read the story here: http://artandphotgraphy.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/lionel-bastos-konfetti/


Copy of EDIT7Wendy has her drum and from the minute she started playing I felt like I had been transported to a  forest where I was  witness to some African experience.

The rhythmic sound of the drum seemed to infiltrate my mind, body and soul and evoked a feeling of energy, but at the same time brought a soothing touch – a feeling of contentment.

Wendy has been in the music industry for many years and her accomplishments and awards to date are too long to list here. Soundtracks for some of Leon Schuster’s movies were written by Wendy.

Together Lionel and Wendy are like milk and honey to the soul.  My heart felt like a sponge soaking up every last drop.

Near the end of the evening there was a moment – I’m sure, that brought a tear to every eye. invited her son up on stage to perform. The song “Let Her Go” by Passenger will never be quite the same again.  A truly heartfelt and sincere performance!  This boy has talent and you can see the apple has not fallen too far from the tree. A beautiful night out with friends was had. I walked away with a bounce in my step and my heart felt uplifted and inspired. I cannot wait for the next show!

A little about Lionel -  “LIONEL BASTOS is a multiple award-nominated and award winning artist/singer/songwriter and producer who has written and/or produced songs or albums for artists, in both South Africa and abroad, such as VICKY SAMPSON, WENDY OLDFIELD, COLESKE, ED JORDAN, LITTLE SISTER, CAROL LEIGH, ANDRE SCHWARTZ, YVONNE CHAKA-CHAKA (The Princess of Africa), DAVID ABATTE (for the Miss World pageant), CLOUT, BERNIE WILLIAMS, JIMMY WAGNER (Luxemburg), LEIGH MATTY (UK), TRIO RIO. THE REESPECT (Germany), JAMES STEWART, KARIN NORTJE (POP IDOL) and JEREMY MANSFIELD to name a few. As a result of that song and production he was asked by IAN VON MEMERTY to produce the CD for the musical “FIELA SE KIND” (FIELA’S CHILD) for which IAN wrote all the music and which toured South Africa to massive critical acclaim.
He has released 3 CDs, all of which were nominated for SAMA’s (South African Music Awards)”.

To find out more about Lionel follow him on Facebook and Twitter :



Listen to some songs here: http://www.reverbnation.com/lionelbastos


A snippet about Wendy:

“Oldfield first made a name for herself on radio performing the hit This Boy with rock outfit The Sweatband in the early eighties. After much success with songs like Tonight, Shape of Her Body, This Boy and years of touring and performing, she left the group to start her solo career.
Her first solo album Beautiful World set the wheels in motion for a succession of hits, including Real World, Acid Rain, Miracle and Don’t Stop Believing. Oldfield’s vocal performance on the album won her the Octave Award (1992) for Best Female Vocalist and a nomination for Song of the Year (Miracle).
Oldfield branched out into other areas of composition and arrangement, writing soundtracks for commercials, film and television, during which she was nominated for an M-Net film score award in 1995. Oldfield wrote soundtracks for Leon Schuster’s Sweet and Short and There’s a Zulu on my Stoep. Her song Acid Rain was chosen as the theme song for a 180 part series Nature on Track which has been played all over the world.
Oldfield moved into world music with her next album Ruby, produced by Thapelo Khomo and Lionel Bastos. Shortly after the release, Oldfield was asked to sing the South African theme for the 1996 Olympic album produced by Cedric Samson. She also performed as the support act for Wet Wet Wet that same year. Wendy has just completed her 5th solo album SUPERNOVA, independently financed by herself and produced by Robin Auld. She is back better than before performing her acoustic show around South Africa with musicians such as Lionel Bastos and Joe vander linden. Wendy is currently working on dance remixes with some of Sas talented and up and coming dj producers…things are looking very exiting as she moves into a whole new Era of WendyO”

To find out more about Wendy, check out her link:


Lionel Bastos – ‘Konfetti’

LIONELEDITLionel Bastos is a name that is not only well known in South Africa, but internationally.  He is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Did I mention a guitarist of note! Upon doing a little research I discovered that Lionel has released 5 albums, 3 of which were nominated for South African Music Awards (“SAMAs”). His second album, Simple, won Best Adult Contemporary Album in 1999. Lionel has had nominations for albums which he produced for other artists.  A song on the new PJ Powers CD and 2 on the last Auriol Hays album.

I was fortunate enough to watch Lionel in action last year at the Kommetjie Festival, which is hopefully going to become an annual event. Lionel teamed up with Wendy Oldfield – another big name in the industry and together they blew the crowd away with their breathtaking performance. You could literally hear a pin drop, as people stood in awe of their music. I think, having shared so many years of music side by side as artists, Lionel and Wendy share a very rare companionship, which certainly comes across in their presentation and they captivate their audience when they take to the stage.

LIONELWENDYLionel plays gigs in and around Cape Town and it sure is a treat watching his shows. His links are listed below – give his music a listen and be prepared for a beautiful experience. My personal favourite of his is ‘I’ll Be There’. Lionel’s songs are deep and touch a part of your soul. Although Lionel writes about the deeper aspects of life, he has another side – a humourous one to say the least. Lionel’s daily status updates add a certain sparkle to the day and I cannot help but have a good giggle.

This is Lionel – a humble man with a quick wit and his gift of writing is always at hand.

konfettiChatting to Lionel the other day, I asked him about his involvement with the movie Konfetti, as I happened to see a photo of him with the crew. He then openly shared with me how it came about that he was involved in the movie.

Much to my surprise and delight, he told me that he had been asked to not only write all the music, but conduct all the music for the movie! I then decided that it would be great to share this with as many people in South Africa as possible. Let us as a community, acknowledge our very own gifted artists and songwriters such as Lionel and support them.


In Lionel’s own words: ‘To cut a long story short, the director had known my music as I’d played for his wife’s 40th and he had my album.  When he had finished filming, I played at his 40th. He said he wanted some songs for the film and felt that my song “All this cash” was the kind of song he wanted on the titles at the end, but in Afrikaans. So I went to see the rough edit and I laughed and cried and he asked me to write the whole score and that was it really! Best experience of my life’.

