‘The Rocky Horror Show ‘ at The Fugard Theatre Cape Town

fugard1 Saturday afternoon was upon us, and I couldn’t wait for Richard O’Brien’s  ‘The Rocky Horror Show ‘at The Fugard Theatre!   I had previously been to this lovely little Theatre which is stooped with history and character.  As you enter the door you feel like you’re part of some ancient story.

fugard3Even the walls seem to reach you ~ telling a tale all of their own.  The Fugard Theatre was previously a Congregational Church Hall, located in District 6, and known for the history of this community. The Theatre comfortably seats 335, and has a certain warmth, and charm about it.  Even though we sat in the back row, we could see the whole stage perfectly.  This was the perfect setting for a perfect show.

I was excited at the thought of seeing this take place before my very eyes.  You see I had been forewarned by friends to be ready for a show that would rock my world.  I was in for a grand surprise!  Packs were for sale at the door, namely ‘audience participation pack’, to add to the fun.

fugard2A little background of the storyline ~ it is a mix of sci-fi and horror, a 70’s show.   The show was staged as a production at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 1973.  I had to investigate a little about the history of this amazing production;  this is what I discovered ~ Filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show began in October, 1974, at Bray Studios, England’s famous House of Horror,’ and at a 19th century chateau which served once as the wartime refuge of General Charles DeGaulle.  The rest is history!

The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive.
~ Craig MacDonald

rocky1 A quick summary of the actual story – a couple declare their love to each other in an opening song, after which their car breaks down in the woods on a rainy night, and they decide to take a walk to a strange castle nearby.  A ghoulish butler welcomes them at the door and introduces them to a collection of strangely dressed partygoers.  The host of the castle is a transvestite clad in lingerie who is a mad scientist.  He tells them he hails from another planet. Now, let me leave you in suspense, because this is theatre, and a must to see.

rocky 3Finally the bell rang and it was show time!  People eagerly took their seats, the lights dimmed.  Camera, lights, ACTION!!  The narrator namely, Adrian Galley appeared and upon seeing him, I must admit he fitted the part to a ‘T’.  Reflecting back on the movie, I can truly say he was a perfect match for the part. From the look of him, to his voice, it was like seeing the real deal on stage.

From the moment Brendan van Rhyn, namely Frank-n-Furter comes on stage you could feel his stage presence.  He possessed and commanded the stage in a way that I have never   experienced before!  Certain mannerisms, a little hint of a smile, a certain look, Frank-n-Further captivated his audience from beginning to end. Here is an actor who portrays the character in such a way that he leaves the audience spellbound.  We lapped it up with great delight, and may I add, boy oh boy what a voice! Brendan indeed has the whole package.

Andrew Laubscher, namely Riff-Raff took the part to perfection.  The character fitted him like a glove, and I loved the evil little gleam in his eyes.  The cast were superb in every sense of the word, with each and every one bringing their unique part alive on stage.  This is a delightful production which entertains on every level, from acting to singing and dancing.

rocky2Loving music, I thoroughly enjoyed the songs ~ “Science Fiction/Double Feature”, “Dammit, Janet”, “Sweet Transvestite” and the infamous “The Time Warp” and “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me” ~ the audience sang along with great gusto. The vibe was incredible from beginning to end.  The show was pure brilliance, encapsulating every ounce of  a stage production.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to see this incredible production, do it soon!

Tickets are available via Computicket or at Computicket.com. Alternatively you can book through the Fugard Theatre Box office by calling +27 (0) 21 461 4554. Ticket prices are R90p/p, R130p/p, R170p/p or R210p/p, depending on where you’re seated and on which day you book. The show starts at 8pm on Tuesdays through Fridays and at 4pm and 8pm on Saturdays. Rocky Horror Show is not suitable for children under the age of 16.

Here are all the incredible people who made the production come to life :

  • Paul du Toit-Brad
  • Jenny Stead-Janet
  • Brendan van RhynFrank-N-Furter
  • Andrew Laubscher-Riff Raff
  • Daneel van der Walt-Magenta
  • Dominque Maher-Columbia
  • Pierre van Heerden-Eddie / Dr. Scott
  • Adrian Galley-The Narrator
  • Shaun Smit-Rocky
  • Angela Inglis-Usherette, Janet Understudy, Phantom
  • Jenna Robinson -ChildPhantom, Columbia Understudy
  • Tarquinn Whitebooi-Phantom, Understudy
  • Emile Doubell-Phantom, Understudy
  • Jemma Shankland-Phantom, Usherette Understudy
  • Alexander Tops-Brad Understudy
  • Stefan Lombard-Musical Director, First Keyboard
  • Roelof Colyn-Assistant Musical Director, Second Keyboard
  • Kate Borthwick-Second Keyboard
  • Alessandro Batazzi-Guitar
  • Justin Maree-Bass
  • Simon ackerman-Saxophone
  • Basil Raad-Saxophone
  • Zeke Le Grange-Saxophone
  • Rob Ogilvie-Drums

  Creative

  • Matthew Wild-Director
  • Charl-Johan Lingenfelder-Musical Supervisor
  • Stefan -LombardMusical Director
  • Louisa Talbot-Choreography
  • Tina Driedijk-Set Designer
  • Penny Simpson-Costume Designer
  • Daniel Galloway-Lighting Designer
  • Associate Lighting-DesignerBen du Plessis
  • Aki Khan-Sound Designer
  • Alexander -TopsResident Director
  • Gerard Morkel-Set Construction
  • Anwar McWhite-Video, Mapping and Animation
  • James Cooke-Graphic Designer
  • Jesse Kramer-Photography
  • Guilma Stander-Makeup Consultant
  • Yolandi van Jaarsveld-Scenic Painter
  • Mark McKeown-Additional Props
  • Gabiba Isaacs-Wardrobe & Wigs
  • Souda Nasiep-Wardrobe & Wigs
  • Effendi Davids-Wardrobe & Wigs
  • David Claasen-For Eastern Acoustics
  • Melissa George-For Eastern Acoustics
  • Lucien Ward-For Eastern Acoustics
  • Johan Griesel-For Eastern Acoustics
  • Johann Kupferburger-Production Manager
  • Ben du Plessis-Resident Stage Manager
  • Henco Lotter-Stage Manager
  • Kirstin van As-Assistant Stage Manager
  • Heine van As-Assistant Stage Manager
  • Clynt Hlubi-Assistant Technical Stage Manager
  • Achmat Khroodien-Techical Assistant
  • Koos Marais-Curtains & Wardrobe Maintanence
  • Suné du Plessis-Dresser
  • Allison Foat -(DIVA PR)Publicity

2 thoughts on “‘The Rocky Horror Show ‘ at The Fugard Theatre Cape Town

    • Rian I don’t really enjoy theatre but this is incredible. I am going for the 3rd time in early September and possibly in October. A ‘must see’ show!! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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