Constantia Waldorf Market


Saturday was the perfect day for a day in the sun surrounded by trees and a view of the mountain. The leafy suburb of Constantia is so picturesque and fitted the mood of the day, with the beautiful old trees that seemed to welcome you in. Situate on a 15 acre property in Spaanschematriver Road, Constantia.

Waldorf is a school that aims to provide a modern form of education that is meaningful for the child in these times.

The teacher strives to keep alive in a pupil the interest and sense of wonder with which he or she enters school. Upon arriving on the land all I could think was, what a beautiful setting for a school and any kid would thrive in such an environment. To read more about Waldorf and what they’re about follow the link:

The market delivered everything that it set out to do. Tables were set up all around the grounds. My friends and I sat sipping our tea and coffee and eating delicious dainties handmade by some of the pupils. There was a lovely indoor market featuring many handcrafted items, secondhand clothing, delicious treats for the taste buds and much more. My favourite treat of the day was the tasty ‘chilly bites’ – big yum.




Entertainment was definitely on offer for everyone – from the young to the not so young.  To watch the children enjoying the merry-go-round swings and the like, made me think of my own childhood. Delighted faces could be seen all round.
At the main tent performers were lined up all day to entertain those who enjoy ‘live’ music. We wandered over to see who would be performing.

ImageOther performers had already taken to the stage and next up was Jamie Jupiter. What a versatile artist he is! Jamie never ceases to bring a smile. A solo performer who usually uses an array of ‘rootsy’ percussion and indigenous instruments with guitar and bass, Jamie creates a sound that is both modern and authentic. I had previously had the opportunity of watching Jamie play and sing and fondly remember his unique style and touch of humour.
Jamie’s music has a rich African vibe about it and bright colours come to mind, as his music gives one a feeling of a warm fire burning bright on a dark night.

There is so much more to Jamie as a person, which I discovered upon doing some research. Jamie has actively involved himself with Drumcafe in Johannesburg facilitating up to 800 people in interactive musical experiences at schools as well 100′s of social events. Wherever he seems to go, he seems to touch hearts with his unique harmonies and Jamie uplifts spirits.
To find out more about him check out his Facebook page:

ImageMILESWP3Next up was Miles Sievwright – someone who I had hoped to see for some time and now here I was watching him sing and play his guitar. Mile’s has a true folk heart which comes across immediately upon listening to him. All I could think sitting there, was this is music for the people. I felt like a child that had escaped this world and entered a fairytale where princes, princesses and castles exist – a moment suspended in time. Miles comes across as a man who is deeply in tune with nature. As the music enveloped us, it seemed to become one with our surroundings.

The trees and the mountains and the natural beauty all around us seemed to echo the beauty of his music.

If a person is feeling down, I’m sure after listening to Miles a feeling of euphoria would be felt. To find out more about Miles Sievwright, check out his facebook page: or listen to him here:

ImageNik Rabinowitz was certainly a great highlight to the market goers with his witty ways. What made it special was the fact that Nik had attended Waldorf through his childhood years and listening to him regale old stories from the past and all his fondest memories of school life, made it real. Nik was in top form and tears were literally streaming down my face and I’m sure many others. The children edged forward as close as they could and were just as delighted by the fun that comes with who Nik Rabinowitz is.

Unfortunately the day came to an end far too early for me.  The fresh air, the gentle breeze and the beauty encapsulated by every little nuance made me want to stay for hours.  I look forward to the next one with great anticipation.


2 thoughts on “Constantia Waldorf Market

  1. Awesome event and so accommodating. We had booked an outdoor stand and upon arriving were told we were in the hall…. Not to worry said Kirk. give me 5 minutes. True to his word. 5 minutes later we were setting up outside for a great day’s trade. Thanks for a great day!


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