The Clemen Gold and Zandvliet Music Festival

From the 5-7 June 2015, Zandvliet Wine Estate and ClemenGold are hosting a Music Festival,  during  Robertson Valley’s Wacky Wine Weekend 2015.

Every year thousands of people from all over the country attend The Wacky Wine Weekend. ‘ There is still time to buy your tickets, so don’t delay.

The weekend has some of the finest musicians lined up to perform and the weekend promises to be truly entertaining and unforgettable.

Fun activities for the whole family, including  Kyknet’s Tjiff en Tjaff, craft beer tastings and even Yoga are just some of the attractions to expect.  Catering will once again be managed by the area’s much loved Antoinette Events.

Check out their website for all the details, as well as link to buy tickets:

Luna Paige

Luna Paige

Kahn Morbee

Kahn Morbee

Khan, front man of The Parlotones, and Luna Paige, will kick the weekend off on the Friday, 5 June at 18h00. During the performances, tasty snacks and wine will be available to tickle your taste buds with pleasure. Come join us with your friends and family for an undeniably delicious day!

Wine and music lovers can experience soulful performances by some of the South Africa’s  best singer-songwriters and musicians.

Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell will guide you through a day of non-stop original and proudly South African music, featuring  solo performances as well as  an epic jam session involving all artists!

Sunday – “Peels of Laughter and Barrels of Fun” is a surprise theatrical production by ClemenGold and Zandvliet, hosted by the much applauded Lizz Meiring with music by Luna Paige and Chris Chameleon. In addition, expect guided tastings, live music, poetry, comedy and lots of laughs – all nicely mixed by the gorgeously entertaining Lizzie.”

So folks get cracking and buy your tickets, this weekend promises not to disappoint – lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family.


The Clemen Gold and Zandvliet Music Festival

WACKY WINEThe festival is just around the corner. This is going to be an amazing event which is happening at the beautiful Zandvliet Wine Estate. Great wine, friends and good music – what more could you want? The line up includes some of S.A’s top musicians. Tickets are still available.. Check out the poster for the contact information. FB_IMG_1432222867331

The Clemen Gold and Zandvliet Music Festival

ClemenGold and Zandvliet Wine Estate:   The music festival at Wacky Wine

On Friday the 5 June 2015 the Wacky Wine Festival kicks off in Robertson.  ClemenGold and Zandvliet Wine Estate have teamed up to ensure that the Robertson Wine Valley’s Wacky Wine Weekend (June 2015) will be a hugely fun-filled and exciting three day event. The music festival, has long been a dream for the ClemenGold team, who have extended relations with  key artists in South Africa and support them in their journey. Some of the artists lined up for the weekend’s events are – Luna Paige, Albert Frost, Simon Orange, Chris Chameleon and Lizzie Meiring amongst others.   The ClemenGold and Zandvliet Music Festival, officially kicks off with the opening performance scheduled for Friday evening at 18h00.

 Kahn Morbee (front man for 12 years of the Parlotones) and Luna Paige will take the lead in ushering in a new era for Zandvliet.

A little snippet about Kahn – “After 12 years of fronting South African Rock/Pop band The Parlotones, Kahn Morbee is performing as K A H N. His artistic and musical contributions on all seven of The Parlotones studio albums have received critical acclaim across the globe and his solo project is set to follow the same path.

With a compelling stage personality of his own and a reputation for enthralling audiences, K A H N attributes his musical influences across a range of genre’s and this is set to take listeners on a cathartic experience that lets you hold onto every lyric we can all associate with. “

A little snippet about Luna –  “Luna Paige has been described as a singer with a sultry voice who has a mesmerizing way of luring the listener into a world of beautiful images & emotions.

Not only has Luna been making music over the last 10 years, she has released 5 albums and had various releases on compilation albums”.

As you can see, this promises to be an exciting weekend filled with music, laughter, and great fun. I for one cannot wait! Don’t miss out, get your tickets today.

