Jean and Tamara are a duo that perform in and around Cape Town and call themselves ‘Traveller‘. On Friday night my friends and I headed off to Camel Rock to watch them.

Camel Rock Restaurant is a quaint restaurant that you find in Scarborough. It is a very popular area known for its beach and surfers  gather to catch the perfect wave.

It is the one and only restaurant to be found in the village.  It is wonderfully run by amazing staff. From  fresh seafood dishes to potjies and wood-fired pizzas this is the place to visit for great food and music.

Don’t expect rushed service – Camel Rock is  laid back and has a relaxed vibe. The restaurant is licensed so you can enjoy a beer or bottle of wine or two. It was a cold winter’s night and the hot chocolate was more tempting.  For food, we opted for a lamb potjie with rice – it was done to perfection – one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed. On offer with the potjie was beetroot salad, greek salad and potato salad. Yum yum.

Jean and Tamara took to the stage around 7.30. Jean is a genius with the guitar and just watching him play  made me get  lost in the moment.

Their music genre is folk / blues and country.   I love the golden oldies which makes one reminisce of days gone by – I especially love it when they play Johnny Cash music. Tamara and Jean go together like pizza and mozarella – what would pizza be without cheese? Tamara’s voice is like warm honey and soothes your soul.

A strong country influence comes through in their music and Jean himself reminds one of a cowboy who you could picture riding in on his horse, except in this case it is all about his guitar, harmonica and  concertina and of course his sidekick,  the beautifulTamara. Jean played a 12 string guitar, which is known for a richer sound.

Super talented musically, these two truly shine!

Catch them in and around Cape Town for one of their gigs, you will not be disappointed.

One of the songs that Jean likes to play at gigs is ‘Smoke, Smoke, Smoke…. written by Merle Travis and Tex Williams in 1947. Watch a surprise performance here –

We ended off the evening with some desert – wow how delish!

Follow Jean and Tamara on their Facebook page to stay up to date with their events in your area –

If you looking for value for money, do yourself a favour and go pull in at Camel Rock Restaurant for a hearty meal and good music.



Traveller at Camel Rock

Stone Jets kicked off the evening, getting everyone into the mood with their funky tunes. Given and Manfred are two of the nicest guys on the planet. If ever there was a man born for the stage, it is Given – The man of many faces. I remember watching him perform “Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen, one night at The Waiting Room – he made everyone sit up and take note ! Manfred, Given’s accompaniment, has a serene presence – the combo are a hit.

It is said, different personalities attract – two stars collided and a brighter star has come to light. 

From beginning to end, they entertained the audience, bringing smiles and laughter to every face. Thank you Stone Jets for always bringing it!


Cape Town band, Stone Jets are building a fan base across South Africa with their fresh, unique brand of Afro Pop Rock.
Formed in 2013, the band have released two EPs, namely River and What I Say, and performed alongside the likes of Hugh Masekela and Majozi. They’ve performed on national television SABC 3’s Expresso Morning Show and SABC 2’s Hectic Nine-9, as well as appearing on some of South Africa’s biggest festival stages.

After a short break, James & James took to the stage.

I first had the opportunity of watching them at the Baxter Theatre for the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Festival.  They form part of a band called Blacksmith. What a hit! From then to now, I have had the absolute privilege of watching them play with Jennifer Eaves on a few occasions. Wherever and whenever they play, they tug at the heartstrings of their audience. With James Harvey on accordion and harp  and James Hall on violin, they wowed us. A special highlight of the evening, was when Jennifer joined them for a couple of songs. The trio are multi-talented, bringing sounds that are unique, harmonious, thrilling and sweet to those who will hear;  multi talented in many spectrums of music and instruments, these guys are sheer brilliance.

To me, their music transports me to another world – -taking me to that other place, where only music and beauty exist.

Biography –

Jenny & The Jameses, a trio consisting of Jennifer Eaves (guitar, vocals), James Hall (fiddle and vocals), and James Harvey (harp, accordion, upright bass, vocals), play a variety of folk songs (most of which are written by Jenny herself) and traditional tunes. Covers of pop songs are also performed, adapted for a three-person acoustic lineup.
A highly mobile and flexible band; their laid-back and fun playing style, combined with a repertoire of a mixture of pensive folk songs and high-octane reels and jigs, makes every performance an engaging, intimate rollercoaster.

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False Bay Folk with Stone Jets & James & James


Tuesday 22 November 2016, I caught a sneak preview of  Cafe Roux’s brand new venue, which will officially be opening this coming Friday night. Some of the acts for December and January include : Lonesome Dave, Alice Phoebe, Nate Maingard, Watershed, Francois van Coke, Jesse Clegg, Arno Carstens.. just to mention a few.


