ImageOn Saturday,  22 February 2014 a friend and I decided to head out to watch Mean Black Mamba at one of the most picturesque outdoor venues  in the Scarborough area, namely the Cape Farmhouse.  Not only is it a visual delight but the Farmhouse features music events every Saturday. Sheltered under the oaks on this 250-year- old- farmhouse, there is fresh air, endless space and great food.  Find out more on their Facebook page:  It is a place where friends gather, break bread and enjoy a couple of drinks together.  Sitting back and taking in the beauty of nature, the rugged landscape, basking in the sunshine, while some of South Africa’s finest artists entertain you – it makes you feel revived and refreshed.  I personally am thrilled that I found this little piece of heaven on earth. This day was no exception to what their events are about.  From the moment Guy Collins and James van Minnen took to the ‘Farmhouse Rock Stagethe community was enthralled.

Music has the ability to take you on a journey- to a  place, it can awaken a dream in your soul, feelings of happiness, even sadness and deep reflection are evoked, as the words of the story/stories unfold.  The music can make your mind come alive and your heart beat faster.

ImageLetting my eyes rest on the little children running around in circles pretending to fly, any doubts I had were extinguished by the simplicity of a child’s heart to feel.  As Guy and James did what they do best, people everywhere gathered on the dance floor and swayed to the sounds that Mean Black Mamba are renowned for. To quote:

“ Mean Black Mamba: Raw foot stomping roots music that grooves your body and soul. Words of humor and hope sliding between writhing riffs and the insistent thump of a cowhide drum. This is afro swamp gospel, this is blues n’ roll. Gritty & hard hitting, the music winds you off the floor and twists you to your feet. Fresh. Cosmic delta juju. Like its name-snake, mean with a smile on its face.”


I remember hearing Guy Collin’s for the very first time at the Cape Town Folk Festival held at the Baxter Theatre.

Turning to my friend I said: ‘this man touches my soul – I feel a connection’.

NO26 I had never before heard James van Minnen and today I witnessed a man that has a way of sending out a message, it was like a healing effect, but at the same time a feeling of union of spirit was evident among the people.  His drumming had the ability to make you come alive both in body and spirit.


What always touches my heart is to see families enjoying music together.  From young to old, from mother to daughter, and father to son, it is a beautiful thing to behold.  Take time to let music grip your soul and make it come alive.

To find out more about Mean Black Mamba, check out their Facebook page:

Watch one of their Youtube videos: –

If you would like to listen to more, click on this link:


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