I was as curious as a cat and decided to search youtube for the song; I found it hugely entertaining and realized no small wonder that Lionel is involved in the music! Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v026LxxDR1s

The music was also recorded ‘live’ to picture with the full band, which is very unusual in SA. Some famous musicians play on the score too and it was very exciting for Lionel to work with them. They included Willem Moller on guitar, Ariella Caira (from Sterling EQ) on cello and Rayelle Goodman (from Coda) on violin.

This movie promises to be a ‘feel good’ movie with much entertainment. So be sure to get out there and book your seats folks. ‘Local is lekker’ and by supporting our very own SA musicians and artists, we not only put them on the map so to speak, but we put bread and butter on the table.

A synopsis of the movie: Jean is Afrikaans and Sheryl is Jewish and they are getting married.  The families are tense to say the least.  The best man ‘Lukas’ has been drinking  and has forgotten to confirm the band. Out of sheer desperation he books the first available singer he can find – what a boo boo! This is the bride’s old nemesis ‘Bianca’ and soon the whole wedding is turned upside down with emotions flying.  The best man has to try and bring everything together to make it a perfect day for his two best friends (which is a first for him) – he cannot even find the ring.  As the movie plays out with all his efforts to get the two of them to the alter, the movie makes for a bag load of giggles and entertainment.  Moments of laughter and tears are sure to ensue when watching the drama unfold.

Written by Louw Venter and directed by Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat


Here is a sneak preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz6d-4gX2tY

Find Lionel here: https://www.facebook.com/lionel.bastos.7?fref=ts


Konfetti’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KonfettiMovie

KONFETTI2Just a couple of Lionel’s achievements over the years:

Simple Wins SAMA Best Adult Contemporary Album Award. rock.co.za 1999 archive, FNB SAMA Awards section. Retrieved 3 December 2010. Rock Digest Weekly Review of Rising Above The Madness. rock.co.za. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Rising Above The Madness Number 1 Spot on The Charts. rock.co.za. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Thank You Reaches Number 1 Spot Two Weeks in a Row on The Charts. rock.co.za. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Bastos Propels Fund-Raising Concert For Haiti Earthquake Victims. capetowncreatives.co.za. Retrieved 2 December 2010.

I am eagerly awaiting the opening, which is this weekend! I love the diversity of our people and can say I am proud to be South African.

Some of the cast: Nico Panagio, Jana Strydom, Casey B. Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Casper de Vries and Christel van den Bergh


Michael Lowman and Jeremy Douglas at Studio 7

DRIVELast night I drove to Seapoint along the scenic route and looking out at the view of the sea it did wonders for my mood, which was already elevated due to the events that were about to take place.

My anticipation grew with each passing minute and I excitedly drove up and parked my car.

My friend and I climbed the little steps which take you up to Studio 7.

After watching Michael Lowman at the CT Folk Festival held at Kirstenbosch Gardens I thought it a good idea to get to watch him play a couple more of his songs and what better place then Studio 7.

IMG_2152Studio 7 can only be described as a private venue which gives one the exclusive opportunity of hearing ‘live’ artists in a quiet, homely venue, where people respect the artist as a creative being and as a person. With drinks in hand everyone settled down on comfy couches or cushions and I could immediately sense a hush fill the air. I can truly say that this venue is perfect in this regard, as it is small, personal and intimate.

To quote: “This must be the greatest best kept secret in Cape Town. By far the most incredible way to watch live music… this is how music was meant to be listened to …” – Cape Times.

To find out more about Studio 7 and upcoming events, follow them on: https://www.facebook.com/Studio7Sessions


EDIT1Opening act was Jeremy Douglas who surprised everyone present.

Jeremy’s voice made me think of a fire being lit on a dark cold night– a small flame at first and upon stoking it becomes a bright burning flame – sparks shooting out into the air for all to see.

Words like, glowing, warm, incandescent, smoky came to mind, as the combination of his voice and lyrics bring a feeling of warmth to the heart.

Upon doing a little research, EDIT2aI discovered that Jeremy is part of White Collar Club which is a vocal collaboration of 8 men that came together from all over the world. I have since listened to some of their music on Soundcloud and love it. The mix of different genres coming together truly creates a beautiful and totally unique sound. Keep a keen eye on this young man as his light burns brightly and is sure to bring a warm glow wherever he goes. To find out more about Jeremy and White Collar Club here are the links: https://www.facebook.com/Jeremydouglasmusic



EDIT3Next up was Michael Lowman who needs no introduction, as his music is play-listed on all major radio stations. To me, Michael is a man of mystery, but a little of the mystery was to be revealed tonight.

Michael’s voice is as deep and wide as an ocean. My emotions were tossed to and fro, as wave upon wave swept across my heart and I’m sure every heart present.

The mood and passion with which he performed touched me.

EDIT10 Michael shared a little about his life story; that he lost his dad at a very tender age and this impacted his life deeply, to the extent that it brought about his real and very meaningful music. Michael is a young man who has wisdom beyond his years.

Michael has a good sense of humour which adds something special to the way he engages his audience.  Listening to his music and watching him, I could tell how much he loves music, especially his new love of his life ‘Diane’ (his guitar-smiles).

EDIT8BWMichael sang a couple of blues’ songs and his voice brought a feeling of melancholy and sadness, which can only be felt when listening to the ‘blues’.

Michael’s music has a lingering effect, like a beautiful perfume which fills a room, which you cannot help notice and your senses are awakened.

Michael is a man who has taken SA by storm and I’m certain that soon he will be taking it  further and beyond our borders!

To find out more about Michael Lowman, follow his links: https://www.facebook.com/michaellowmanmusic


All in all a beautiful night was enjoyed by all present. If you haven’t yet had the privilege of watching these artists, best make a plan.




Earlier in the week I was listening to my all time favourite radio show, namely The Rising Gold and heard that Stone Jets were going to be interviewed and play a couple of tunes. I was left breathless with what I heard and they announced their upcoming show at The Waiting Room. I am a believer of kismet moments in life and this certainly was one of them. I decided that a visit to the Waiting Room was in order. I was excited to see what Tuesday evening had in store. The Swifts were also lined up to perform for the evening. It was very much a collaboration of sorts between the two bands.

