Review of the album ‘Truth Sessions’ by Natalie Chapman

Upon hearing about Natalie Chapman from a friend I was itching to watch her perform, unfortunately I never had the privilege, but am now more than ever looking forward to watching her!


You see, Natalie decided to embark on an adventure which would involve Kwanele and Epic Foundation in her endeavour to visit 90 towns, in 90 days, performing 90 gigs and hosting talks across South Africa, raising awareness for and bringing a voice to the millions of victims of violent crime in South Africa. The journey will be documented via online streaming, filming, traditional media and through social networking. One woman takes to the road for such a worthy cause that she believes in.

Just a little background on Natalie (there is just too much to put into words here) – born in Cape Town, Natalie started her life as a performer when barely three and went on to pursue Musical Theatre when just eight. Majors in Dance, Drama and Singing at the Waterfront Theatre School followed and today she is Trinity College of London Speech and Drama Teacher, for good measure. Go visit her website to find out her life story ~

Here is a little video to tickle your tastebuds:

I have such incredible friends and I was presented with her album as a gift from a music loving friend, isn’t that special? But not only was it the album–but a personally signed copy with a lovely little message written on the cover: ‘Rene, let the music move you! Natalie’, and that it sure has!



Since I received it a couple of days ago I have been listening non-stop to her voice.  Natalie has a beautiful natural, free flowing feel to her voice which soothes the soul, it has a rich country and bluesy feel that washes over you. The album speaks of lost love, getting back up and not letting life defeat you despite all the ups and downs.

The stories are about life lessons and heartache, feelings and emotions that run deep. Hurt and disappointment, but despite this, it still speaks of hope and desire.


Featured on the album are musicians Karen Zoid, Dan Patlansky, Graeme Currie, Albert Frost, Henry Steel, Raoul Roux, Johnny Late, Emile Swiegers, Andy Maritz, Wynand Davel, Sean V, Stephen Alken and more.

All in all a perfect album for those cold wintry nights by the fire with a good bottle of wine – her music warms the soul and tugs at the heartstrings.

So no surprise that Natalie Chapman is the true artist she is.  Get out there and purchase a copy of this album – Natalie Chapman is bound to enchant you from beginning to end.  Find out more about Natalie on her website –


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