To purchase tickets and find out all about the event, check out the website –


ClemenGold and Zandvliet Wine Estate: The music festival at Wacky Wine

Kathryn Swain and Digby and the Lullaby at Cafe Roux

I remember sitting in the Baxter Theater last year feeling as if I was part of a heartfelt love story. Thousands of  people were gathered in the auditorium for the Cape Town Folk Festival. The sound and sight of elegant piano playing, accompanied by a sweet velvet voice, drifted through the air. Sitting behind the piano, was a dark haired beauty – it was Rouchelle.

The ginger haired man standing by her side, gently strumming his guitar in rhythm to her playing, was Darren – their eyes met several times and the combination of their eyes meeting, their movements, the music and the captivating moment, told the story. My heart skipped a beat, at the sheer beauty of it all.

The couple are a duo known as Digby and the Lullaby. Such, was the experience, that I could hardly wait for the moment I would experience this again. I was fortunate enough to obtain two last minute tickets to their show at Cafe Roux this past Saturday night. As my friend and I entered Cafe Roux, the place was buzzing with anticipation.

Cosy and intimate are two words synonymous to the experience that is Cafe Roux. A venue that respects the artist/s and once the people have enjoyed their hearty meal, silence fills the room and all that can be heard is the sound of music.

Kathryn Swain

Kathryn Swain

As a hush fell over the room, a tall striking beauty with long wavy hair walked onto the stage- it was Kathryn Swain.  I remember the first time I met Kathryn, it was mid 2014, at an Expo. From the moment we met, I could tell she meant business.

A vivacious, young lady with grace and poise, but such strength in her voice and her passion is visibly displayed through her singing. Her face mirrors her story and her deep compassion comes through very strongly with each performance.

kathnewKathryn sang mostly her own songs and her album ‘Little Box Of Memories’ is an album that truly reflects her journey.  Kathryn worked with producer Duncan Mackay of Down South Studios, who himself played keyboards for 1970’s mega band 10CC. Her album is available for download on Itunes. This album has become a firm favourite in my collection. To find out more, check out her website on One of my absolute favourite covers that Kathryn sings is ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile. Her voice has a beautiful tone and Kathryn hits all the right notes. Kathryn recently played at the Cheese and Wine Festival and ‘wowed‘ thousands of festival goers. Be sure to catch her as she travels around Cape Town playing gigs at various locations.

Watch her on You Tube :“>

To find out all about her events and news, give her Facebook page a like: or follow her on Twitter:

As the evening unfolded the excitement just grew stronger.   An evening of music and storytelling was what the night was about. Rouchelle and Darren treated us to stories about all their travels, moments in time and how they met.  Rouchelle told us that this took place when a local radio station was trying to find local singer-songwriters and she entered. The competition was called Do You Rock. Darren was one of the judges and clearly, it was a night destined for their meeting -the rest is history. The couple love playing in people’s homes, so if you would like them to perform in your lounge, contact them. Getting to know people and building relationships is important to them. During one point in the evening, Rochelle said that it felt like they were in their own lounge performing at Cafe Roux. From thousands, to just a handful of people, Digby and the Lullaby touch hearts wherever they find themselves.  The love shared between them is truly like one of the most beautiful fairy tales, but in this case, it is very real.

Their music captures their true essence and it is like a sweet smelling aroma. The culmination of their love and music encapsulates it all. 

Watch them on You Tube:“> 

I didn’t want the evening to come to an end, so I gave in to temptation and bought their album called ‘The Somewhere Wind’. The album was produced by Kieran Kelly at The Buddy project, New York. Kieran Kelly has worked with some of the greatest songwriters, such as Angus and Julia Stone. A song on the album called ‘Promises‘ truly grips me. This album is a true work of art in every sense of the word – an amazing compilation.

To find out more about Digby and the Lullaby, check out their links below –

Find them on Facebook:

Their Website:





Kathryn Swain and Digby and the Lullaby at Cafe Roux

 Jeremy D Olivier and band play at Cafe Roux

Cafe Roux has become a hot spot for ‘live’ music and good food. Every week, Cafe Roux feature many local artists. Jeremy D Olivier and his band were lined up for Friday evening. Anticipation overwhelmed me, at the thought of once again witnessing this incredible act.

