The Acoustic Kings at &Union

When a friend and I heard that Justin Serrao, David van Vuuren and Jed James , namely ‘The Acoustic Kings’ were bound for Cape Town we were like two eager beavers, literally counting the minutes to their arrival. To add to the fun another close friend decided to join us for the evening.

&UnionOn Tuesday the 26 November, 2013 we set off for &Union – a lovely little pub come restaurant, with burgers that make your mouth water. & Union’s beer is brewed by craftsmen concerned with purity and selection of fine traditional malt ingredients.  So well worth the visit, even just for a pint!

The draw card however is the fact that they host artists and the lovely outdoor venue is suitably set up for this, with a spacious area to accommodate several people.  The venue has a good flow from the pub to the outdoor area.  The staff is friendly and efficient.

JUSTIN2 Justin Serrao kicked off the evening with a bang.  Justin’s genre is contemporary folk/country.  A little background on Justin ~ his debut album “Touching Toes Without Clothes” has become one of my treasured possessions and watching him sing these songs on stage just make them come alive.   Justin has such an expressive personality and the music comes alive in his eyes.JUSTIN1

You can see that music is his passion and his life.

IMG_6067Fervency and zeal are two words that are synonymous with Justin.  He works incredibly hard and is very active on social media; always promoting and arranging gigs.  Justin is concerned for his fellow artists and does this, not purely for his own benefit, but also for the benefit of his brothers.  This is just who Justin Serrao is! Find out more about Justin here:,

JED1Next up was Jed James.  Jason Paul accompanied Jed on guitar.  Doing a little background search on Jed I found that he went to London at the age of 18, fresh out of school, where he grabbed the opportunity to record an EP and work with Nemesis.  He worked as a session guitarist for 18 months and this gave him the experience he sought to start his own solo project.  Jed believes that music needs a shake-up, a revolution.  He entered the studio with the producer “Nemesis” to record a demo EP that includes the tracks “Believe It” and “Gasoline” but went on to write and record more than an albums worth of songs. To quote Jed ‘People have said Rock n Roll is dying, but the time has come to revive and create a new form of Rock. Tech-Rock is the hybrid of the future’.  Sitting there listening to Jed and Jason I realized again how amazingly blessed we are to have such fine musicians living in S.A.

A close friend turned to me during their performance and said to me ‘I am really enjoying these guys’.  JED2

They rocked the &Union. To find out more, here are the links:, Take a listen to their beautiful tunes here:

Last but not least, was David van Vuuren. 

DAVIDaWhat can I say about David – humble, sincere and a personality that can only be described as charismatic. Whenever David sees you he displays his happiness for all to see. He always makes time for a chat! David cares about people and this is reflected in his music and probably sums up why his music is so special. Having watched David perform on many occasions over the past couple of years, all I could think watching him now, was WOW! David has an ‘independent style’ that is uniquely David van Vuuren. David’s voice has matured and he has grown incredibly as an artist.  David’s new album ‘The Raging Sea’ is due for release in the not too distant future.  Listening to these songs, which can only be described as deep, personal and meaningful, I was once again moved emotionally.


David has a way of tugging at your heart, but not only does your heart feel, your whole soul is stirred and shakenLike a cup filled to overflowing, David’s music fills every fiber of your being.

David’s song, ‘The Raging Sea’, is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. His music makes you reflect on what’s important about this world -relationships, love and life.

I thought to share a little word from one of David’s biggest fans: Chantal McCreadie ~~ ’Wow, where do I start. To say I absolutely adore David Van Vuuren would be an understatement. I love the passion that just flows out of him when he sings. My idea of music has completely changed since meeting David. I used to just listen to music, but now I actually listen to the words and the meaning behind it. I have met so many amazing people through my DVV journey, and I cannot imagine my life without them. I will always follow David and his music, no matter where it takes me. To me, he is such a passionate, mesmerizing performer, I just know he is going to reach new heights and touch people’s lives, like he has mine.’

david8People never leave the same after experiencing David van Vuuren. Here are his links:,

These guys hit Cape Town like a storm and what a storm!

JEDJAMESDAVIDJUSTINThe comradeship between them is a gift.

I hope they get to take this tour countrywide, because it is something the whole of S.A. should get to see, feel and experience. Thank you for bringing your music to our beautiful city!


One thought on “The Acoustic Kings at &Union

  1. Where do I start? I have the honor of being part of this journey and unless you experience DVV live you will not understand and you certainly won’t get what he is all about. To me he is a soul provider, soul interpreter if you will. As musicians there seems to be a great synergy and brotherhood, all down to earth and oozing with passion for what they do. This transcribes over and over and over again. David, Justin and Jed James Rock Cape Town!!! WAIT!!! I believe you already have.


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