STOEP 2 STOEP    On Justin’s recent Cape Town tour, I was delighted to hear that he was coming to Stoep & Swing, a homely pub with a stage and warm atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to hear him perform once again- I had already had the pleasure last year of attending his show at the same venue! This time round, Justin astounded me. I could see how much he had grown as an artist. When thinking of Justin’s voice, one word springs to mind: “husky”. He has a tone which is uniquely ‘Justin’. Justin’s style reminds me of Joe Cocker; warm, but bold and strong, with a rock edge.

Justin’s genre is rock acoustic, adult contemporary, and alternative rock. He has a voice as big as his heart. Justin sings openly, exposing his heart like an open book to his audience, revealing true emotion. He also performed some covers, which shows that Justin is versatile. My personal favourite -‘Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone’ – Bill Withers.

When listening to Justin’s voice, you want to shout out, “Please don’t stop.” That is how he made me feel- not to mention all those who were fortunate enough to experience Justin. Justin’s music lives on in the memory long after the show has ended.

Justin grabs every opportunity that is offered to him with both hands, and loves to perform with other artists. He is an encouragement to many others that are starting out.

A little bit more about Justin’s debut album – ‘Touching Toes’. I couldn’t wait to play it in my car. Every song is deep and meaningful, and his music makes one sit up and take note. Justin sings about life and love. The cover is a beautiful work of art; it is colourful, funky and vibrant. Justin’s music has a message for each listener. After listening to this album, I realized how well he puts his voice to use. Justin bellows out the rock songs without sounding harsh, yet some of the songs, he sings with gentleness, almost whispering the words.

No bottle of red is necessary when it comes to Justin’s music; it warms the heart all on its own!

I am eager to see where Justin is going with his music career. Catch Justin at a venue near you, you will not be disappointed; Justin will enchant and excite you, leaving you begging for more.

Justin’s website links:






Justin Serrao at Stoep & Swing

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