Music Against Cruelty ~ Beauty Without Cruelty Event

ImageI was looking forward to Saturday night, the 9 November 2013, as there was a big event planned in aid of Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) at the Italian Club just outside Cape Town, and a couple of bands were going to entertain us for the evening.  Upon learning what BWC was all about, the bands sponsored their services for the evening.  I think this is most admirable, considering how much planning and timing go into pulling off an event such as this.  A little background about BWC – they are primarily an educational organization promoting the rights of animals. While they do not have ‘hands-on’ projects,  their main mission is to educate and inform the public about the suffering of animals in vivisection/cosmetic testing, factory farming and wildlife exploitation (fur and ivory trade, porcupine quills, killing of so-called ‘problem’ animals etc,) and much more.  Read more on their website –  If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, the bank details are: Standard Bank, Savings Acc: 077 491 645, Branch: 025109.

I had never been to the Italian Club and was pleasantly surprised at what a lovely venue it is despite it being such a large venue.  Upon arriving I was welcomed warmly by the hosts of the evening.  A little bit about the venue – it is suitable for weddings, beauty pageants, birthday parties, sports events and more. Image  The Club’s restaurant is a traditional Italian Restaurant. Italian food is what they’re known best for, with their scrumptious fresh pizza made in a genuine wood-fired pizza oven.  The Italian Club is geared up for children and there is a special children’s room with games and activities. Find out more about them here:

BWC had arranged a delicious vegan meal ranging from salad to stir fry vegetables and a lovely crumbed patty.  Let us not forget about the spinach cannelloni, one word comes to mind ‘yummy’. Desert was a delicious medley of fruit with sorbet.  The waiters on duty were friendly and catered to our every need.  Looking around me I could see that people were excited, happy and in the party mood, which added to the vibe of the evening.

The MC for the evening was the beautiful Samantha Laura Kaye, well known actress and model,  who did an amazing job. To see her portfolio visit her website:

The band Big Exit were first to take the stage. The band comprises of  Joshua Grierson- Vocals/Guitars/Song Writing/Arrangements ,Nicolai Roos – Guitars/Sounds/Arrangements, Adir Levi – Guitars/Arrangements, Morgan Kennedy – Percussion/Drums/Arrangements.  Each member can boast years of experience in the music industry.  Their talent did not go unnoticed and they truly kicked the evening off.  Some people couldn’t wait to get up and dance and when their last song ended, the party had just begun.  BIG EXIT BW2The music washed over us like a giant wave, bringing energy and taking you along for the ride.

What incredible artists they are, with each artist bringing their own gift on stage. Words like intoxicating and hypnotic come to mind.   To me Big Exit’s style is reminiscent  of the 80’s, and some big rock bands come to mind, but I wouldn’t like to compare them to any of these,  as they have a fresh, new and energetic sound unique to any other.  The party was officially in full swing, and the evening had just kicked off with a bang. There is an album in the making, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the first available copy.  If you would like to find out more, check out their links:

IMG_5445WE SET SAIL  is a local Cape Town band formed in 2009. Their genre of music is ‘Cinematic Instrumental Rock’. Upon listening to them I was pleasantly surprised at the instrumental talent of each member.  They fit together like a puzzle, each bringing their own unique style and musical interpretation.  They truly live up to their name, and their music makes you feel as if you’re setting sail for an unknown destination.  I heard people whisper, ‘I’m really enjoying these guys’. The band comprises of:  Marné Gelderbloem – Guitar & Bass, Richard Brunyee – Keys and Synth, Joao Luis, Lanca Henriques – Guitar & Bass, Breda Weise – Drums.  Check them out here –

MISSION MEN NEWAndy Lund and The Mission Men were up next and having heard Andy Lund as a solo artist, I was curious to see what he would be like in a band.

The band consists of Andy Lund – Vocals / Guitar Sean Ou Tim – Bass/Piano/Vocals Adam Hill – Electric Guitar/ Lapsteel, Werner Von Waltsleben – Drums. ANDYAndy is known for his country style genre.  The band brings a lovely blend of country and rock with a touch of blues.  Andy has a rich history of music stemming back to his family. Watching them in action, I picked up on the connection the guys have with one another.  Andy Lund & The Mission Men have launched their second album – Faster We Run. To quote Andy on the album name – ‘The name is taken from a song on the album, which is about how none of this (life) is real. None of the pain, none of the stress, none of the sadness, none of the craziness but still, faster we run. The title just kind of summed up the feeling and mood of the album’.   Be sure to check them out here:

Taxi Violence was the next band to take to the stage.  I spotted a group of young, loyal supporters, that started giggling at the table next to ours, and I realized their excitement was mounting. Taxi Violence has been on many lips throughout SA since the Rock/Indie band formed in 2006. Since their inception, Taxi Violence has gone on to rock every venue SA.  BW EDTTaxi Violence has been featured at every major festival in South Africa, and to crown that, they have taken their live shows abroad.  Members – George van der Spuy (vocals); Louis Nel (drums); Rian Zietsman (guitar); Jason Ling (bass) and acompanied by Nic Roos (acoustic guitar).  Their new album – ‘Soul Shake’ is now available for purchase. Check out their website on –

JOSHIE2Joshua  Grierson offered to finish the night off with a lovely solo acoustic set.  Joshua’s genre includes Folk/Blues/Rock/Pop.   The evening was slowly coming to an end, and everyone was winding down.  Listening and watching Joshua on stage, I was reminded of a magician with a bag of tricks.  A magic show is all about illusion, but here was someone who brought his own kind of magic, rather truth.  Joshua’s music is not an illusion, but very real! His music has the power to move you to your very core, in a raw emotional way.  His honest lyrics send a message directly to your soul.  Magic is the wrong word when pondering his music.  Better words to use would be spiritual, deep and phenomenal.

A person comes away contemplating the deeper aspects of life ~ Love, death, and relationships.  His music speaks tells a story about broken people and a broken world, which is the reality we live in.  JOSHIEJoshua truly has the gift of storytelling and he displays it physically in every sense of the word.  He is sincere and honesty is what his music is all about.  A person is never left untouched after attending one of his shows. A quote I read about Joshua ~ ‘The sweat rolls down his brow, his entire body aches and weaves with some internal, now exposed dance his fingers are rattling on his fret board like scattered bones on the sand, and the feet connected to his rubber legs, are stomping a new hole in the stage’ .   Joshua’s guitar is an extension of himself- they become one, which just adds to the brilliance of his music  ~ this is Joshua Grierson!  Joshua has also just released his brand new double-disc album, ‘Joshua Grierson And Friends’ recorded live at The Alma Cafe, which is available on : To find out more check out his links below:

The dedication and passion of all involved in bringing it all together so beautifully must be commended. What an absolute delight to behold it unfolding before my very eyes!  Our country is blessed with some of the finest artists in the world.   I hope this event will become a yearly tradition and I will be first in line to purchase my ticket.


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