The  venue can be found in one of Cape Town’s most popular ‘night life’ areas – Shortmarket Street, just off Bree.  As we wandered down the lane, I saw Cafe Roux’s popular chalk board and we hurried our steps along, to get to the door. Once inside, we were warmly ushered to our table, by a host of waiters, who smiled at us, as if we had arrived home. A special mention must be made to Deo, who has the warmest smile of them all and always makes everyone feel like they belong. Glancing around the room, I spotted a well known celebrity – Josie Borain. I felt like a VIP!

no2 no3

I took in the surroundings and was pleasantly surprised – the same intimate setting was evident; the decor  has a modern touch to it. Wooden floors and tables, make the place feel cozy with a homely feel.  I couldn’t help but notice and almost sense, a pair of eyes staring down at me from one of the walls,  it is a pin-up of the legendary David Bowie  – what I love, is the finger he holds to his lips – I can just picture him saying ‘ssssh listen to the music’. The decor is modern and the venue has a spacious feel to it, but not to the point of being cold.


The new venue has a diverse style and hosts a bar with comfy seats. Looking up, I noticed a higher level with seating, for those wanting a bird’s eye view of the stage, this is perfect. The walls are done up in a soft blue texture, which adds a feeling of calm – so chilled vibes fill your soul.

no6bno6I ordered a pizza which was loaded with all my favourites – anchovies, rocket, Parmesan YUM. My husband ordered an aubergine salad, which was also just as tasty and beautifully presented.

Then the moment that we were all waiting for arrived – Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions walked onto the brand new stage!


no8cEntertainment is what Cafe Roux is synonymous for –  Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions didn’t disappoint. Known as an Afro/Indie pop-rock band, they play in and around Cape Town, as well as at music festivals, their recent appearance at Rocking the Daisies was a huge success.

no7h no7n
no8a no8bFor me, their music reaches out to every person, no matter your race or ethnicity – music that encompasses an African rhythm with a township vibe.

Ben Dey, the lead singer, has a distinctive voice which has a huge range – sometimes when his voice reaches heights, not imaginably possible, it sounds almost eerie, but more mysterious and intriguing – grabbing your attention – all eyes  riveted on him. The moment hypnotic.

no7kno7r_edited-1Together they are eclectic, catchy and have a ‘one of a kind’ type of sound.no8d

The lyrics are deep and meaningful.  A lyricist with a deep soul that is, Ben Dey.  Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions speak their truth through their music. Find their link to Facebook at the bottom of the page. Follow them, to stay up to date with their latest news and shows.

Watch their new single here –

If you looking for a night out, look no further – Cafe Roux is a venue that provides it all – friendly staff, good food, top class entertainment and this all in a warm and  cosy setting.

Cafe Roux, Cape Town is a hit!

To find out about all the shows lined up and to book, find them on Facebook –

To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook –


Cafe Roux Cape Town – featuring Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions


On Saturday,  31 October 2015, Camphill Village, hosted their annual Music Festival.  My initial experience of the festival,  happened last year. I have fond memories of last year. So the decision to go again, was a definite.

Beatenberg, Just Jinjer, Ottoman Slap, Bootleggers, Swallowers of Time and some young people from Vision Records were all part of the line up.


The MC for the day was none other than HemelBesem, who did a fine job of entertaining the crowd.




















For those that have never heard of Camphill Village, check out their website for more details :

or give their Facebook page a like and stay up to date with events and news:

What truly impacted my life from the very beginning, was the love and commitment of the staff. The residents feel loved and accepted, but it doesn’t end there – each resident physically works on the farm and is filled with pride and purpose for their contribution. It is such a warm feeling to visit the monthly markets and see how proudly each resident market their products. To me, visiting Camphill Village as an outsider, has opened my eyes to people that are mentally challenged. Often, a person has pre-conceived ideas or notions before experiencing something new or different. At Camphill each person gets the opportunity to work in either the dairy, the bakery or the herbal shop. Each and every person adds a valuable contribution. The beauty for me, is that they live together in little groups as a family with a house mom. So the family unit is strong.

What awaited me, however, was greater than my small mind could ever comprehend. From the moment I arrived, peace filled me, as I took in the surroundings and met the staff and some of the residents.  From the  jersey cows to the donkeys and the pretty little homes with their veggie patches, the  yummy fresh bread, yoghurt from their dairy and the lovely herbal products – the farm feels like a little piece of paradise – an escape from the outside world -. a place of safety, for those who are in need. I think this sums it up in a nutshell. When looking at the resident’s faces, you see contentment and fulfilment and this is what Camphill Village is all about.

So, as my friends and I approached Camphill last Saturday, I reminisced on last year’s experience and couldn’t wait to be part of it all over again.

Traders lined the lawns with food wagons displaying every imaginable tasty delight to tempt the taste buds. From savoury to sweet they didn’t fail to impress. A colourful lady painted faces with beautiful artwork.

new74asmallPeople gathered under the sun on picnic blankets. A feeling of contentment and excitement was evident and happy giggles filled the air as children rang around freely. I have yet to find a child who does not enjoy the freedom that comes from being on a farm.