Not only, is Jeremy a household name in our country, but the secret of his music has spread far beyond our borders.

Looking at where this phenomenal artist has come from and the journey that he has walked, I realize that it would not be possible without his lovely wife Nicole, who not only stands by her man, but assists in lyric writing and managing Jeremy’s music career.

Heinrich Goosen on drums and Wesley Rustin on bass guitar

Heinrich Goosen on drums and Wesley Rustin on bass guitar

pic13_edited-1The evening kicked off with a bang, as Jeremy and his band took to  the stage. To say it was a ‘groovy‘ night, would be an understatement . The band as a whole, rocked our world.  Other than Jeremy, the band consists of –Heinrich Goosen on drums, Wesley Rustin on bass and last, but certainly not least, Amanda Tiffin on vocals and keyboard – from beginning to end,  the band ‘wowed‘ the audience.

From time to time, during the evening, Jeremy shared stories of his childhood and his deep love for Zimbabwe and his family. I for one, experienced moments of deep emotion. Tears, joy and laughter filled me when listening to the stories and lyrics.

Jeremy D Olivier

Jeremy D Olivier

Jeremy has a unique and dynamic message in his songs. His music reaches, not only the ears of those who hear, but the ears of those whose hearts are open to it.  

Deep and sincere are words to describe Jeremy’s music.

pic20_edited-1 pic39Harmonizing together, Jeremy and Amanda captivated us with the truly ‘African’ feel  of some of the songs. Amanda is a highly accomplished musician in her own right and visibly displays her passion and soul for music. At one point in the evening, her voice sent shivers up my spine.

I walked away at the end of the evening with a feeling of deep contentment.  Not only did the music touch my heart, but at certain times during the evening, a feeling of sheer exhilaration filled me, to the point of wanting to jump up and dance to the beat of the rhythm.

To find out more about Jeremy and his incredible journey, check out his Facebook page –

Watch Jeremy on You Tube –“>

Jeremy D Olivier and band play at Cafe Roux

Emma-Jean Beattie and Jennifer Eaves at False Bay Folk Music Association

The False Bay Folk Music Association host a music evening at the Clovelly Country Club in Clovelly,  every month. The club has breathtaking views across the bay and offers tasty meal options, from hamburgers to fish and chips, the food is very reasonably priced and always scrumptious. So if you are after a night of good food and ‘live’ music, Clovelly is the place to be every first Tuesday of the month.

Follow The False Bay Folk Music Association on Facebook to find out all about the events –

On several occasions, I have had the absolute pleasure and delight to attend these evenings and I have come away richer for the experience. The variety of music has been out of the ordinary and each time the audience are swept away by beautiful harmonies, rhythms and the sound of a variety of musical instruments.

This past Tuesday, was no exception. A young lady by the name of Emma-Jean Beattie opened the evening by singing and playing her own music.

Emma writes her own lyrics, which echo her life story. A deep, serious young lady and despite only being 16, Emma portrays depth and deepness beyond her years.

JensepiaMulti-talented Jamie Harvey and James Hall of Blacksmith fame, joined Jennifer Eaves for the evening. Having experienced Jennifer’s heartfelt music  time and again, I was keen to see what the guys would bring.

Jamie Harvey plays the Accordion, Harp and Whistles and James plays the Fiddle. Together the trio wove their charm, placing us all under a spell that stayed unbroken until the very end.

Gazing at Jennifer, Jamie and James as they took us all along for the ride, the music seeped into every heart present, as people sat riveted to their seats, scarcely breathing.

This evening was different for me, as the trio played their instruments and sang, I was taken on a journey. The journey was to a moment in time – the place was the Plaka in Athens. The Plaka, as it is known, is a place where people live, shop, eat, dream and play. The place is ‘alive’ with festivities – all day, musicians line the street, the sound of children’s laughter fill the air and a feeling of merriment surrounds you.  Sitting once again, under the beauty of the music on Tuesday, I felt like I had been transported to this magical place; I reminisced and realized, that such  is the power of music and how it impacts your soul. Another wonderful soul experience was felt  by all those present.

