Paige Mac & The Kiffness

On Saturday night ‘The Stoep and Swing’ were hosting not just one band, but two!!    I decided this was an evening I was not going to miss.  After contacting a couple of friends, they confirmed they were also eager to come out for the night, and what a night we had!


It is a local hangout and such a treat to be able to see such top SA entertainers performing literally in our very own back yard. The show was going to be a little different as ‘Paige Mac’ and ‘The Kiffness’ were entertaining us for the evening.  I noticed there was a smoke machine and strobe lights which just added to the atmosphere of the evening, which was about to unfold.  I felt like a teenager as the vibe was so electrifying, you could literally reach out and touch it. People were chatting eagerly and trying to get the best possible spot, not wanting to miss out.

Paige Mac came up first and as always they were sensational!  From their very first song right through to their last, people lapped them up, shouting for more and sending out special requests.  When they perform ‘Play that Funky Music’ I just love it!    Paige Mac is a band that performs with such soul.  They are real and honest with their lyrics.  One can see how much they love what they do and they touch hearts wherever they go.


Recently ‘Paige Mac’ played at The Waiting Room in aid of aHuman trafficking awareness event’.  They also performed at a ’Cancer Awareness Breakfast’.  This just proves what amazing people they are, always giving back to the community.  Paige Mac also recently did a show for Kelvin Klein, then the Cape Town annual Folk Festival where after it was up to Johannesburg to open for the amazing ‘Lira’.

Copy of DSC08760‘Paige Mac’ have been confirmed for ‘White Mountain Acoustic and Folk Festival’ in The Drakensberg this September.   They have also recently gone on a road trip to the Garden Route, playing at various venues.  Paige Mac travel all over S.A. sharing the beauty of their music with our country. ‘Rocking The Daisies’ will be graced with their presence on Saturday the 5 October, around 1pm.  To quote Paige MacMahon ~ “Music is an outlet, a route of expression,” she explains. “It’s an uncensored story of the revelations in the journey of my life. It’s there, in the music, that I develop these heightened emotions into chord progressions and melodies.” Melodies expressing disappointments, heartache, frustrations, love and joy – they’re all etched into stories that each sum up what Paige Mac is.” One deep lady.

DSC08770If you haven’t heard of them or listened to them, you need to! Find out more about what they are up to, and catch them in an area near you, check out their website – and Facebook page –

Despite being a smaller venue, the ‘Stoep and Swing’ has such a lovely vibe, and one is always welcomed upon arrival.  The waiters always make sure you have a drink and check up on you.

Next up was none other then ‘The Kiffness’.  The people were already excited ~ clapping and dancing.  The mood had been set with ‘Paige Mac’ performing.   From the moment they opened with their popular song ‘Voetsek’ which has been featured on radio stations such as 5FM, everyone was bouncing around the room enjoying their funky, electronic tunes.  “The Kiffness’ comprise of  ‘Rave Dave & Black Norris’, a duo that play electronic music, which is so different, unique and ‘kiff’.  I guess they truly live up to their name.


Dave plays trumpet, keys and synth,  and Black on bass.  The crowd ate them up.  The treat for me, was looking at Black Norris, his face was a picture of joy  – he didn’t stop smiling the whole evening.  I could tell that these guys truly enjoy every minute of what they do, and we the crowd couldn’t get enough.

From old to young we were all up and moving.

If you would like to find out more about ‘The Kiffness’, go check out their website – as well as their Facebook page –


You can find their single ‘Voetsek’ on


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