The Graeme Watkins Project


CAFE ROUXWhen the news broke that Graeme Watkins and his band  ‘Graeme Watkins Project ‘ were performing  at Café Roux in Noordhoek  on Friday the 25 October 2013, I just had to buy tickets.  Café Roux is a lovely restaurant, with good food and good wine!  The venue has an indoor and outdoor area featuring a lovely set up for shows.  The mouth-watering burgers are top notch prepared by Chef Julian Gabriel, ranging from beef to free-range chicken, and the desserts are some of the best I have ever tasted. We arrived early, thinking we would be the first to arrive, but the place was already pumping with people.  Café Roux also have a full licensed bar, and the waiters are very attentive to your needs.

Thinking back to Idols and when I first experienced Graeme Watkins, I had flash backs to when Graeme was in the top 3 in 2009.  What a treat he was to watch.  Three words come to mind ~ excitement, energy,  and sheer madness.  One thing that stood out for me in his performances, week on week, was his eyes ~ his eyes told a story of their own.

4192 yesEach week I waited in anticipation to see what he would bring to that stage.   Graeme never disappointed.  My best memory was the night he performed ‘Loslappie’.  So when a close friend informed me of this night I couldn’t wait to experience all of that in a ‘live’ setting.  This was the night I was going to experience Mr Graeme Watkins in person.

At 9pm the show kicked off and what a show! GWP have the ability to evoke so much energy, that everyone was up and moving by the end of the evening. Graeme and his band had the audience spellbound.  I sat with my camera in hand and couldn’t get enough.  I remember looking at him and seeing him literally ‘airborne’.  What a show, and what an entertainer!  As a band they are super-talented, and tuned in to each other.

Upon leaving I was given their new album by a friend.  Graeme  Watkins Project are young, funky, and bring a unique sound.  If you haven’t purchased the CD – THE GRAEME WATKINS PROJECT ‘Soldier On’,

GWI would highly recommend you do so.  It resides in my car, and I have it on repeat.

Just to mention a few highlights of their journey –

Their music is described as  pop, indie, rock & electronic.

Their debut album “Corridors of The Mind” was released in March 2011.

They have performed at most events and festivals around the country. In the space of one year they’ve produced 5 Top 10 hits singles from the album. 2013 has seen their fresh new single “Fight When We’re young”, produced by LA based producer Jeff Blue, hop right back into the SA Chart scene.

GWP’s music is making waves not just on home soil, but Internationally, and after being a witness to their stage presence I can truly say it is an act you should make every attempt to see.  So get out to one of their shows and be prepared for a night that will excite and enchant you.

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