To find out more about all the artists and to keep up to date with their events, here are their links:

Jennifer Eaves –

Watch her song that she wrote when moved by the fires that ravaged our valley recently :“> 

Emma-Jean Beattie –


Blacksmith –

Video of Blacksmith –

Emma-Jean Beattie and Jennifer Eaves at False Bay Folk Music Association

Long Street - The Waiting Room

Long Street – The Waiting Room

Stone Jets and F O L L O W E R at The Waiting Room

Driving up Long Street in itself is an experience. By day, people enjoy the vibe and cosmopolitan feel thereof, from vintage to modern – you can find just about anything – an unusual gift – shirt, stopwatch or even a Victorian dress.  At night, the place comes alive with bars, restaurants, coffee shops and night clubs.

Roof top

Roof top

Tuesday night was one of those nights and Long Street was pumping. I was filled with anticipation as Stone jets and FOLLOWER were the two acts for the evening. The Waiting Room is one of the best acoustic venues in the city and for this very reason many of our countries top artists choose it. Upon arrival, we decided to pop in at The Royal Eatery for a coffee. Boasting the best burgers in Cape Town, The Royal Eatery serve delicious food, salads and drinks. The waiters always welcome you in with a warm smile and friendly service is the order of any given day or night.

Don’t let the steep staircase put you off, it is like a stairway to the stars. The cozy intimate feel of the Waiting Room, fills you the minute you enter. Retro decor featuring lighting from a long forgotten era, as well as the cool couches, add to the atmosphere. Leading out from this intimate setting is a roof deck that looks out over the beautiful city lights. In the corner of the room, a bar awaits you, where they serve beers, spirits and even tall pink drinks, if you so desire.

My friend and I took our seats, as Stone Jets took to the stage.

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane moved to the mother city after a chance meeting with Manfred Klose in Johannesburg. Shortly after this, Stone Jets was formed and the duo hasn’t looked back. For the past 3-4 years the duo have been hitting venues in and around Cape Town with their sound and have since taken their act on the road, touring the country and bringing their acoustic/rock sound too many happy ears.

Given is someone who gives his every ounce on stage – from his golden voice, to his charm, he entices, enthrals and draws you in – like a moth to a flame, so Given works his magic.

Stone Jets

Stone Jets

Sitting under their music, I feel myself drift away to a happy place – their music has this effect on me. The tone and richness of Given’s voice reminds me of the late great soul singer, Sammy Davis Junior . image27

Given has a heart for the blues and you experience it from the minute he lets rip. Not only does he sing, but he plays a red hot bass guitar. Sitting there listening and watching him draw the crowd in with his magnetism, I couldn’t help thinking of James Brown – Given has the whole package, he just needs a few hot dance moves to go with his already red hot guitar.

Manfred Klose

Manfred Klose

Manfred hails from Cape Town and has his own recording studio.  Harmonising on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, Manfred portrays his gift with ease and grace and is worth his weight in gold.

Manfred is a multi-talented musician and adds a unique dynamic to the band.

Eleven years ago the journey started, with Manfred fulfilling his dream of making music and it continues to grow day by day. This,  is his true passion and gift. Manfred is living his dream, in every sense of the word. While at school, he would focus more on music, spending 4-6 hours a day practising.

Manfred went on to obtain his degree in Audio Engineering, this stands him in good stead.


Giorgio Laporta

Giorgio Laporta

The past few months has seen the addition of a chap by the name of Giorgio Laporta.  Giorgio is an accomplished drummer, who adds a rock groove to the band, giving it a solid edge.

Giorgio has successfully played with the likes of Paige Mac and Down On The First. Watching the guys together as a band, I could sense the camaraderie between them and I realized how far they have come.

The journey has just begun and I cannot wait to see where this amazing band is heading.