ImageIf you haven’t experienced the ‘lively’ venue of The Waiting Room you have been missing out! On a couple of occasions I’ve been to watch artists perform and the acoustic sound is tops. The Waiting Room has a lovely homely feel to it – a vintage and modern touch is felt when glancing around the room, from the couches to the chairs and cushions spread out around the room. I always feel as if I’ve stepped back in time – to a place from the past where music featured regularly and the walls literally reach out and touch you with music. No small wonder, as music is a regular occurrence at The Waiting Room! There is a well equipped bar to quench all your thirsty needs. Image

For those that enjoy a touch of night air, the roof deck is perfect!   Check out their Facebook page for information regarding all their upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/WaitingRoomCT

Downstairs you find the amazing Royale Eatery famous for their home cooked burgers that come in all varieties and flavours. Their menu boasts a whole range of different delights. I can highly recommend the Mexican Burger, that’s if you enjoy ‘hot’.


Well the time had come…camera, lights, action….Stone Jets, ready, set, go! They say first impressions count and from beginning to end I was super impressed. Given Nkanyane has a voice that can only be described as endearing, fun, touching, natural, engaging….the list goes on. Given’s voice has a warm quality that cannot help but creep into one’s heart. Image

There is a certain place that comes from deep within Given and this is what touches you to the core. I was curious to find out how long he had been singing and when asked was told that it has been a mere two years! What a rare and God-given (‘Given’ : smiles) talent he has been blessed with!

Copy of MANManfred Klose, Given’s right hand man does back-up vocals and plays guitar as well as bass and keyboards. Manfred has been playing for about 11 years and started at the tender age of 14. Manfred literally became addicted to making his dream come true. Image

Hardly doing any school work, and practicing 4 – 6 hours a day, he obtained his Degree in Audio Eningeering. Manfred also plays a few odd instruments, and has his own recording studio. Who says dreams don’t come true! All in all Stone Jets are a talented duo to watch out for.

To quote the Stone Jets: ‘Together, we form an Acoustic Folk Rock style that has its tonal fingers in a lot of pies… However, one thing is certain, our live performances are a sight to see and a sound to be consumed by’. Truer words have never been spoken!


After listening to their beautiful music I had to get me a copy of their EP – RIVER. ImageTheir EP features Under your Spell, Borderline, River, Tell Me (sung in 3 languages. English, Zulu and Sotho. Although the Sotho is a mixture of South and Northern Sotho it can be called Sotho) and last, but not least You’re Gone. My personal favourites are definitely ‘Under Your Spell’ and because of the diversity and pure brilliance of the song – Tell Me. All in all their music lifts your spirits and leaves you craving more. These guys deserve to be on all national playlists! To find out more about Stone Jets, go check them out on their various websites: https://www.facebook.com/STONEJETSMUSIC https://twitter.com/StoneJets

To listen to them: http://www.reverbnation.com/stonejets


After a little break of refreshing our drinks and catching a lovely breeze on the beautiful deck outside, it was time for The Swifts to take the stage.

ImageThis trio has a tangible connection which comes across in their music. Their harmonies and moderation is superb. ImageDerek Leisegang has the type of voice that one can listen to for hours. The Swift’s music has a soothing quality that touches you like a soft floating cloud and the silver lining to this cloud is most certainly their lyrics. There is a definite pop feel to their music – some up tempo songs to some ballads were enjoyed. ImageJulian Taylor entertained us with his tales and storytelling which happened in sessions throughout the evening.  Fits of laughter were heard around the room.  He played an electric bass which was a first for me.


The drummer, Rob has one of the most engaging faces, with a smile as wide as the ocean. I could see his pure enjoyment of bonding with his band members. The unity between this trio is something to behold.

Upon leaving I purchased their album – THE SWIFTS – ‘awaywithwords’, which I just couldn’t resist, as their music is easy on the ear and the perfect music for a road trip. My favourite song on the CD has to be London Streets – a song about missing home and listening to it, I felt the sincerity of the words and I felt a connection. Their CD is beautifully illustrated – a true work of art!

All in all their music is dreamy, catchy, sincere and music to get lost in.

To find out more about The Swifts, check out their website links below:




Joshua Grierson – latest news and tour to Jozie and Durban

Article and photos by Rene Maritz

Joshua Grierson went on a recent tour to Johannesburg and the next stop was Durban.
I caught up with him to find out specifically how his trip went. To stoke my curiosity about his career, I thought I would ask him a couple of intimate questions that don’t often get answered. Joshua was happy to oblige this curious cat.


⦁     What brought about your tour?
In late December, through a turn of serendipity, singer-songwriter Louise Day and I ran into each other at a gig in Stanford. We got talking about some form of new collaboration and once we were back in Cape Town, we started rehearsing for said idea. We wanted to partner the idea with the established performing arts organization, City Soiree and after a meeting with their founding member, Gerhard Maree, we embarked on a series of house-concerts in Gauteng and Durban in late March. Unfortunately due to work commitments, Louise could not attend the tour but I decided to do the tour alone and see what happens.

⦁    What did you gain from this experience – did you gain new connections and how was the response from the audience?
With each tour one hopes to make new fans and meet longstanding ones and through my shows in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, I was able to do just that.
The response to my music was exceptional and I walked away feeling vindicated. The week outside of Cape Town, also gave me an opportunity to let my (proverbial) hair down and do some necessary reflection on where it is I want to be by 2015.
It also happened that I got to meet fellow singer-songwriter Naas Veld, as he supported me in Johannesburg and Pretoria and suffice to say, I am a new big fan.

⦁    I heard that there is a possibility of an overseas tour, is this true and if so, when and where?
It is most certainly on the cards for 2015. My initial hope was for later this year but due to the need of another album first and funds to still be generated, it has had to be put on ice for now.

⦁    Is there a new album on the horizon?
Yes. My 2nd studio album, Strange Heart (A Suburban Short Story), will be released in either June or July of this year.

⦁    What music are you currently listening to?
Nat King Cole, the new Beck (Morning Phase), Vance Joy, Stone Jets, Naas Veld, the new St. Vincent (St. Vincent) and a lot of older stuff I grew up with.

