Joshua Grierson at The House of Machines

ImageFriday night a friend and I headed out to watch Joshua Grierson play at The House of Machines located on 84 Shortmarket St, Cape Town.  A shop featuring many a delight for the men!

Upon arriving the place welcomed us in with its rustic masculine feel.  Warm chocolate brown walls, wooden countertops, wooden sleepers on the ceilings, splashes of red and a vintage look greeted us. Geared towards men, the place sells all kinds of gadgets, ‘toys’ and personal items that appeal to the male species, ranging from invigorating body wash to clothing and the like.  The House of Machines are stockists of ‘Thom’ work wear which boasts a hardy work wear feel to their product. Another unique part of the shop features ‘La Machina’ –staff that will source, fabricate and assist in building unique bikes from the ground up.

ImageImageWhen looking around I noticed helmets on the walls and a huge wall display featuring all kinds of tools and bike parts, especially for bike enthusiasts.  The walls have beautifully framed pictures.  I noticed Steve McQueen in one and memories of watching his movies as a child came rushing back with a bittersweet longing for moments from yesteryear.  A good size bar operates like clockwork with waiters and barman serving all those needing their thirsty appetites quenched. The House Of Machines is generally a shop for the ‘manly man’.  Despite the venue/shop/bar being a place for men, (you could truly feel the male testosterone oozing out of every little corner of the room), I couldn’t help noticing how many lovely female forms occupied the place.

This hardly comes as a surprise, as what would a man’s world be without us (smiles).

ImageMy friend ordered a ‘Fitch & Leeds’ lemonade and I had the ginger ale – deliciously refreshing and very tasty.  Later in the evening we ordered two coffees.  Now this coffee needs a special mention.  I not only love coffee, I I LOVE coffee, but this coffee brand is one of the best I have ever tasted…rich, creamy and darkly roasted, just the way I like it.  If anything, I would certainly pay the place a visit again purely to experience the taste of the ‘Evil Twin’ 100% certified organic Arabica beans, roasted in Spain. Grown in the rich fertile soils of Honduras, Evil Twin beans are sourced from a single estate, where they are shade-grown, free from any of the pesticides, chemically-drenched fertilizers or crap that might find its way into your cup. So if you are in the area and wanting for a decent coffee, be sure to pop right in.

ImageImageThe reason for the evening had arrived!  People eagerly turned their eyes to Joshua as he took to the stage.  Joshua had been invited to play and sing for the month of January 2014.  The last 2 years I’ve counted it a privilege and honour to watch Joshua play on several occasions at various venues in and around Cape Town.  I am left speechless after each of his shows, coming away feeling richer for the experience.  He has been around for many years and has performed at all the major music festivals including Synergy last year.

The man has so much energy, passion and love for his art.

ImageI do not use this word lightly, as art is a gift bestowed upon just a few privileged enough to be born with it.  This gift is an expression of creativity and imagination which comes to life. It is visual and upon witnessing has the capacity to move you with its beauty.  It possesses an emotional power that sets your heart on fire.  Joshua Grierson embodies all of this, as he works his art on that stage.  To me it’s like looking at a blank canvas and watching an artist pick up his brush and add colour, shape and form to what was a blank canvas – molding and shaping it into a masterpiece!  A work of brilliance and passion for all those that want to see and feel.  Joshua’s deep, powerful lyrics stir and wow you from the moment he begins until the very end. Lauren Fowler took to the stage to accompany him with his song ‘Papa’s Got A House’ – goosebumps literally. Image

A special mention must be made to Wesley Reyneke on background percussion.

IMG_7866The evening sadly drew to a close. The people had danced, cheered and clapped loudly throughout the evening (no wonder).  I hope to see Joshua perform again at The House Of Machines as he seemed to just complete the picture, if you know what I mean.  Joshua released his double-disc live CD at a live show at Alma Café last year – a night that came alive.  It is available for purchase on – take a listen. If you would like to find out more about Joshua and catch him at a venue close to you, check out his Facebook page here:  Soundcloud:


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