Check them out on Soundcloud and You Tube. Their EP is available on ITunes –

Here are the links:

You Tube –“>

Other reviews on the Stone Jets –

Follow them on Facebook –



After being blown away by Stone Jets, a relatively new act took to the stage known as- F O L L O W E R. The members are : Joshua K Grierson & Gean Burrell. Joshua Grierson revealed that they are currently in the process of producing an EP, which is due for release soon.

Joshua Grierson

Joshua Grierson

Their genre is     A L T R O (alternative electro).

Gean Burrell

Gean Burrell

I sat mesmerized and I had flashbacks you when I was a kid watching a certain kind of movie – it felt like that build up, when you knew something was about to happen, but you didn’t quite know what.. The suspense was electric – I sat on the edge of my seat, scarcely breathing, intrigued by the mystery and anticipation of what was coming. When it came, it ended too abruptly, I wanted more and as movies go, I will have to wait for the forthcoming attraction.

To keep up to date with their events check out their links:

Instagram: @followermusic

Stone Jets and F O L L O W E R at The Waiting Room


Hout Bay ViewFlea Market people out and aboutToday was a colourful day on Hout Bay beach. The festivities were in aid of the day known as ‘ORANJEFEEST’ – a day festival inspired by the Dutch traditional King’s Day during which people dress up in orange colors. The idea is for people and families to gather together as a community to celebrate life by participating in various festivities including music, traditional games, fun sports, children’s activities and more.

People at the OranjefeesTaking place Monday 27th April, ORANJEFEEST Cape Town coincides with South Africa’s Freedom Day and welcomes Capetonians and visitors from all origins and various walks of life to enjoy a day filled with loads of fun activities amidst orange pride.

Oranje kids Oranje ladyUpon arrival, I was blown away by the spontaneity of the people. Everywhere to be seen, were people dressed in all different shades of orange. Some had wigs, others had the complete outfit, from hat to shoes, glasses, feathers and bows. I felt like I had been transported into a colourful kaleidoscope.

Dutch Stall

Dutch lady selling her wares

Flea Market - clothes Flea Market - Jewellery Flea Market - lady with jewelleryPart of the festivities included stalls selling all sorts, ranging from books, toys, clothing, African art and even a Dutch wagon had yummy goods for sale. The queue outside this particular shop never ended, as people wanted a little piece of something Dutch to tantalize their taste buds. There was even a very accomplished tattoo artist doing henna tattoos.

Flea Market -Tees Jewellery etc Flea Market toys on sale Flea Market traders Girls rollerblading Kids ran up and down playing and enjoying the beauty of the day. Blowing bubbles, skate boarding, roller-blading and excited giggles filled the air.

Kaapse BandHalfway through the morning, a brass band in full swing, walked through the festival playing with great gusto. I had previously experienced them at the Bay Harbour Market and must say, when I saw the procession approaching, I felt exhilarated at the thought. The members range from young to old, all adding their unique part as a band and people just love them.

DancersIn the early afternoon, a group of spunky dancers walked up and broke out into synchronized dance moves –  I could tell they were professionals, as they had all the right moves. Delightful cheer and clapping followed. Some of the audience and even a security guard joined in for extra fun.

Lady with crownA little background about this day – the idea originated in Netherlands and was known as Koninginnedag – the holiday was first observed on 31 August 1885 as Prinsessedag or Princess’s Day, the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina, heir to the Dutch throne. On her accession, the holiday acquired the name Koninginnedag.

Koningsdag is known for its nationwide vrijmarkt (“free market”), at which the Dutch sell their used items. It is also an opportunity for “orange madness” or oranjegekte, a kind of frenzy named for the national colour.’

Part of the line up included performances by The Rudimentals (S.A) – Reggae, Herman Bakker (Holland) – Jazz, Myrthe Buijs (Holland) – Classics, Sylvestre Kabassidi (Congo) – World music, Shanaaz Abrahams (S.A) – Pop, Ntaba Greenland (S.A) World music.