⦁    You host your own radio show weekly on Assembly Radio, namely The Rising Gold.  Which has opened my heart and mind personally to so many new artists and artists that I had never heard of before. Tell us more about this initiative and elaborate why it is so uniquely different to other stations in the country?
For as long as I can remember, I always had aspirations to be a radio DJ but most stations dont allow the DJ to decide what he would play. Long gone are the days where DJ’s garnered listeners based on what they had to say. So with my show and thanks to Assembly Radio, I was given a rare opportunity to have complete carte blanche on what I play and say. I try and run a slick show with something new for everyone and love focusing on the local musicians that make this city exciting. We regularly have a ‘Absolutely-Fabulous-In-Studio-Live-Artist’ and with the artist, I discuss their career, they play a couple songs live-on-air and we feature some of their studio recordings. My show aint the exception to the rule but certainly an alternative to a lot of other shows out there.

⦁    Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity?
Locally I would love to work with Josie Field, Laudo Liebenberg and Given Nkanyane. I have had the good fortune of working with some of the finest talent this country but really admire Rian Malan, Gary Thomas and Guy Buttery. Internationally: The list is as long as a dream.

⦁    What is the importance of connecting with other artists?
I cannot stress it enough: Working with other artists in your community, is the reason why you been given the gift of music in the first place. We all benefit from it. Step out of your comfort zone and get involved.

⦁    You recently performed at Kirstenbosch Gardens for the CT Folk Festival, how did this experience affect you as an artist?
It satisfied my heart and soul indefinitely, to be part of such a line-up. All the years of hard work paid off for me to play those 8 minutes on such a stage.

⦁    What other new developments or projects are in the pipeline for the fans?
A 3rd studio album early 2015. Later this year, my side-project Big Exit will release its first EP. More collaborations with Simon Van Gend, Louise Day and others. A new side of myself – Jak Tomas – to come out in 2015.
⦁    When you hear a new song that you can relate to, does it inspire you to get busy writing?

⦁    Being an incredible lyricist do you have the urge to write a book one day and if so, what would you want to write about?
I have stopped counting the books I have started. I am distracted far too easily but one day it will arrive on your doorstep. The kind of work I would produce, would be a mixture of fact and fiction. 

⦁    You are a very versatile artist, what is your favorite genre so to speak?
I have not got one. It’s just got to make me either smile, cry or dance.

⦁    What does music mean to you personally?
A complete abandonment from a rational life/moment.

⦁    Do you sometimes get lost in your music?

⦁    If you had any personal advice to give someone starting out, what would it be?
Make sure that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. Once decided, don’t stop for anyone or anything.

⦁    Would you ever consider doing a road trip from town to town?
Of course.

⦁    Are there people out there that take advantage of artists in a bad way?

⦁    What is one of the most moving comments you have had from a fan?
“You touched parts of my soul, that I never knew was there”

⦁    As listeners we often feel that music moves us to the point that our hearts beat faster and emotions get the better of us – does this ever happen to you as the artist – watching other artists, and when playing your own music?
Definitely. Music is like an ocean. It’s unpredictable and always changing.

⦁    Just for the fun – share what your favorite food is and do you have a favorite hang out?
Finely prepared seafood. I love The Power & The Glory.

Thank you for indulging my curiosity Josh.  As a loyal fan I look forward with anticipation to see what the future holds for you.  My personal belief – the best is yet to come.

To find out more about Joshua and all his events, follow him on his facebook page -


Listen to some of his tracks here:

His double-disk album recorded live at the Alma Cafe can be purchased here http://joshuagrierson.bandcamp.com/album/joshua-grierson-friends-live-at-the-alma-cafe

Constantia Waldorf Market


Saturday was the perfect day for a day in the sun surrounded by trees and a view of the mountain. The leafy suburb of Constantia is so picturesque and fitted the mood of the day, with the beautiful old trees that seemed to welcome you in. Situate on a 15 acre property in Spaanschematriver Road, Constantia.

Waldorf is a school that aims to provide a modern form of education that is meaningful for the child in these times.

The teacher strives to keep alive in a pupil the interest and sense of wonder with which he or she enters school. Upon arriving on the land all I could think was, what a beautiful setting for a school and any kid would thrive in such an environment. To read more about Waldorf and what they’re about follow the link: http://www.waldorfconstantia.org.za/index.php

The market delivered everything that it set out to do. Tables were set up all around the grounds. My friends and I sat sipping our tea and coffee and eating delicious dainties handmade by some of the pupils. There was a lovely indoor market featuring many handcrafted items, secondhand clothing, delicious treats for the taste buds and much more. My favourite treat of the day was the tasty ‘chilly bites’ – big yum.




Entertainment was definitely on offer for everyone – from the young to the not so young.  To watch the children enjoying the merry-go-round swings and the like, made me think of my own childhood. Delighted faces could be seen all round.
At the main tent performers were lined up all day to entertain those who enjoy ‘live’ music. We wandered over to see who would be performing.

ImageOther performers had already taken to the stage and next up was Jamie Jupiter. What a versatile artist he is! Jamie never ceases to bring a smile. A solo performer who usually uses an array of ‘rootsy’ percussion and indigenous instruments with guitar and bass, Jamie creates a sound that is both modern and authentic. I had previously had the opportunity of watching Jamie play and sing and fondly remember his unique style and touch of humour.
Jamie’s music has a rich African vibe about it and bright colours come to mind, as his music gives one a feeling of a warm fire burning bright on a dark night.

There is so much more to Jamie as a person, which I discovered upon doing some research. Jamie has actively involved himself with Drumcafe in Johannesburg facilitating up to 800 people in interactive musical experiences at schools as well 100′s of social events. Wherever he seems to go, he seems to touch hearts with his unique harmonies and Jamie uplifts spirits.
To find out more about him check out his Facebook page:


ImageMILESWP3Next up was Miles Sievwright – someone who I had hoped to see for some time and now here I was watching him sing and play his guitar. Mile’s has a true folk heart which comes across immediately upon listening to him. All I could think sitting there, was this is music for the people. I felt like a child that had escaped this world and entered a fairytale where princes, princesses and castles exist – a moment suspended in time. Miles comes across as a man who is deeply in tune with nature. As the music enveloped us, it seemed to become one with our surroundings.

The trees and the mountains and the natural beauty all around us seemed to echo the beauty of his music.

