ImageSaturday 28 December 2013 couldn’t come fast enough for me and my friends.  The ‘Farmhouse Rocks’ (Cape Farmhouse) was officially opening for the summer season and they were kicking off with Guy Collins of Mean Black Mamba fame and The Suitcase Hearts.

It was my first visit to the Farmhouse and what a pleasant surprise awaited us.

PIC 9 FANSunshine completed a picture perfect setting with the mountain on the right and big shady trees on the left.  People surrounded the venue – all enjoying the beauty of the day. The menu includes scrumptious burgers and pizzas freshly made on the spot and there is a licensed bar available.

Earlier this year at the Baxter Theatre,  while watching the Cape Town Folk Festival, a  man suddenly walked onto the stage, it was Guy Collins.  From the moment he started singing and playing the banjo, his music touched me to the core.  His music made me think of ‘Skip James’ and the like.  Guy Collins has a voice which captures the essence of blues and his style has a rhythmically vibrant feel to it.   Not only does his voice live long in your memory, but his guitar playing leaves you wanting more.  Shortly after this I established that Guy is in a band called ‘Mean Black Mamba’.

ImageCopy of IMAGE4Upon hearing that Guy would be at the Cape Farmhouse, I decided it was time to yet again experience the ‘Blue’s guy’ – Guy Collins.  Guy’s music  infiltrates your soul, but it doesn’t end there.

A change happens within you and it feels like both your soul and body are dancing together in unison.  Simon Orange did a great job of accompanying Guy on keyboard.

My friends and I decided to go and chat to Guy after his performance, and I officially met the man behind the music, who is genuine and such a down to earth person.  I purchased the new CD by ‘Mean Black Mamba’ – music that lives up to its name.

It literally feels like the music slithers and crawls through your body – an internal shaking takes place  reaching each and every part of you. This is the music of ‘Mean Black Mamba’.

ImageI have yet to see them perform as a band and I can only imagine what an experience it will be. To find out more about Mean Black Mamba, check out their Facebook site here: Music video:

Their website:

ImageNext up was The Suitcase Heart – consisting of Simon Annett; Bood Carver; Brydon Bolton; Douglas Armstrong; Ilse Lotz; Kyla-Rose Smith (Freshly Ground); Dean Pienaar – a seven-piece band.  The Suitcase Hearts are known for playing a mixture of all influences, ranging from Country to Blues, Jazz and Folk.

Officially known as a Country Dub Band, they wooed the crowd with their wonderful sound and we just couldn’t get enough of their tunes, clapping and dancing merrily and singing along to the music.


Watching people dancing all around me a feeling of lightheartedness filled me….a moment suspended in time.ImageImage


Born to entertain The Suitcase Hearts are a dynamic group.

Find out more about them here:








Sitting there surrounded by people chatting excitedly, birds chirping high in the trees, and children playing gaily all around, a feeling of community was evident.

We left with a feeling of euphoria and at times like these I’m so thankful to be alive.


The experience of what the afternoon encapsulated – sweet beautiful music, friendship, food, and nature – was all a person could want, nothing more, nothing less.

I will be visiting the charm and country life i.e. the Cape Farmhouse again very soonFind out more about upcoming events on their Facebook page:


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