Swallowers of Time did a fine job of kicking off  the afternoon. Vibrant and energetic, are two words to describe their style.

swal3Urshula, brought a certain flair with her belly dancing moves – all eyes were riveted on her . To find out more, check out her Facebook page:

To stay up to date with upcoming events, follow them on Facebook:

Vision Records is an Independent Record Label, signing new upcoming artists and producing music.  What a superb job they have done with these young people.
Here is a little bit about them –


A young group of dancers called HTS Behaviour Dance Crew took to the stage and their energetic presence washed over everyone present. Check out their page –

Che-V once again, blew me away with her beautiful voice and powerful lyrics. Sillyboi and Che-V are a great duo and it is always fun to see them perform ‘Love Meets War‘ – be on the look out for the video, which is soon to be released.

Follow Che-V

Follow Sillyboi:

Tashna performed on Hectic 9 recently. Her song, ‘No More Running‘ is making waves. View it here – – it was great to see her on stage again.  Check her out –

Ceejay is another artist under Vision Records and he has a distinctive voice that touches the heart – download his song on the link:

Download Ceejay’s song ‘You and I’,here:

new72csmallThings were heating up pretty nicely. The Bootleggers took to the stage with gusto and you could see the people were in the groove. This band, has a strong blues feel, yet the tunes are fun and make you want to jump up and dance. I remember them wowing the crowd last year.



Since then, they have a new addition to the band- Marguerita Freeks, who spiced things up pretty nicely. This band is ideal for your office party or an event. To find out more about the band, follow them on Facebook:


Ottoman Slap, is a band that literally knocked my breath away at the Grahamstown Arts Festival. The band came back with a Standard Bank Ovation Award. No surprises there! When you sit under their music, your mind  escapes reality and for those moments you forget all your worries and cares, as they gently soothe your soul with beautiful melodies. Their genre is distinctively Eastern/Balkan. The album features a whole host of instruments, including the saxophone, trumpet, mandolin, accordion, castanets and more. This speaks highly, of the multi talented musicians, that make up the band. Their debut album has been released and all I can say is, watch this space, as this band takes South Africa by storm.


A special mention must be made of the lovely Marissa, who enchanted everyone with her graceful dance moves. Her unique style,  forms an integral part of  the band. All in all, this is a band that is a definite must, when it comes to choosing a night out for entertainment!

Check them out on Facebook:


ard3 ard2 ard8cThe crowd were truly on a high after this and when Just Jinjer stepped onto the stage, there was an electrifying vibe in the air.  As friends and familyl joined hands, or linked arms and danced around, singing all the words of their familiar songs, there was a wonderful spirit of unity present.  Ard Matthews did a superb job of engaging the audience. Just Jinjer, are renowned for being one of S.A.’s favourite bands of all time. Having performed before 1000s, for more years than I can remember, Just Jinjer has a strong rock edge, but do not lose their  personal touch with their fans.  To find out more about their events, follow them on Facebook:

Beatenberg ended off the day with their funky tunes – tunes that are popular among the younger generation. The band has a strong pop feel and their sound has hit South Africa with a bang. The crowd gathered closer and closer and the expression on their faces told the story.

To find out more about them and events, check them out on Facebook:

I would like to say a big thank you to Camphill Village for an incredible day out. Not only were the bands superb, but lives were touched. Camphill Village rubs off on you and you cannot help, but feel enriched after each visit. Camphill Village is truly an example of what giving is all about.  Without a vision, people perish and I can honestly say that Camphill Village is alive!

If you have never visited Camphill, come through on the 1st Sunday of every month from 10am to 2pm. Live entertainment and wonderful fresh product is on sale every month. Don’t miss out, but come and experience something that may just be the best experience of your life.




Camphill Village Music Festival

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A year ago, on Heritage day to be exact, I won two tickets to a music festival.  I was super excited, as I am passionate about music.  Little did I know at the time, what a huge impact Camphill Village and the people would have on my life. Looking back on the past year (YES, it has been a year), I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my life changed that day.  Unconditional love, care, commitment, purpose and vision are just a couple of words that come to mind, when I think of Camphill Village.

Watch this video to get a feel for what Camphill Village is all about –“>

That day, I made a life decision, to play a part, be it a very small one. From the Barn Dance to the Talent Show to the Monthly Markets, the close community vibe touched my life and continues to do so, in many ways.  Each person in this life, has something special to give and share – being at these events, makes you realize how important people and community are. Investing in a life, is one of the most important things we can do with our lives. It unites us as people.  From a tiny spark, a great light spreads.

This past weekend, the Mamma Gogo Initiative, ran a team building weekend at Camphill Village, which involved gathering a team. We came together to paint a fence -this was needed for the Music Festival, which is happening on the 31 October 2015.  I was honoured and counted it a privilege to be the photographer. As a team, we all came together in spirit, to make it happen.  The weekend flew by in a twinkling of an eye. We worked, laughed, ate and shared our worldviews with one another.  Despite heated debates, we all managed to respect one another. So, not all work, but loads of fun time was had too.