DidierDidier Moestus did a superb job of introducing all the artists, as well as announcing all the details regarding the event and festivities throughout the day. Didier is a local DJ who travels in and around the country doing his thing and doing a superb job of it. He recently took part in the ‘Grand White Dinner’ where 6500 guests gathered at the Waterfall Polo Fields in Kyalami for a glam affair. Didier is co-founder of LA French Connection and a model for a local Cape Town agency.

To find out more about what he does, check out the website:



Ntaba Greenland impressed us with his guitar skills and incredible voice. I stood rooted to the spot, not wanting to move an inch. Ntaba brought an instant smile to my face and a warm glow that filled my heart. In my mind’s eye, I imagined a cold winter’s night listening to this man with the golden voice. In my  research, I found that Ntaba is a blind busker who works on the streets of Cape Town.  Ntaba is busy recording his music – watch this space for more details.

Watch him here:“>

IMG_4147Myrthe is based in Cape Town. Myrthe Buijs of Holland has an incredibly powerful voice and the thought entered my mind – why hadn’t I seen or heard of her before. From beginning to end Myrthe wowed us with her stage personality and beautiful sound. If you would like a treat, listen to this Dutch song that Myrthe sang. Myrthe has a passion for a large variety of music, from Smooth Jazz to Rock. I felt my arms break out in goosebumps with the sheer beauty thereof. Be prepared to be blown away -listen to her here:


Shanaaz Abrahams

Shanaaz Abrahams

Shanaaz Abrahams  entertained from beginning to end. Her voice has a beautiful tone and reminds me of a piece of velvet – soft and beautiful. I could tell that Shanaaz was not a newcomer to a stage. Shanaaz comfortably sang to her heart’s content and showed it visibly for all to see. Young and old were enthralled by her stage personality. Watch her here –

Herman Bakker Upright BassHerman Bakker rocked on piano showing us his marvellous skills as a Jazz pianist.  He has performed at Jazz concerts in Holland and in Jazz Clubs in Rotterdam, Loosdrecht, Utrecht and South Africa. Living in Cape Town since 1992, Herman continues to play and do what he does best in and around the city. Herman had an accomplished drummer and bass player (boasting an upright bass – very impressive) join him. Check out this cool cat with his sax and captain’s hat.Accompaniment for Herman Bakker

Watch him on You Tube –




Rudimentals Band

Rudimentals Drummer Rudimentals fun Rudimentals group Rudimentals Guitar The much anticipated moment was upon me and as the band took to the stage, I noticed people gathering around, as if they knew something great was about to happen. I could sense the excitement, as young and old spread out on the beach waiting for the band to kick off.

A face that tells a story

A face that tells a story

A tiny little toddler stood in awe in front of the stage; her face told the story.

The band has a powerful connection with the audience and from the very first moment people clapped and swayed in rhythm to their music.

Rudimentals in full swingRudimentals SaxThe brass section of the band added a spice of their own, with sax and trombone. The band toured with  UB40 in South Africa in July 2007. No small surprise, as their music is synonymous with the this great band’s sound.

SoundmenLike any great event, the event would not be a success without a great sound team – the team behind the scenes did a fantastic job and couldn’t be faulted. Well done.

The rest of the evening played out to perfection, as people gathered for the festivities of fun, music, food and dance.

A special mention must go to Dunes Beach Restaurant and Bar – check them out on Facebook – The staff worked tirelessly to serve all the people that packed out the bar downstairs and upstairs as well as the restaurant. Did I forget to mention, they serve delicious salads and make a mean pizza. It was a lovely family outing. If you are keen to enjoy a day like this, make sure you don’t miss out next year; keep your eyes peeled for all event details for future on their Facebook page:

Watch the video to see what it is all about –

Crowd watching Rudimentals Crowd


Oranjefeest 2015

CODA Africa at The Youngblood Arts & Culture Development


Last night was no ordinary night by any means. The Youngblood Arts & Culture Development is a relatively new artistic centre which was founded  in 2010 by Roger Jungblunt. Roger saw the need to support artistic/creative minds with a space to create and express talent. The gallery comprises multiple floors and when looking up, you feel as if there is no end. The building has an open flow design which is light and artistically furnished with a modern flair. Beautiful artwork grabs your eye from the moment you enter the centre. Read all about it here –

pic10Upon arrival, we were welcomed and ushered in warmly. With a drink in hand, we made our way to our table. As time moved on, the place started filling up and happy chatter filled the air.