If a person is feeling down, I’m sure after listening to Miles a feeling of euphoria would be felt. To find out more about Miles Sievwright, check out his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/milessievwright or listen to him here: http://soundcloud.com/milessievwright

ImageNik Rabinowitz was certainly a great highlight to the market goers with his witty ways. What made it special was the fact that Nik had attended Waldorf through his childhood years and listening to him regale old stories from the past and all his fondest memories of school life, made it real. Nik was in top form and tears were literally streaming down my face and I’m sure many others. The children edged forward as close as they could and were just as delighted by the fun that comes with who Nik Rabinowitz is.

Unfortunately the day came to an end far too early for me.  The fresh air, the gentle breeze and the beauty encapsulated by every little nuance made me want to stay for hours.  I look forward to the next one with great anticipation.

Cape Town Folk Festival at Kirstenbosch Gardens

I had the absolute pleasure to attend yet another Cape Town Folk Festival held on Sunday and this time it was held at Kirstenbosch Gardens, which is such a perfect setting for a night of music.


The Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival bring to the stage the best of South Africa’s folk and acoustic talent in a unique concert setting.

ImageMichael Lowman kicked off the Festival with a bang.  Here was a voice that immediately warmed the heart and I could picture a cold winter’s night next to a fire, sipping on a lovely bottle of red listening to his CD.  Michael has a style that is so down to earth and music comes naturally to him.  His pop song ‘Girl Saves Boy’ is a popular tune and evokes a feeling of romance and fun.  Michael’s voice could ease your mind and lessen your woes.

ImageImageNext up was Joshua Grierson and Inge Beckmann.    The melodic harmonizing of their voices sent shivers down my spine.  Listening to Inge was a first for me, as I had never before heard her and when she started singing I was spellbound.

Inge’s vocals are ethereal, theatrical and poignant.  Joshua’s song ‘Fighter Plane’ was performed with such sincerity by both Joshua and Inge that I could picture the scene of a soldier in the time of war, reminiscing about his love for his mother.  This is a beautiful song with a deep heartfelt message that can only make you mindful of the pain felt by men at war.

I love that about Joshua’s music, as his lyrics tell stories and he brings his music alive by painting the scenario with such expression.  His music is deeply moving and compelling. Joshua is one of the greatest lyricists in SA.


Inge then introduced her brand new song that she has just written – Inge shared that she is dedicating it to Kirstenbosch Gardens and the beauty of Africa.

ImageImageLaurie Levine and Josie Field decided to take their show ‘Side By Side’ on the road, bringing their music literally to your doorstep! Their acoustic set utilizes a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, ukulele and more.  Laurie has an angelic sound to her voice and Josie has a deep powerful voice and together they bring a blend of folk, blues and a touch of country to their music.  Some old and some new  – which bring a feeling of unity and community. I was fortunate enough to watch them at Studio 7 on their last visit to the mother city and walked away with a feeling of peace and serenity.

The bond between Laurie and Josie is something beautiful to behold.  When love for music and skill are joined together, magic happens.

ImageImageImageImageManouche is a band with a definite gypsey/jazz feel to their music.  I loved every minute of their spunk and the jovial touch they bring to their performance.

Anneli Thandeka is a ball of fire and she sets your heart ablaze with her light.

The band comprises of Anneli Thandeka Kamfer-Vocals, Lize Dekker-Accordion/ keyboard and vocals, Renee Stander-Violin, Bernard Kotze-guitar/composer/arranger, Sarah Blake-double bass. They had the audience eating out of their hand so to speak and people were humming along and enjoying the spontaneity of the moment.

ALBERTAlbert Frost is a name that has been around for years and what a name he has become in our country.

It was the first time I was watching him and I was swept away by the pure brilliance of his guitar playing.

His music has a blues feel, but his voice has an unmistakable rock edge.  Albert works well with other artists and this is a great strength.  I could see his respect for his fellow artists and theirs in return.  No small wonder that Albert is so well known.  Albert has performed at almost every festival in SA.


Next up was a man that made my heart melt with his guitar playing. Tony Cox is a winner of 3 South African ‘best instrumental’ SAMA awards. Tony was born in Zimbabwe but has lived in South Africa since 1969.

His music has a rich African feel to it and sitting there listening to him play I felt like this is where I belong– a feeling of home was felt.

Tony is a gentle, quiet and unassuming artist with a heart of gold.

ImageA little lady by the name of Natasha Meister walked onto the stage and all I can say is dynamite sure comes in small packages.  Natasha has a rich, powerful voice that has a true ‘bluesy’ feel to it. Together with her guitar playing and singing she dominated the stage with her presence.  Natasha’s music is eloquent and she left a deep impression with her soul performance.

ImageImageMark Fransman and Jeremy Olivier teamed up to perform some songs.  Mark is a multi-award winning producer and artist that hails from South Africa. He has worked with artists such as Pharaoh Sanders, Finley Quaye, Soweto Kinch, Louis Moholo, René McLean, Hein van de Geyn, Zim Nqwana, Sibongile Khumalo, Winston Mankunku, Jimmy Dlu Dlu and Dave Young to mention a few.  For all the jazz lovers present Mark certainly was the cherry on the cake. Jeremy performed his song ‘Beautiful’ and I don’t think there was a dry eye after his performance.

Jeremy has a charming stage personality.  He has worked with several international artists, such as George Benson, Katherine Jenkins, Jonathan Butler and more recently, Daniel Bedingfield.

ImageImageImageBeatenberg are a group of three young men who have wowed and charmed young people across SA.  Their music has a pop/electro feel and there is a definite quirky style to their music.

Totally versatile, young and different – this is the sound they bring.  I think this is what captivates the heart, as there is no sound that can be compared to Beatenberg – they are totally original and one of a kind.

A special mention must be made to the drummer who caught every eye present with his enthusiasm and expression.

ImageLuna Paige, Guy Collins and Gerald Clark are names that are well known throughout the country.

It was the first time I was to hear Luna sing and her voice has a haunting presence that lingers long after and at the same time has a lilting ‘honey like’ quality that soothes the soul.

I have been listening avidly to her songs this week and am deeply moved by her beautiful sound. No wonder Luna was teamed up with Guy and Gerald.  Luna’s 5th album will be released sometime in May.

ImageI had the pleasure of watching Guy Collins perform at the Folk Festival held at the Baxter Theatre last year and he certainly was the highlight of the evening.

From the moment he walks onto a stage you feel a stillness enter your heart and your ears become deaf to everything else around you.  It is almost like your soul has ears.