Mamma Gogo Initiative

I want to say a big thank you to Donald Barnett of Mamma Gogo Initiative for making  this happen and to Craig du Preez,  for hosting us so graciously.  My hope and prayer, is that many may come and visit  Camphill Village and experience it with an open heart and mind. One thing is for sure, your life will never be the same again. Open your heart and it will be filled to overflowing.   Here are some responses from the team, that gave of their time to be involved. Thank you so much fellow team players! It was wonderful to share life stories and build new friendships and this, all  thanks to Camphill Village –

What an amazing weekend with amazing individuals. I’ve taken so much away from the experience. I loved everything about our time there. On the drive home I reflected on what stood out for me the most and I have to say the amazing debates and discussions on so many topics. I realized that the one debate that got kinda heated but I feel resonated with everyone was the one on “choices”. Another conversation I had with Craig Du Preez that will forever stay with me is the chat about the wonderful residents of Camphill – the people who are ostracised, neglected and abused, mentally and physically by us “normal” humans. The one story that stuck is about the lady who says I love you to everyone and how it initially made you feel and how you came to learn such a valuable lesson from her about unconditional love. I’ve realized that these special souls are here to teach us all something about life and they do have a right to be loved and respected in return. I could wax on lyrically about the experience but I won’t. Thank you Donald Barnett for arranging and I’m looking forward to our next great adventure. To Camphill and Craig – thank you. Craig you blow my mind – what an amazing human being you are and what amazing work you do.’ – Janine Coomer Davidson

I am always blown away by the love and acceptance of Camphill. You guys are doing a phenomenal job and i cant wait to paint the next fence! And thank you to all my paint covered comrades for great conversations and all the serious silliness! – Dylan Posthumus

When Janine Coomer Davidson first mentioned this weekend to me, I had no clue whatsoever as to what we were going to do. I have long last had so much fun in such a short space of time:D This was true “Ubuntu” and I too, will be there to paint the next fence. The serenity and light at Camphill are rare and the feeling of safety permeates the entire farm. Very rare, that! You guys and gals are totally fab human beings, each and every one of you. Thank you! – Karin Brumer

I have been sitting in front of the computer for about half an hour, wondering where to start with my weekend at Camphill Village. It wasn’t my first time there. I have been to the wonderful first Sunday of the month markets that they have been filled with freshly baked bread, farm made yoghurt, music being played and the public enjoying a warm summer day. What humbles me the most are the residents. Meeting up with a few of them again reminded me of how special they are. Each individual with their own personality, nothing to hide from anyone. To have met and made new incredible friends was worth every drop of paint on my jersey thanks to a fence to paint that bought us together as a team. A big thank you to Craig. The work and dedication you give to the Village left me feeling very humble. There are very few people in the world who throw yourself in to without batting an eyelid. Camphill Village is truly blessed to have you on board. Thank you for sharing it with us. – Mikki O’ Brian Payne

It’s always a blessing to me to see people from different walks of life coming together to achieve a common purpose. The purpose of painting the fence at Camphill left us with a sense of accomplishment , achieving the result as a unit, in an unforgettable space. I was particularly encouraged as to the level of discussion and freedom people had to express themselves openly on some ‘sensitive’ topics. It was a reflection of how people from different backgrounds and perspectives can still work together for common good, despite their differences. In fact, I’m of the opinion we also learnt from each other in this way. Thank you Camphill Village West Coast for providing the platform for this Mamma Gogo Initiative and for your hospitality in this awesome space. Thank you Craig Du Preez for joining us along the way and opening our eyes to the special work that takes place at Camphill. All the best with the rest of your preparations forCamphill Village Music Festival. – Donald Barnett

To find out more about Camphill Village, check out their website: 

To buy tickets for the Music Festival, click on the link below. Great line up of artists, namely : Just Jinger, Beatenberg, Ottoman Slap, The Bootleggers and a lovely market to boot. Watch the You Tube video taken at last year’s music festival:“>

Direct link for tickets –

To find out all about the Mamma Gogo Initiative:

Camphill Village – Work Team


I recently had the opportunity to attend the CT Folk Fest. At one point in the evening, a man walked onto the stage.  A man, up to that point,  I knew nothing about. This man was Roger Lucey. I was to discover later, that Roger had walked a road that very few had ever walked in their lifetime. A road filled with darkness, hardship and struggle. Roger’s songs were forbidden back in the apartheid regime, but despite the police force, tear gas and the likes, nothing could stop him. Roger’s music was powerful back then, cutting deep. It  continues to this day, stronger than ever. Roger Lucey, is a living legend.

There is power in words – especially the spoken word. In this case, the spoken word through music. The kind of music, that grips you deeply and stirs you right down to your soul. I came home and started sniffing out Roger’s music on the internet. What I discovered,  literally blew my mind and heart right open. What strikes me most is Roger’s sincerity – despite his journey, he continued and never gave up hope, but above all, reaches out the hand of friendship. Roger’s music has brought change in the lives of people. One man in particular, a security police Warrant Officer by the name of Paul Erasmus – read about it here:

I watched the making of a video, which I feel every South African should watch. It is a small glimpse into the life of an incredible man. Take the time to watch this and be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster ride – it is a story about censorship and sabotage –“>

Roger’s music is political, spiritual – protest music, with a strong, life-changing message.  A message of the wrongs that were committed back in the apartheid years.  His music sheds light, on those who were oppressed  through  gruesome acts during the war in our country. Sitting writing, I reflected back on those years and I realized, here is a man that defines history itself. How many others are out there, who are holding back their truth? Roger sheds light on the horrors of the past, through  his storytelling.

