The Acoustic Kings at Stoep and Swing

Friday night the 29 November 2013, The Acoustic Kings were bound for Stoep and Swing, our local pub and restaurant, situate in Glencairn, Simonstown. 

The Stoep and Swing is a cozy little hangout where locals come together for dinner, drinks and live music.  So if you’re looking for a place to hangout, look no further then the Stoep and Swing.  Not only does the Stoep have a good vibe, choice of food & drinks, but some of the best music artists in S.A. have performed here.

Stoep has a lovely balcony with tables overlooking the sea for those who arrive early and want to enjoy the stunning view.  Occasionally during whale season, you may be lucky enough to spot one or two in the bay!

Upon arriving I walked in and I was once again reminded how welcome I feel when visiting the Stoep.

It was a beautiful night and I thought, not only am I enjoying the company of friends, but I’m getting to enjoy these guys all over again. The minute we walked through the door David came to greet us with a warm hug and we all gathered together around the stage waiting for the show to begin.

DAVID53First up was none other than David van Vuuren himself.  After having seen David perform earlier the week I knew what to expect.  You see, there are a couple of us that have followed him on Facebook for a couple of years now, ever since his Idols journey.  Call us  crazy if you like, but we don’t want to miss a single show, and that’s how David has touched us with his music. One thing I know about David, is that he has always just wanted to make his own music, not something that was forced upon him. Music has to be felt deep in the soul, otherwise it is meaningless and without purpose.  For David, Idols was merely a stepping stone for greater things, and he has gone from strength to strength. David has always had music living in his soul, just waiting to be shared with the world. Every song that David has written has come straight from his heart and he believes in real music. Not only does he have a powerful voice, but his guitar playing leaves you breathless.

Every word that comes out of his mouth penetrates your heart and soul and you feel what he is feeling…the connection is tangible. 

Not only does he get his music across in a powerful way, but his sincerity is felt.  With the passion he possesses for his music, the world is his oyster. Here is a you tube link to one of David’s own songs:

You Will Leave A Mark  –

JEDJAMESNext up was Jed James and Jason Paul.  What a dynamic team they make.  Since seeing them earlier the week, I’ve been listening to their music on various sites. Jed has a strong voice that has a rock-edge. His music is described as Tech-Rock and having experienced rock bands in the 1970-1980’s I felt like I had been transported back in time. People around me were energized and just wanted to dance, and they did! These guys are no average duo; their sound is explosive to say the least. Jimmy Hendrix step aside, here comes Jed James –

A video of the song ’Home’ that was recorded at home –

The Stoep was rocking, and rock ‘n roll never sounded so good.

DAVID13Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Justin Serrao do his set at the end, but having watched Justin on numerous occasions I knew the audience would lap him up, as always.  A close friend stayed until the end and said that Justin was amazing and they just couldn’t get enough. Justin has a heart of gold, just like his song! Check out his video here:

Here is his official video :

If you would like to read more about the artists visit to Cape Town, here is the link:

Thanks guys for bringing your music not only to Cape Town but to our valley!


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