Guy has a certain presence that cannot be denied and seeing him holding a banjo in his hands brought instant exhilaration.  His love for music is written all over his face and you walk away enriched for the experience of who Guy Collins is.

ImageGerald Clark is an artist that has been around for more then a decade and has a strong blues/country sound.  The Afrikaans community love his album ‘Sweepslag’, which received three Tempo nominations, two Vonk nominations and even a SAMA nomination for Best Alternative Afrikaans Album. Over the years, Gerald has also collaborated with many big-name artists in the SA music industry from Albert Frost to Bok van Blerk and Van Coke Kartel. Here is an artist that works as a team player alongside his fellow artists in the industry.

ImageLead singer for the rock band Springbok Nude Girls, Arno Carstens has released 7 albums and had 18 top ten singles. He has won 5 SA music awards.  Arno together with Albert  Frost wooed the audience with their catchy sound.  ‘The Another Universe’, Arno’s debut solo album, was released in 2003 and as one of the most anticipated solo projects in South African music history, did not disappoint, becoming the biggest selling South African English rock album this side of the millennium. The platinum selling album won a SAMA Award for Best Rock Album in 2004. Arno has a strong rock/pop sound and I could tell the crowd knew his music.

ImageImageA big thank you goes out to Gavin Minter who organized this event and who did a superb job as MC for the evening. Gavin truly outdid himself with yet another mind blowing experience.  He is a musician in his own right and a very accomplished one at that. Gavin Minter is a South African singer, saxophonist, percussionist, writer, composer, producer, promoter and music agent. South Africa is rich in many talented artists and what a delight it was to sit on African soil listening to music that is truly South African.

Kirstenbosch Gardens is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world and what a picture perfect setting for a music event such as this.  Looking around at the view of the majestic mountain and gardens I felt that nature had touched everyone present, just as music had touched and stirred the nature of mankind.

To experience the joy of music, is to experience a spiritual connection.

To find out when the next Cape Town Folk Festival is happening, check out their facebook page:


Be sure not to miss out on this experience, it may just change your life.

AWAKENINGS featuring Grierson Van Gend

Saturday 8 March 2014 a friend and I decided to have a girl’s night out and what better way could there be then ‘live’ music.

EDITaThis was a ‘first’ home gig as such and I had a feeling that it was going to be a lovely evening. ‘Awakenings’ is situate on a hill in Upper Towers Road, Muizenberg.  The venue is breathtaking beautiful and literally left me speechless.

We arrived early, two eager beavers smiling from ear to ear, anticipating the evening ahead.  With our drinks and snacks in hand we were welcomed in warmly by the host of the evening.

edit3aEDITbWe climbed stairs and then climbed some more stairs and once we arrived at the entrance we were amazed at what awaited us.  The room looks out on a lush garden and on the one side of the room there is an indoor garden and behind us a solid wall built out of stone.  The room was filled with comfy cushions and warm blankets – a lovely warm fire was burning on the garden side and I literally felt like I was in some private cave looking out at a beautiful forest.



At 7.30 the music started – Simon van Gend and Joshua Grierson are music collaborators that support one another in their individuality and together they complement one another.  Two unique souls that bring everything they have to the table as such and beautiful music is always made.  Life has moments of happiness, sadness, anger, peace, light, darkness, joy, pain, love and sometimes even hate.  When I listen to their music I can relate to it, because their music exposes all these different spheres and aspects of life.  Often we don’t want to deal with our emotions and issues we have with people, but when you are exposed to music, it opens your mind and heart and makes you reflect on these emotions; it makes you conscious of them and almost drives you to a place of wanting to confront the deeper aspects of relationship and building thereof.

I come away with a feeling of wanting to love harder and understand deeper.

When I look at Simon I see a quirky character, from his hair to his style of dress he just has this laid back style and I always think in my mind’s eye that Simon could not possibly ever experience a moment of anger.  His music has a way of penetrating your mind, in a quiet, almost meditative way. Like poetry to the soul, so Simon’s music is to the mind.  Starting there and creeping into the heart. Simon’s songs are about love and feelings and searching for love.

Watching Simon perched on his chair hugging his guitar you cannot help but think, here is a deep man.

Simon is also part of a band known as Simon & the Bande à Part – an introspective indie/folk/rock band from Cape Town, whose music has been described as a unique blend of folksie foot-tapping red wine fireside poetry. This trio, with Simon on vocals and acoustic guitar, Eric Michot (aka Mr Kito) on bass and Ross Campbell (Urban Creep, Benguela, Fetish) on drums, has released 4 albums to date.  Simon’s Bandcamp page is : http://simonandthebandeapart.bandcamp.com/album/blinking-and-breathing  

-check it out.

Simon has a new project on the go – writing a song a week, here is the link if you would like to go take a listen: http://asongaweek.simonvangend.com/

Also check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-van-Gend-Band/12489936354

His website: http://www.simonvangend.com/

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g65L5RMwBe4

ImageWhen looking at Joshua I see a man who has experienced life in every sense of the word. The road he has travelled has been a long, bumpy one and Joshua is always open and honest about his life.  He wears his truth, and his face tells a story.  His life is like an open book exposed for all to see. His music for me has always revealed the human nature and has made me think deeply about life and the complexities thereof.  Joshua speaks his truth through his music.

If you have been to his shows you will understand what I am saying.  Joshua is someone who shows his passion and energy with every ounce of his being. He lives it out for all to see on the stage.   Joshua has a natural way about expressing himself and never holds back.  I often find myself thinking of the deep powerful lyrics of his songs and how personal they are and how they have made me see myself.

PEEPSWe are all human, living in a broken world.  To me beauty is about humanness, truth and rawness.  To be able to be raw and vulnerable this is true beauty.

Joshua has a way of showing this through his music and I admire him for it. He is not pretentious, but genuine and real – what you see, is what you get.

There is no mask but an open face and open heart.

Joshua is constantly creating something new and listening to some of his new material I cannot help smile at what a new and fresh sound is coming through…from folk to pop – he never ceases to surprise.