The reality dawned on me -we are all guilty of the past crimes against humanity, if we do not take a firm stand for truth and justice in our country – by turning a blind eye, we are just as guilty. If we believe in a Creator God, then surely, we believe that God breathed life into each of us – black/white/brown – the rainbow nation.

Roger Lucey, I salute you, for your bravery and courage – for your integrity . May you continue to touch many lives, bringing change, through your continued efforts of delivering a powerful, thought provoking message. Your music speaks deeply for the times we live in – here in our beautiful South Africa.

Read the lyrics:

Lungile Tabalaza

Lungile Tabalaza was a young man only 20
Lived in New Brighton Township just outside of Port Elizabeth
In a small house with his family He lived through violations
Went to school in Kwa-Zakele With the Bantu Education – and they call it education.
Well the cops came Monday morning and they took him on suspicion of robbery and arson, the law makes no provision.
So they handed him to plain clothes
The Special Branch elite
And it doesn’t really matter how strong you are
They’ve got ways to make you speak
They’re going to make you speak if they really want to hear you speaking
They’re going to get it out of you; they’re going to hear your voice.
Well whatever happened in that office God and the Cops will only know
The law has ways of keeping it quiet so that nothing at all will show
But at three 0 ‘clock that same afternoon, Lungile fell five floors
Lay dead below on the street outside
They quickly rushed his body behind closed doors.
Some said it was murder and some said it was suicide
But this is not the first time men have gone in there and died
And from New York and from London Came angry cries and protests
But the overseers just carry on with their game.

And from ‘You only need say nothing
And there’s teargas at the funeral of a boy gunned down by cops
They say that there are too many mourners and this is where it stops
And the moral of the episode – Is to do what you are told

To find out more about Roger Lucey and his upcoming events, follow him on Facebook:


Roger Lucey at the CT Folk Fest

Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

blog20small blog16small Ben1small pic6small pic14smallBen, Danie, Ongama, Moskou, Albert and Inno are the guys that make up the band known as, Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions.  The band was officially formed on the 1 September 2014.

I went to watch them at Cafe Roux  a month after the formation of the band, when they were part of the Marshall Music Showcase Sessions. It was an evening that literally shook Cafe Roux. The audience couldn’t stay seated as the energetic presence that is Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions, rubbed off on everyone. People danced in rhythm to the beat of the music.

blog15small pic5small bandnew1small band14smallAs I drove out to Cafe Roux on Friday night, I did so in anticipation. It was one of the coldest nights in Cape Town.  Upon entering Cafe Roux, I noticed that the place was packed to capacity. Looking around the room, I saw young ones, teenagers, middle-age people and golden oldies. Not even the rain and wind, could keep people away. I felt as if I was part of something monumental and it was about to unfold before our eyes. A warm roaring fire place made the place feel real toasty.

The people gathered, chatted excitedly and enjoyed the scrumptious burgers that Cafe Roux are famous for. Many other tasty treats tantalize the taste buds and can be found on the menu.

band2smallAt 8pm sharp, the band stepped onto the stage and from that moment, people were enthralled.

Sitting there watching and taking it all in, I realized that the band has grown in leaps and bounds. What grabbed me the most is the deep African feel/beat  to the music – it creeps into your bones making you want to move. An  experience that not only fills your heart and mind, but brings an energy that is so addictive, it fills every fiber of your being.

band8smallIt is a joy to see a band that fulfills the diversity and  rich culture that we, as South Africans know and love.  Ben Dey Tainton, the lead singer of the band, has a magnetic stage presence that reaches the fans and his quirky personality shines through. He took great delight in sharing some humorous tidbits of their trip up to Soweto recently. The talent of the band members cannot be denied –  the energetic vibe each member brings, the drumbeat and guitar playing was electric! As the show came to an end, the crowd gathered called out ‘more, more, more’…………… Ben and his band members continued performing to everyone’s delight. At the end of a brilliant performance, the band members engaged the audience comfortably.

Donovan Copley from Hot Water fame, popped through to witness this incredible act and this in itself, is testimony to what this band is all about.

These guys are legends in the making – riding a wave while taking their fans along for the ride and what a ride!

Take a listen to the band here –


Follow them on Facebook to stay in tune with all their news and events:



Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

I was looking forward to an evening of music on Monday night at the Barleycorn Music Club. A venue that I have heard only good things of, but not yet experienced – tonight would be the night! The Barleycorn Music Club has been around for more than 30 years.

In 1975 a group of musicians met to jam and share in their love of music. Over the span of 34 years, the Barleycorn Music Club has hosted many local, talented musicians, as well as visiting ones.

PIC 4The club is a non-profit organization, so all funds go directly to supporting musicians. The club is all for home grown, original tunes.  In previous years it was mostly centred on ‘traditional folk’ music with a strong ‘Bob Dylan’ focus and political protest songs were a regular feature. The MC of the evening was Nicholas le Mesurier and what a fine job he did of introducing the various artists.

