Paige Mac

Paige Mac Band

Paige Mac Band

I had the privilege and pleasure of attending a show, at a local hangout in Glencairn, namely the ‘Stoep and Swing’..and boy was it swinging! You see, Paige Mac were in the house!

From the minute the trio, consisting of Paige MacMahon, (vocals, and acoustic guitar), Garry Van Vuuren (bass), and Marcus Christiansen (drums), stepped onto that stage, the audience was enthralled. Every foot was tapping, heads were bopping and eventually people couldn’t resist the urge to jump up and dance! The people were clapping loudly and the little dance floor was packed with young and old. Having previously attended the venue, I realized that it was a spot that attracted all ages. The place literally came alive like a bright burning flame! I turned to my friend at one stage during the evening and said, “Look at the elderly gentleman” – he was singing and couldn’t sit still. A fire was lit in our hearts! Paige has a way of drawing an audience in with her captivating smile and stage personality.

dc2d5-paigeverynicePaige Mac have released an EP named ‘A Moment’s Nostalgia’. This EP is true beauty. The harmonies and clarity are superb. This beauty moves between my car, the house, and the PC. I have to add that listening to a beautiful piece of music via the radio or CD player is entirely different to watching a performer ‘live’ on stage. When one sees a performer perform in living, breathing form, it can only be described as a soul experience. This is what a person witnesses when you watch this trio together. Paige Mac brings their act together with such unity, it is a delight for the eye to behold!

The trio play all over Cape Town, and have travelled S.A, playing gigs in bars, night clubs, restaurants, etc. Paige Mac has appeared on various television programmes, namely Top Billing, The Expresso Show, as well as ‘The Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show’ and the Grahamstown Arts Festival.

It was shortly after Benji Mudie flew down to Cape Town that he signed this phenomenal band to Universal Records, and the rest is history.

The first time I heard Paige sing was on recommendation by a friend to watch her song ‘Atrophy’ on Youtube. I sat, mesmerized and just couldn’t believe that someone could sing like that; it was as if an angel had escaped from Heaven! I decided there and then I had to see this girl perform ‘live’. Since that day, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them perform ‘live’ on numerous occasions, and I am blown away each and every time. Watching an artist perform ‘live’ is an experience that every person, young and old, needs to witness and experience. You see, the visual impact of the experience touches a person’s soul. It’s like a part of the music becomes you, and you are taken on an unforgettable journey.

‘Stoep and Swing’ was electrified by their presence and pure brilliance.

ccc4a-paigeniceoneThe crowd loved every single tune, ranging from the likes of Play That Funky Music White Boy, Adele’s Valerie, to their own tunes, namely ‘Atrophy’, ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Love Makes You Fat’, ‘Wish Upon A Star’, and many more. When Paige said “Last one”, everyone roared, “One more”. Paige humbly concurred.

When Paige performs “Atrophy,” written for her adoptive mother, her sincerity is felt in every word. The pain and emotion is almost tangible. Their song, “Love Makes You Fat,” makes a person feel happy, and even want to giggle spontaneously. For an artist to take one through a myriad of emotions, ranging from heartfelt emotion to feeling frivolous- well that is someone who was born to be on a stage! If you love progressive acoustic soul with a folk rock edge, then this band is for you! Paige Mac is destined for just the very best, as this is what they give out. Their absolute love for entertaining people and their passion and soul for what they do is sure to take them to great places.

Be sure to find out when they will be in your area. Here is the link to their website!>/349281421847312?fref=ts


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