Check out his Bandcamp page to listen to his new double-disc album, recorded live at Alma Cafe : http://joshuagrierson.bandcamp.com/album/joshua-grierson-friends-live-at-the-alma-cafe

He will be touring Johannesburg and Durban soon, so go and check out his Facebook page to find out where and when: https://www.facebook.com/joshuagriersonmusic

Other links: http://www.joshuagrierson.com/



Image Simon sang and played some of his own songs and so did Josh, but when they sang together harmonizing and blending  their voices, it brought a tranquil feeling within and watching the people gathered I could see how the music stirred them deeply and they embraced it.

Two brilliant minds coming together, two hearts sharing their music and passion with a captive audience.

Together Simon and Joshua are known as Grierson Van Gend.

Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/GriersonVanGend

I hope there will be many more of these ‘home gigs’ to follow, as the feeling of ‘home’ was truly felt.

Review of the album ‘Truth Sessions’ by Natalie Chapman

Upon hearing about Natalie Chapman from a friend I was itching to watch her perform, unfortunately I never had the privilege, but am now more than ever looking forward to watching her!


You see, Natalie decided to embark on an adventure which would involve Kwanele and Epic Foundation in her endeavour to visit 90 towns, in 90 days, performing 90 gigs and hosting talks across South Africa, raising awareness for and bringing a voice to the millions of victims of violent crime in South Africa. The journey will be documented via online streaming, filming, traditional media and through social networking. One woman takes to the road for such a worthy cause that she believes in.

Just a little background on Natalie (there is just too much to put into words here) – born in Cape Town, Natalie started her life as a performer when barely three and went on to pursue Musical Theatre when just eight. Majors in Dance, Drama and Singing at the Waterfront Theatre School followed and today she is Trinity College of London Speech and Drama Teacher, for good measure. Go visit her website to find out her life story ~ http://www.nataliechapman.com/

Here is a little video to tickle your tastebuds:


I have such incredible friends and I was presented with her album as a gift from a music loving friend, isn’t that special? But not only was it the album–but a personally signed copy with a lovely little message written on the cover: ‘Rene, let the music move you! Natalie’, and that it sure has!



Since I received it a couple of days ago I have been listening non-stop to her voice.  Natalie has a beautiful natural, free flowing feel to her voice which soothes the soul, it has a rich country and bluesy feel that washes over you. The album speaks of lost love, getting back up and not letting life defeat you despite all the ups and downs.

The stories are about life lessons and heartache, feelings and emotions that run deep. Hurt and disappointment, but despite this, it still speaks of hope and desire.


Featured on the album are musicians Karen Zoid, Dan Patlansky, Graeme Currie, Albert Frost, Henry Steel, Raoul Roux, Johnny Late, Emile Swiegers, Andy Maritz, Wynand Davel, Sean V, Stephen Alken and more.

All in all a perfect album for those cold wintry nights by the fire with a good bottle of wine – her music warms the soul and tugs at the heartstrings.

So no surprise that Natalie Chapman is the true artist she is.  Get out there and purchase a copy of this album – Natalie Chapman is bound to enchant you from beginning to end.  Find out more about Natalie on her website – http://www.nataliechapman.com/


ImageOn Saturday,  22 February 2014 a friend and I decided to head out to watch Mean Black Mamba at one of the most picturesque outdoor venues  in the Scarborough area, namely the Cape Farmhouse.  Not only is it a visual delight but the Farmhouse features music events every Saturday. Sheltered under the oaks on this 250-year- old- farmhouse, there is fresh air, endless space and great food.  Find out more on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/capefarmhouserocks.  It is a place where friends gather, break bread and enjoy a couple of drinks together.  Sitting back and taking in the beauty of nature, the rugged landscape, basking in the sunshine, while some of South Africa’s finest artists entertain you – it makes you feel revived and refreshed.  I personally am thrilled that I found this little piece of heaven on earth. This day was no exception to what their events are about.  From the moment Guy Collins and James van Minnen took to the ‘Farmhouse Rock Stagethe community was enthralled.

Music has the ability to take you on a journey- to a  place, it can awaken a dream in your soul, feelings of happiness, even sadness and deep reflection are evoked, as the words of the story/stories unfold.  The music can make your mind come alive and your heart beat faster.

ImageLetting my eyes rest on the little children running around in circles pretending to fly, any doubts I had were extinguished by the simplicity of a child’s heart to feel.  As Guy and James did what they do best, people everywhere gathered on the dance floor and swayed to the sounds that Mean Black Mamba are renowned for. To quote:

“ Mean Black Mamba: Raw foot stomping roots music that grooves your body and soul. Words of humor and hope sliding between writhing riffs and the insistent thump of a cowhide drum. This is afro swamp gospel, this is blues n’ roll. Gritty & hard hitting, the music winds you off the floor and twists you to your feet. Fresh. Cosmic delta juju. Like its name-snake, mean with a smile on its face.”


I remember hearing Guy Collin’s for the very first time at the Cape Town Folk Festival held at the Baxter Theatre.

Turning to my friend I said: ‘this man touches my soul – I feel a connection’.

NO26 I had never before heard James van Minnen and today I witnessed a man that has a way of sending out a message, it was like a healing effect, but at the same time a feeling of union of spirit was evident among the people.  His drumming had the ability to make you come alive both in body and spirit.


What always touches my heart is to see families enjoying music together.  From young to old, from mother to daughter, and father to son, it is a beautiful thing to behold.  Take time to let music grip your soul and make it come alive.

To find out more about Mean Black Mamba, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meanblackmamba

Watch one of their Youtube videos: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crEP8CVe0S0

If you would like to listen to more, click on this link: https://soundcloud.com/meanblackmamba

Joshua Grierson at The House of Machines

ImageFriday night a friend and I headed out to watch Joshua Grierson play at The House of Machines located on 84 Shortmarket St, Cape Town.  A shop featuring many a delight for the men!

Upon arriving the place welcomed us in with its rustic masculine feel.  Warm chocolate brown walls, wooden countertops, wooden sleepers on the ceilings, splashes of red and a vintage look greeted us. Geared towards men, the place sells all kinds of gadgets, ‘toys’ and personal items that appeal to the male species, ranging from invigorating body wash to clothing and the like.  The House of Machines are stockists of ‘Thom’ work wear which boasts a hardy work wear feel to their product. Another unique part of the shop features ‘La Machina’ –staff that will source, fabricate and assist in building unique bikes from the ground up.