To read more, check out their website, and join their mailing list to stay on top of upcoming events:

Or follow them on Facebook:

Nicholas le Mesurier

Nicholas le Mesurier

After getting a  long cold beer from the bar, we took our seats. Sitting there, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the place had  filled up quickly. People were chatting excitedly around me, anticipating the night’s events. I could tell that it was a popular place as the people present seemed to fit right in and were clearly regulars at the Club.

The venue in itself, is cozy and warm, with a pleasant atmosphere. Situate in the heart of Claremont, it is very easy to find and the grounds are safe.


Craig Green

The line up for the evening including 4 different artist/bands and this was an appealing prospect.

First up was a man by the name of Craig Green.


Craig Green

From the inset I realized that here is a man, that loves music as much as he loves playing his guitar.

Craig’s music portrays a strong message. Sitting there listening to the words, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Bruce Springsteen, who the artist clearly admires and looks up to. Craig is not new to the music scene and has been around for many years, bringing his rock sound to those who are keen to listen.

I have since established, that Craig is part of a band called Bad Scooter. The band plays gigs in and around Johannesburg.  So if you are keen to book them, or see them play, check out their website:

or follow them on Facebook:

Watch them on You Tube:



( Johan Rautenbach

Next up was a chap by the name of JoRa (Yahyã) Rautenbach. JoRa impressed us all with his brilliant guitar playing, as well as his refined skill of playing a a Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). It was definitely a first for me. JoRa fellow artists. JoRa‘s music has a strong Flamenco influence.


Johan Rautenbach

The music is so rich and powerful and it invoked  visions of beautiful Spanish dancers elegantly gliding across the room.

I hope to see JoRa perform again, as he is a multi-talented artist and brought a unique feel to the evening.  To listen go to his Soundcloud : 

Follow him on Facebook to find out about his events :

Declan MacKay

Declan MacKay

After a short break, a young fellow by the name of Declan MacKay took to the stage. Declan had a group of admirers sitting at the back of the room that immediately responded to him and I could tell that he had talent just from listening to the excited screams. Declan engaged the audience, which was a nice touch.  He shared that after completing his degree at UCT, he plans to head back to his country of birth, namely Zimbabwe. Declan had us all spellbound and longing for more. His voice has a rich husky  tone that grips you from beginning to end. Upon doing a little research, I discovered that Declan’s dad is also a musican, no small wonder then – it must run in the family.

Mr Soulman

Mr Soulman

As he stood there playing his guitar and singing all his original songs,  I couldn’t help but think, here is a true ‘soulman’. With a voice and personality to boot, I have a feeling that Declan has a bright shining future in the music industry and he will not want for fans. 

To catch him one last time, get down to Jackal & Hide in Cape Town this coming Thursday, 25 June. You will not be disappointed. Here is a link to their Facebook page:


K, Ray and The Bird

K, Ray and The Bird

Last but certainly not least, was K, Ray and The Bird. The band has been playing in and around Cape Town for about 8 years and this was the first time I was to see them in action. To say I was super- excited would be an understatement. The time had arrived and we all sat expectantly as they took to the stage.

The band comprises of –

Karyn Stuart – bass guitar, violin, vocals
Raé Swart – piano, acoustic guitar, clarinet, saxophone, vocals
Gareth Asch – acoustic guitar, vocals
Emil Terhoven – drums and percussion
Mark Cloete – violin, piano, and occasionally the egg shaker

K, Ray and The Bird is a rock/blues band that play in and around Cape Town. Karyn has such a  beautiful voice!

Karyn Stuart

Karyn Stuart

Her voice has a dreamy/surreal quality and as her voice infiltrated the airways it settled in my heart and touched me.

Gareth Asch

Gareth Asch

Together Gareth and Karyn harmonize to perfection. What drew my attention, was the powerful lyrics which hold a strong message.



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Rae on Sax, adds a distinctive sound and what surprised me, was his ability to play several instruments.

The drummer - Emil

The drummer – Emil

Emil adds a funky groove to the band. Together the band have a unique sound and if you love Simon and Garfunkel – you will certainly love their sound. I could tell, that each and every band member, has a strong music background. Multi-talented and professional down to the last detail, this band brings so much to the table.

Two words to describe their music would be ‘uplifting’ and ‘inspiring’ – which is so needed in the times we live in. This is definitely a band for the here and now. 

Listen to them on Soundcloud :

band3Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with events in your area.


A Musical Evening at Barleycorn Music Club


Photo taken off the internet

                                                                                                                                                                                    Robertson is a valley that is known for its wine. Tourists from near and far travel to visit the town to sample the deliciously flavoursome wines on offer.   The town’s wine industry has grown significantly from 25 cellars in 1995 to more than 50 registered wine cellars as of 2015. Many have received the highest awards both locally and internationally throughout the years. Zandvliet is just one of these well known and loved estates in Robertson.

ClemenGold joined forces with Zandvliet to host a weekend of fun and activity for all ages during the Wacky Wine Festival. For those who don’t know –

ClemenGold is a delicious and refreshing soft citrus fruit.


