IMG_5703 5886editOn Sunday the 24 November 2013 I attended the ‘Side By Side’ gig of Laurie Levine & Josie Field at Studio 7 in Seapoint.  I had heard from a close friend that these two were on tour in Cape Town, and I couldn’t resist meeting up with her to see what this dynamic duo were about.

Seapoint  has a vibe all of its own and the place seems to come alive at night with lots of street cafés and restaurants  filled to overflowing with people.

Studio 7 has a homely feel about it and warm wooden floors and comfy couches complete the picture.  We had a good hour before the show kicked off and friends chatted excitedly all around us.  Studio 7 is perfectly set up for a show of this nature.  Some of the top artists in the country are featured on the ‘wall of fame’ ~ Natasha Meister , Amanda Tiffen,  Dave Ledbetter, Freshlyground, Aking, Prime Circle and Dan Patlansky just to mention a few.

5818 edit laurie To quote the Cape Times on Studio 7 ~ “This must be the greatest best kept secret in Cape Town. By far the most incredible way to watch live music… this is how music was meant to be listened to …”

At 8.15, drinks in hand, we all settled down as Laurie and Josie took to the stage.

From beginning to end they were sensational.  Laurie’s gentle, melodic, voice has such a unique and beautiful quality that soothes and caresses the heart like a soft silky feather.  On the other hand Josie’s deep, powerful, voice is rich and warm and lights a fire in your heart. Like the sun and the moon, Laurie & Josie’s voices together, bring their own kind of light.  From folk to blues to soul, a perfect combo! To add to the ‘completeness’ of their unique act, Laurie & Josie used various instruments including guitar, banjo, ukulele.

JOSIELaurie & Josie together made me feel like I had stepped back to a place in time where people would gather to sing spiritual songs and hearts would unite to bring a feeling of community.

Upon leaving, I gladly purchased my copy of ‘Side By Side’, as I wanted to listen and experience it all again…over and over. The songs on the album are deep, sincere and tug at the heart strings and the lyrics are real and honest.  I can highly recommend it!To sum up the evening I would say it was truly an intimate night of music and everyone present was touched by the beauty that is Laurie Levine & Josie Field. The old saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ most definitely applies to these two.

If you would like to find out more here are the links:


Laurie Levine & Josie Field – Side By Side Show

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