‘Joshua Grierson and friends’ LIVE at the Alma Cafe

When I first discovered Alma Café, I was delighted by the homeliness of the place. This quaint little venue is perfect for an intimate night of music, good sound and good food. From the moment a person arrives, you are made to feel welcome. The aroma of the food tantalizes the taste buds, and once tasted leaves you craving for more. The deserts range from Chocolate Brownies to Lemon Merinque Pie, YUM.

The reason for the evening arrived shortly after our dinner…. a man who knows what music means… a singer and songwriter who writes music that reminds one of the great Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, or Bruce Springsteen, lyrics that speak to one’s mind and soul,……folk/blues/rock/pop and music that is spiritual, none other than Joshua Grierson! Joshua decided to have a ‘live’ launch of his new double-disk album with his friends accompanying him.  What an incredible idea, and what an incredible night was had!
Thinking back to the very first evening I had the privilege of sitting under his spellbound performance, I was excited for what was to come.   Joshua’s music not only touches my heart, and every time I hear him perform, I feel like I’ve been transported to another place.

joshnice‘Every time he performs I feel like a fire has been lit in my soul, and I come away with my heart ablaze’.

I could picture an era of days gone by, where people would gather around to listen to some of the greatest soul singers; this is how truly great his performances are visibly and audibly.  There is literally nothing that he cannot accomplish musically. He lives himself into each, and every performance, and as a person you feel like you become a part of the music; a part of a road he has traveled. The essence of who he is, comes alive in his eyes, and can be seen and felt.  Joshua comes alive on stage, and wears his heart on his sleeve for all to see. He is not afraid to expose who he is. His music speaks to the humanness of mankind, the ups and downs, and the harsh reality of life. A person must have a heart of stone not to be moved by his deep, meaningful lyrics.  The intensity and pure rawness of his performance captures the mind and heart completely.

ALMA3 His music reminds me of walking through a deep, dark forest, with different shades of darkness, but always a ray of light that shine through the darkness, or a river that doesn’t stop flowing, and the sound of a gentle ripple is heard on the pebbles below. I feel like I’m falling into a waterfall that sweeps me away, with it’s powerful flow, and leaves me gasping for air at the bottom. Joshua performed with such passion tonight.  His friends – all musically gifted in many different ways, accompanied him to perfection.

The audience left on a high – a music high that is. Joshua was gracious enough to perform one more song, upon being requested by the audience to do so. This show was truly remarkable, from the variety of songs performed, to the instruments played.  Gene Kierman is a multi-talented artist and he played the French Horn which gave me goosebumps.  Simon van Gend sang  a couple of songs with Joshua, and together they form a powerful duo. Simon performs all over Cape Town with his band ‘Simon & the Bande A Part’. Their latest album has just been launched and can be purchased on bandcamp.com. Lauren Fowler harmonized beautifully with Joshua in some of his songs.  All in all it was like a fairytale ~ true beauty come alive on stage.

GENEANDJOSIf you haven’t yet had the privilege of watching him perform, do yourself a favour, and get down to one of his shows. The name ‘Joshua Grierson’ is going to be upon many lips, he is destined for great things. All you need to know about Joshua can be found on his various websites.

If you would like to purchase his music, you can find it on : http://joshuagrierson.bandcamp.com/

Some of Joshua’s songs are available for free download on Soundcloud, go check it out ~

Joshua posts all his events on his various websites, you can find him here:
https://twitter.com/JoshuaGrierson https://www.facebook.com/joshuagriersonmusic


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