To describe the taste would be to describe something which is sweet, juicy and super delicious – tantalising the taste buds and making you crave more.

The fruit is seedless and peels easily to the touch. It is a fruit that is not only packed with Vitamin C, but appeals to everyone.

I was beyond excited for the weekend and was looking forward to the great music line up and the wonderful vibe of the festival. So the day was finally upon us. As we drove into the grounds, I could see that everything was set up for a great weekend.

There was a beautiful entrance set up and inside, the marquee  was buzzing with people. From craft beer to delicious fruit drinks, yummy food and let us not forget the wine – people stood together in groups chatting excitedly amongst each other.  There was a certain expectation that was evident among the people and it rubbed off on me.

Peter Mitchell | Simon Orange | Luna Paige| Nick Turner  | Gerald Clark| Albert Frost | Chris ChamelPeter Mitchelleon were just some of the artists lined up for the weekend.

Schalk Joubert and Kevin Gibson, were the backing band for the line-up.

Peter Mitchell aka The Scotsman aka (Pietman Geldenhuys) Die Skot was the official Master of Ceremonies for the day and had everyone in stitches with his jokes. From beginning to end,  he entertained the crowd. Peter is a born entertainer and what a fine job he does.  At one stage during the afternoon, Peter proceeded to  tell us one of Tolla van der Merwe’s stories. I couldn’t believe how well he  impersonated the legendary S.A. funnyman. It felt as if Tolla was standing in front of us -it brought back sweet memories of S.A.’s well known comedian.

His rendition of ‘Flower of Scotland’ leaves me with a lump in my throat every time. The pure emotion and richness of his voice washes over me and moves me deeply.

Not only does Peter sing, but he is a comedian / songwriter / actor / impersonator / husband / private chef and producer. No small wonder the crowd love Peter so much. So if you are looking for someone to hire for a party or event, look no further. To keep up to date with Peter or contact him, follow him on Facebook:

Take a look at the video of his performance of ‘Flower Of Scotland‘ –

LLUNA PAIGEuna Paige is an artist that I have come to know and love.

Her endearing personality comes through very strongly in her music – her face shines with emotion and Luna has a certain deepness about her when performing her heartfelt songs. 

LUNA PAIGE 4Two words come to mind when thinking of her voice – ‘alluring‘ and ‘appealing‘ It doesn’t end there – Luna has recorded 4 English albums and 1 Afrikaans live CD and DVD. Luna has been used for television series and programs like ‘Going Nowhere Slowly’ and ‘Ella Blue’. Luna is a highly versatile artist who has collaborated with several other artists, in and around the country.

Luna gets lost in her music, but as her voice infiltrates the hearts and minds of those gathered, we too get lost in a moment of fantasy and wonder at the sheer impact of her captivating voice.

What especially stands out for me, is her connection to people. Luna recently travelled abroad, bringing her beautiful music to the people of Netherland. To find out more about her events and news, follow her on Facebook:

Listen to her on Soundcloud:

Or watch her on You Tube –

SIMON ORANGEThe official keyboard player for The Blues Broers, namely Simon Orange, was part of the line up for the day. Simon takes everything in his stride. What I love about him, is his calm exterior – he just moulds and weaves his magic on the stage for all to see.

A musician that has touched many hearts, especially mine, is Nick Turner.

To me, Nick brings a truly home-grown sound that we as South Africans can relate to.  ‘Funkyand ‘appealing’ are two words to describe this dynamic artist. Nick’s music comes across as genuine and you can see he takes it seriously. His brand new song ‘Beurtkrag‘ that he wrote with his dad speaks volumes about our beloved country.

Nick Turner

Nick Turner

Once you have witnessed Nick sing, you have a deep longing for more.

A little background about Nick –

He became known to music lovers as one of the front men of the popular SA band, Sons of Trout (in the 90’s). Soon after Nick and singer-songwriter and violinist Mike Renny started the African influenced duo Mikanic. They travelled to, lived and performed in New York for many years, where they had a loyal following and wonderful opportunities to perform at world music festivals across the globe. Nick returned to South Africa and became involved with the Solms Delta project where he teaches and collaborates with local artists. He is currently busy with his first solo album and composed his first Afrikaans songs for “Die Ander Konsert” – a collaborative project with 7 other artists (Woordfees & KKNK, 2015). 2014 saw him perform at Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies – a sign that his solo career is already well on its way and his music in serious demand!

Here is the link to his latest song:

As you can see, Nick is an accomplished musician who has added a great impact on the music industry in South Africa. To find out more about Nick or his events, follow him on Facebook:

A while back, I had the opportunity to witness Gerald Clark at the Barnyard Theater. It was a night that rocked my world. Since the first day someone told me to watch his video ‘Black Horses‘ on You Tube, I was hooked. Gerald brings such heart and  passion when he finds himself on any given stage. When Luna and Gerald team up for their ‘Lovemore Show’  I reminisce about  Kenny and Dolly, or even the late great Johnny Cash and June Carter. There is a certain connection between them that rubs off on the audience.

