Selim Kagee at the Masque Theatre

On Friday the 14th of June 2013, I was privileged to attend a show of Selim Kagee, at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg. “Who is Selim Kagee,” you ask? Well, he is a young man who is making waves in Cape Town. Selim is a classical musician, who has a unique style. His operatic music is deeply expressive. Sitting there watching him perform I was reminded of a young Pavarotti or Michael Bublé. Selim is a soft spoken, genuine person, who has an incredibly powerful voice, and he comes alive on the stage.
When listening to Selim sing, I was taken on a trip to Italy, even though I have never had the pleasure of visiting this great city of love- it was truly food for the soul. I had visions of walking through this beautiful city, steeped in history, while feasting my eyes on beautiful artwork. Music is a form of art that can only be felt by the heart. Selim sang not only popular English songs, but Italian songs too. Hence the nostalgic feeling for something, not yet felt, but only read about! He performed his original hit song ‘Cry For Love’ with such passion that you could see it in his eyes. To me, the highlight of the evening was ‘Amazing Grace,’ which was heartfelt and sincere.
The show warmed the hearts of all that were privileged enough to be there, and Selim was accompanied by Tuning 4rk, a fresh, young, 6-piece orchestra ensemble made up of South Africa’s top classically trained musicians. Their group consists of 2 violins, a cello, a guitar and cajon. They have experience in providing entertainment for weddings, corporate functions, private events, etc. Their repertoire ranges from classical to light contemporary music. Find out more about them here:

It was such a delight to hear the combination of Selim’s voice, and the distinctive sounds of the various instruments. Literally like watching a story come alive on stage! Emotional charged and electrifying.

Selim has signed with EMI Music (International label), and his album ‘Cry For Love (Piango D’Amore)’ is available in music stores. Some of the songs on the album include ‘Ava Maria,’ ‘Sei Cosi,’ ‘Bella’ (You Are So Beautiful), ‘Right Here Waiting For You,’ and his beautiful song ‘Cry For Love’. The style of the album is certainly classical, but it also has a touch of pop, which is refreshing. A lovely write up of his album can be seen here:!

His album is also available on Amazon:

Upon doing a bit of research, I found out a few interesting tidbits about Selim. He was shy and introverted growing up, but once he tasted the world of theatre and music- which was made possible by his parents- he knew this was something he wanted to do. Selim also enjoyed sculpture, drawing and graphic design while growing up. Graphic design became his formal profession. In 2002, Selim auditioned and was accepted for singing parts in ‘The Sound Of Music’, ‘The Boyfriend’, ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ and other shows.

Selim shared little snippets of his journey, throughout the evening with us, and spoke fondly about his vocal coach, the late Jean Stuart. He shared, that he ultimately wanted to be a pop-artist, but Jean convinced him, that if he dug deeper, and learnt how to manage his voice, he would bring out the very best of his voice, and ultimately himself. Selim looked up, almost prayfully, and said, that if Jean is listening he would like to thank her for guiding him. Selim’s ‘Cry For Love’ (Piango D’Amore) is dedicated to this great lady.
Selim Kagee has a bright future ahead of him, and is living his dream! If you haven’t as yet had the opportunity to watch Selim, do so. You will not be disappointed. You heart will be touched by this young man, and maybe you too, will feel like a part of Italy has come alive within you. One word to describe Selim: brillante!

Here are the links to Selim’s websites:


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