ImageImageWhen looking around I noticed helmets on the walls and a huge wall display featuring all kinds of tools and bike parts, especially for bike enthusiasts.  The walls have beautifully framed pictures.  I noticed Steve McQueen in one and memories of watching his movies as a child came rushing back with a bittersweet longing for moments from yesteryear.  A good size bar operates like clockwork with waiters and barman serving all those needing their thirsty appetites quenched. The House Of Machines is generally a shop for the ‘manly man’.  Despite the venue/shop/bar being a place for men, (you could truly feel the male testosterone oozing out of every little corner of the room), I couldn’t help noticing how many lovely female forms occupied the place.

This hardly comes as a surprise, as what would a man’s world be without us (smiles).

ImageMy friend ordered a ‘Fitch & Leeds’ lemonade and I had the ginger ale – deliciously refreshing and very tasty.  Later in the evening we ordered two coffees.  Now this coffee needs a special mention.  I not only love coffee, I I LOVE coffee, but this coffee brand is one of the best I have ever tasted…rich, creamy and darkly roasted, just the way I like it.  If anything, I would certainly pay the place a visit again purely to experience the taste of the ‘Evil Twin’ 100% certified organic Arabica beans, roasted in Spain. Grown in the rich fertile soils of Honduras, Evil Twin beans are sourced from a single estate, where they are shade-grown, free from any of the pesticides, chemically-drenched fertilizers or crap that might find its way into your cup. So if you are in the area and wanting for a decent coffee, be sure to pop right in.

ImageImageThe reason for the evening had arrived!  People eagerly turned their eyes to Joshua as he took to the stage.  Joshua had been invited to play and sing for the month of January 2014.  The last 2 years I’ve counted it a privilege and honour to watch Joshua play on several occasions at various venues in and around Cape Town.  I am left speechless after each of his shows, coming away feeling richer for the experience.  He has been around for many years and has performed at all the major music festivals including Synergy last year.

The man has so much energy, passion and love for his art.

ImageI do not use this word lightly, as art is a gift bestowed upon just a few privileged enough to be born with it.  This gift is an expression of creativity and imagination which comes to life. It is visual and upon witnessing has the capacity to move you with its beauty.  It possesses an emotional power that sets your heart on fire.  Joshua Grierson embodies all of this, as he works his art on that stage.  To me it’s like looking at a blank canvas and watching an artist pick up his brush and add colour, shape and form to what was a blank canvas – molding and shaping it into a masterpiece!  A work of brilliance and passion for all those that want to see and feel.  Joshua’s deep, powerful lyrics stir and wow you from the moment he begins until the very end. Lauren Fowler took to the stage to accompany him with his song ‘Papa’s Got A House’ – goosebumps literally. Image

A special mention must be made to Wesley Reyneke on background percussion.

IMG_7866The evening sadly drew to a close. The people had danced, cheered and clapped loudly throughout the evening (no wonder).  I hope to see Joshua perform again at The House Of Machines as he seemed to just complete the picture, if you know what I mean.  Joshua released his double-disc live CD at a live show at Alma Café last year – a night that came alive.  It is available for purchase on http://joshuagrierson.bandcamp.com – take a listen. If you would like to find out more about Joshua and catch him at a venue close to you, check out his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/joshuagriersonmusic.  Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jkgrierson



Watershed at Café Roux

On Saturday, 4 January 2014, I discovered by sheer chance that Watershed was playing at Café Roux (one of my absolute favourite places to watch a show) and the thought of seeing them overwhelmed me! I decided to call and see if I could book a spot.  Unfortunately my response was met with ‘sorry we are fully booked’.  I was totally disappointed, however, by 1pm I made up my mind that I was not going to let the opportunity slip through my fingers.  Café Roux are known for their scrumptious food and delicious coffees.  The farm is surrounded by lovely little shops and I thought I would just browse around unnoticed, listen to the music from a distance and take some photos. So with my camera tucked securely over my shoulder, I took the trip down to Noordhoek.

ImageAs I approached I could see cars stretched out in the distance, filling up both sides of the road (no surprise).   I decided to drive down the road that runs parallel to the farm and was lucky enough to find a parking spot right under a tree (smiley face).  Upon walking into the grounds, I could see the parking lot was jammed full.  The lawn was packed to capacity with people and the seated area was buzzing.  There was no music playing when I arrived, so I asked one of the shop attendants what was happening and she said they were having a 5 minute break.  She then proceeded to describe in detail what a beautiful voice the main singer had.

As I was browsing, a lady I knew came up and smiled at me.  I asked her if she was enjoying the show and she responded with the words ‘loving it’. I then told her about my phone call and she immediately said ‘we have spare seating at our table, please join us’.  It felt a bit odd at first, but once I arrived at the table, her family was so warm and friendly and welcomed me.

 ImageI thought to myself, opportunities like this are so few and far between, I then knew it was the best decision I had made to come.ImageAs they started performing I couldn’t believe my ears.  Memories came flooding back of having heard their music over the years.  The first thought that entered my mind was why had I not ever been to one of their shows?  I am sure that the whole of S.A. know who Watershed is, as they have been around for many years.  ImageThe band is known as a ‘pop-rock band’ and was formed in 1998. Watershed have grown with much success over the years.  Image

The band comprises of – Craig Hinds (Vocals, Piano, Acoustic guitar),   Howie Combrink (Drums), James Sunney (Bass), Gideon Botes (Electric and Acoustic Guitar).

Songs like ‘Indigo Girl’, ‘Letters’, ‘Close My Eyes’ brought internal tears, instant goosebumps, and a warm fuzzy feeling filled me. I felt like I had been on a long journey and had finally arrived at my destination.  It was like a hidden treasure I knew always existed, yet never before had I seen it and now the treasure box had opened and spilled out before my very own eyes! The treasure was shining so brightly it blinded me with its beauty – the internal tears flowed openly.


Watch their video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a27IgsQckTI

I left with a feeling of jubilation and can say that I am so happy I wasn’t swayed by doubt, but that I made my dream come true.

In case you have never heard of Watershed or you would like to experience the treasure, that is Watershed check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Watershed

Thanks to Cafe Roux for always providing tasty food…not to mention ‘food for the soul’. Find them here: https://www.facebook.com/caferouxCapeTown