GERALD AND LUNA Gerald and Luna  are so in tune with one another and one cannot help but be moved by not only the beauty of the music, but by the sincerity of their open hearts as they hold nothing back – giving their everything – every breath, every word and every emotion is visibly displayed for all to see.  

If you love blues/soul music you will certainly love this show.

A little background about Gerald –
Gerald Clark started his career as the front man of the very popular blues band Delta Blue. After the dismantling of the band, Clark flied solo and has only gone from strength to strength. He has released numerous English albums as well as one special Afrikaans album (Sweepslag) which was nominated for a SAMA award. He is a frequent main stage headliner at popular blues festivals such as the Table Mountain Blues Summit and the Big Blues Festival. He is also a familiar face at the Blues sessions at Mercury, De Vette Mossel during Woordfees and all other blues-orientated events.

Follow Gerald on Facebook:

Watch him on You Tube :


Heine du Toit

Heine du Toit



At one stage during the day an interesting looking man walked onto the stage. His name is Heine du Toit – he went about doing his thing in a quiet, unobtrusive way. I since learnt that he was a lyricist and artist a while ago – this came as no surprise, as he displayed a certain connection with music and the other artists. This was evident from where I was sitting.

Tonight was truly an eye opener regarding Albert Frost! Man can he play the guitar!

Albert Frost

Watching him hug his guitar close, I realized that his guitar must be one of his closest companions and I sat pondering whether he was born with a guitar in his hands.

Albert Frost

Albert Frost

Albert plays many shows in and around Cape Town as well as South Africa, bringing a strong rock and blues edge to the music scene. Albert is no newcomer to the industry and has been rocking stages for the past 20 years. He loves acoustic, as well as electric guitar.

A true ‘blues man‘ – he holds nothing back when on stage.

Albert has been with the legendary Blues broers since 1994.
A little background : He has recorded with Arno Carstens, Koos Kombuis, Chris Chameleon, Blues Broers and many others. He has performed with every major artist in South Africa, and with international artists like Ali Faka Toure and Finley Quaye. He has toured with Simple Minds and Rem, and supported the Rolling Stones. “Frost is one of the most versatile and talented guitarists in South Africa. Seeing him wield his myriad axes is a lesson in what is possible with a guitar” (Murray Walker, What’s On, July 2013).

To find out more about him follow him on Facebook:

To get a feel for what to expect at one of his shows, check him out on You Tube:“>

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

I have listened with keen ears for many years, to songs on the radio of Chris Chameleon. Many have whispered of what an incredible performer he is. Today was the day that I would experience it for myself.  From the moment he walked onto the stage, the stage was his and he owned it.  Chris has a way of mesmerizing a person with his distinctive facial expressions while his vocal range delight the senses. Chris has a list of accolades that would take many pages to fill. I sat in total admiration at what was playing out before my eyes.

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

I felt like a child who receives a surprise package, rips the paper off-excited to see what’s inside – the surprise once opened is wonderful. Chris for me, was the surprise package of the evening.

Follow Chris on Facebook:

Watch Chris on You Tube:

A little background on the backing Band for the day  –Schalk Joubert and Kevin Gibson were in top form.

To quote

Schalk Joubert is an award-winning South African producer, composer and bass player. He has worked with the best of the best and has been invited by local and international artists to travel to and perform with them at festivals and theatres across the globe.

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson has been slamming the drums for decades and is by far one of SA’s best session drummers. He studied and lived in America where he performed with artists such as country star Jackson Browne. He has been across the world to perform at jazz festivals with fellow jazz musicians from SA and abroad. He has recorded with many South African artists and continues to do so.

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

It was an incredible feeling to sit back and watch these guys give their every ounce of energy on the stage and loving every minute of it.

The day was most enjoyable and I can highly recommend the Wacky Wine Festival for anyone who enjoys good wine, food, music and more. The festival truly encapsulated every bit of a fun weekend for the entire family.  I for one, was delighted to be part of it and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.

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ClemenGold and Zandvliet Music Festival at Wacky Wine 2015

Soul Sessions SA

WACKY WINEThe festival is just around the corner. This is going to be an amazing event which is happening at the beautiful Zandvliet Wine Estate. Great wine, friends and good music – what more could you want? The line up includes some of S.A’s top musicians. Tickets are still available.. Check out the poster for the contact information. FB_IMG_1432222867331

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The Clemen Gold and Zandvliet Music Festival

Soul Sessions SA

Tashna B Tashna B

It was great meeting up with Chris Samuels and Tashna B of Vision Music Records and chatting about the future. Here is a little snippet about this upcoming star and her journey:

Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity? I admire and look up to Celine Dion, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Leona Lewis. The person that I really would like to work with is Celine Dion. When you hear a new song that you can relate to, does it inspire you to get busy writing? Sometimes. Songs do not always inspire me to write. Sometimes  I don’t feel what I’m listening to, but yes, when there’s a song that enjoy I will start start writing immediately. If you had a chance to perform somewhere, where would that be?  The BET Awards. Do…

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Tashna B of Vision Music Records