Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival at The Baxter Theatre


On Friday, 26 July a friend and I were privileged to attend the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival  at The Baxter Theatre.  What a venue and what a line-up!  Excitement filled the air!  As we walked into the building,  people stood around everywhere enjoying either a glass of wine, and nibbling on chocolate (YES, free chocolate), or a coffee/tea.

My excitement had been building since the day I heard about the show.  I had previously attended one of these dynamic shows at The Fugard Theatre, in Cape Town.  It was a great night of music and storytelling  and I couldn’t wait for this year.

The line-up  for the evening featured :

Anton Goosen / Gian Groen + Gerald Clark / Guy Collins + Jeremy Olivier / Ezra + Sannie Fox / Tim Parr + Andrew James / Gary Thomas [Cabins in the Forest] + Amanda Tiffin / Dave Ledbetter [Facing South] + Nick Turner / Paige Mac + Gavin Minter / James Stewart + Lucy Kruger / Shotgun Tori + Auriol Hays / Lionel Bastos + Caroline Blundell / Jonny Blundell / Julie Blundell [The Barking Family Tree] + Andy Lund / Emma Du Preez [Oh Mercy]

Some of Cape Town’s finest artists.DSC08510

I would like to express my thoughts on some of the artists that deeply touched me with their performances ~

Memories of growing up, listening to Anton Goosen on the radio and watching him on television, came flooding to mind.  Songs that I recall are ‘Kruidjie-Roer My Nie’ and ’Boy Van Die Suburbs’, just to mention a fewI used to watch him and think, wow what a Rock Star, but an Afrikaans one at that.  Here I was, touching 50 (giggle), watching him perform on a stage – it was happening right before my very own eyes!  Anton came onto the stage wearing skinny jeans, and…wait for it – YES, a pair of blue crocs.  Anton looked quite ‘hip’  – who would have thought?

The artists were phenomenal and I realized how blessed we are living in S.A.  Each artist brought their own flavour, unique style and personality to the stage. Any one of them can stand next to some of the greatest internationally recognized artists, and feel proud.  We need to get out there and support our local artists.


DSC08540One of my absolute personal favourites  is Paige MacMahonPaige and Nick Turner brought such a funky feel on the stage.  People in the audience lapped them up.  Thinking back to when I first watched Paige on You Tube, I remember my arms literally breaking out in goose bumps.  That day, I decided that I had to witness this voice in person.  Looking back over the past year, all I can say is, here is a girl with such a bright future ahead of her.  Paige performs all over Cape Town and has since gained a band, known as ‘ Paige Mac’Paige was discovered by Benji Mudie and the rest is history.

DSC08525The lovely Lucy Kruger and Shotgun Tori sang so beautifully, their harmonies blew the audience away.  I remembered watching Shotgun Tori perform in Obs one night  last year, and I realized, here is someone who is ‘real’ and not afraid to show it.  Their performance was one of such unity and like-mindedness.   Lucy sang last year at The Octopus Garden in Kalk Bay  and I couldn’t believe at the time, what a powerful voice she had, for one so young.  Her hauntingly beautiful voice, is so rare and unique and now sitting  watching her, I felt like I was in a movie theatre, watching a movie filmed somewhere on the Scottish Moors –  a voice once heard, never to be forgotten.

I looked around me and noticed that a large amount of the audience were advanced in years.  This spoke to me of acceptance, purpose and meaning.   Here were people without preconceived ideas; people that didn’t think they were too old to be there, but were drawn there because of their need for fun and entertainment. To be able to witness something so beautiful, was something that every person should experience at least once in their lives, and share with those around them.

DSC08547The end of the evening was fast approaching, and then a man with a Banjo came onto the stage, that captivated my heart.  A man by the name of Guy Collins, a name I’m sure, who has been on every person’s lips since.  I sat mesmerized and couldn’t take my eyes off him.  It was so quiet,  you could hear a pin drop.  I find it difficult to put into words, but if I can – it was like a cord reached out from that stage and tied your soul, to his  –a soul connection was felt.  Unlike some of the artists present, I have never had the privilege of listening to Guy’s music.  It was a rare and beautiful thing to watch, and I didn’t want the evening to end.   I left there itching to find out more about who Guy Collin’s is and where I could lay my hands on his music.  To my absolute delight I have found him on SoundCloud.

If you are reading this and have never had the privilege of attending a show, do yourself a favour and go!  I went to my very first ‘live’ show two years ago, and my life has truly been touched, changed and enriched for the better.

Music makes one feel alive, uplifted, inspired, creative – music stirs and soothes the soul.  Music is a gift straight from God to us.

I left there with great joy, and contentment as did many others.  Next year will be upon us before we know it.  I look forward with great anticipation, to seeing what next year will bring.



6 thoughts on “Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival at The Baxter Theatre

  1. For me, the standout act was Oh Mercy. And for those that missed it, you can catch them on Friday at Alma Cafe. I’ll be taking my mom and my brother – should be fun!


    • Hey Sean, thanks for the comments. I unfortunately have a previous engagement, but hopefully in the not too distant future I will get to see them all. Excited 🙂


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