Love is…Casa Labia Museum

The Casa Labia Museum hosted an event on Saturday 16 November 2013, and I had the absolute privilege to attend this show featuring Karen Wilson Harris.  Karen is a Soprano who studied music and has a classical background.

Karen was going to sing some light classical music and the event was labeled as ‘Love Is…’.

I had previously been to one of her performances and knew that everyone was in for the most incredible afternoon. IMG_5606_1If angels could sing, I imagine they would sound like Karen!

Karen takes her voice to places that you never thought were possible, and listening to her, I once again realized what a rare and beautiful gift she has been blest with.

Karen has perfect control over her voice and breathing, and her voice is smooth and uplifting. It carries you away like a beautiful white fluffy cloud,high up in the sky.

labia 2Upon arrival at this breathtaking building, which was built in 1929 to reflect the spirit of 18th century Venice,  I was left literally speechless.  Having loved and dreamt about the city of Venice as long as I can remember, I was intrigued by this place.

Known as ~ the ‘floating city’, Venice has always held my fascination and interest.  Over the years I have fondly gazed upon images and longed to visit this romantic city.  Memories of childhood, listening to fairytales of princes and princesses come to mind when thinking of this city of love.

So, upon entering the Casa Labia Museum, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my dream and memories were awakened and it felt like I was walking into a true life fairytale!


According to history, the Casa Labia Museum is the former Muizenberg residence of Count and Countess Natale Labia. The Casa Labia Museum was re-opened to the public on 5 May 2010 after a complete two-year restoration by the family.  It is known as South Africa’s most exquisite multi-functional cultural centre and is available for hire as an up-market venue.

Casa Labia Museum is home to a contemporary South African art gallery, the newly launched afro-chic CasBah Design Boutique, as well as a celebrated Italian café. Find out more on their website:

Upon entering I saw people sitting at beautiful tables, enjoying a lovely lunch, or tea and scones and my mind took me back in time to yesteryear.  Voices echoed around the room in soft whispers and gentle laughter flowed around me.  Beautiful paintings grace the walls, lovely statues and antique furniture invite you in.

IMG_5653_1IMG_5600_1All of a sudden I saw people leave their tables and move towards the inner room, where the scenario was set to tell the story of music.  Karen and her lovely accompaniment Helen Broekmann on piano, were ready to begin, and suddenly the room was alive with music that pulled at the heartstrings and transported us into a scene out of Camelot, King Arthur and The King And I.

Karen does not just have the ability to sing, but also to act out the part.  The music glued us to our seats and Karen took us on a journey of love, romance and beauty with her lovely collection of love songs.


These were the songs that Karen sang:

She moved through the fair – Irish folk song/ My heart is like a singing bird – Hubert Parry
Out of my dreams – Oklahoma / If I love you – Carousel

Simple Joys of Maidenhood – Camelot / Before I gaze – Camelot
IMG_5614_edited-1Lord and Master – The Kind and I /So deep is the night – Chopin

Solvejg’s Song – Grieg/Laughing Song – Die Fledermaus
Quando me’n vo – La Boheme/Vilia – The Merry Widow/O mio babbino – Gianni Schicch/The Physician – Cole Porter


IMG_5673Karen truly lived herself into each and every song and we lapped up every single moment.  The people ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ and clapped.

What a truly beautiful afternoon was had by all, in a captivating setting which created the ambience of the day.  IMG_5648

I can highly recommend the Casa Labia Museum for your events and functions.

I know that I will be returning soon, if not for an afternoon of music, then for the pure pleasure of feasting my eyes on the beauty that is The Casa Labia Museum.


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