At 7.30 I was reminded of the song ‘tiny bubbles’ – well in this case, it was a big bubble and in the bubble was a lady in a beautiful cream gown holding a sax! The music infiltrated the room and every eye was fixed on the beauty in the bubble.  A magical moment was experienced, as we sat mesmerized, not only by her beauty, but the  fairy tale experience of it all. What a way to kick the evening off.

CODA Africa

CODA Africa

zAMIA little while later, the reason for the evening arrived.  CODA Africa took to the stage – Camera, lights, action……..

Let me introduce you to this 5 piece band –

Zami Mdingi – vocals
Carol Thorns – electric cellist
Galina Juritz – violinist
Judy Brown – saxophonist
DJ LuvChild – DJ

A little background – Cape Town-based afro electro music group, CODA Africa, has been nominated for 2 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) for ‘Most Promising Artiste in Africa 2014’, and ‘Best African-Electro Act 2014’ alongside Goldfish and Mi Casa. The band play many corporate events in our country and have traveled internationally.

image4The band’s album  ‘Disclosure’ features an array of songs. The songs are based on stories of each member of the band. This in itself, is a beautiful thing.

Follow them on Facebook –

image90Listen to them on Soundcloud –“>

Stylish, graceful, funky, spunky, hotness, groovy are just some words that come to mind when watching them…the list is endless.

Deep soul and pure emotion

Deep soul and pure emotion

To say I was rendered speechless listening to Zami, would be an understatement. The adage ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ is certainly true in her case. Zami literally exploded before our eyes -her voice entered our ears and seeped into our hearts. When Zami sings, her face mirrors her soul- Zami sings with pure emotion and joy. It was an experience that moved me to my core.  Her vibrant personality comes alive on stage and from the moment Zami stepped onto the stage, the stage was hers.

When looking at Zami I am reminded of a beautiful African queen – her voice echoes nuances of her roots.

Carol wowed and captivated us with her red cello and big eyes. Super talented and gifted, Carol has taken her act abroad for years. Her latest project is ‘the bubble’ – To quote – This new, innovative concept has taken the corporate entertainment market by storm and has been booked for SA’s top launches, fashion events and parties. The Bubble is in great demand across South Africa and worldwide.

Read more about Carol here –

image48Galina’s face sparkled as she played the strings on her electric violin, bringing sweet melodies to our ears. In 2010, she started working with composer and performer Neo Muyanga and has since performed in his debut productions Memory of How it Feels and The Flower of Shembe. She has composed music for bands, chamber ensembles and short films, and often works as a session recording artist’.

Galina is highly accomplished in her own right, read more here –


I sat watching Judy play her sax and felt shivers down my spine. Her album ‘Liquid Sax‘ is now available.

Click on the link for more info –

Judy has traveled internationally, bringing her dreamy sound too many. Being one of the most sought after saxophonists, Judy has collaborated with some of the country’s top performers.

pic16Last, but certainly not least, is the thorn among the roses, so to speak – Dj Luvchild – what a rad dude! Luvchild is based in Cape Town. Being a rare talent, Luvchild has opened for many of South African and international bands and acts ranging from afro house, dance hall, funk, rock, reggae, dub step to hip-hop. He is known for  opening shows for three respective bands on the same night, featuring different genres and rocking the house. Luvchild is chilled and brings a certain ‘coolness’ to the band.

Walking away at the end of the evening, I thought about this experience and realized that it was a first for me. CODA Africa bring so much as an act – you cannot put them in a box.

Like a million stars in the galaxy, so their music sparkles, explodes, lightens and transports you to another realm.

Watch them –