Earlier in the week I was listening to my all time favourite radio show, namely The Rising Gold and heard that Stone Jets were going to be interviewed and play a couple of tunes. I was left breathless with what I heard and they announced their upcoming show at The Waiting Room. I am a believer of kismet moments in life and this certainly was one of them. I decided that a visit to the Waiting Room was in order. I was excited to see what Tuesday evening had in store. The Swifts were also lined up to perform for the evening. It was very much a collaboration of sorts between the two bands.

ImageIf you haven’t experienced the ‘lively’ venue of The Waiting Room you have been missing out! On a couple of occasions I’ve been to watch artists perform and the acoustic sound is tops. The Waiting Room has a lovely homely feel to it – a vintage and modern touch is felt when glancing around the room, from the couches to the chairs and cushions spread out around the room. I always feel as if I’ve stepped back in time – to a place from the past where music featured regularly and the walls literally reach out and touch you with music. No small wonder, as music is a regular occurrence at The Waiting Room!



The Waiting Room’s view

There is a well equipped bar to quench all your thirsty needs.

For those that enjoy a touch of night air, the roof deck is perfect!   Check out their Facebook page for information regarding all their upcoming events:

Downstairs you find the amazing Royale Eatery famous for their home cooked burgers that come in all varieties and flavours. Their menu boasts a whole range of different delights. I can highly recommend the Mexican Burger, that’s if you enjoy ‘hot’.


Well the time had come…camera, lights, action….Stone Jets, ready, set, go! They say first impressions count and from beginning to end I was super impressed. Given Nkanyane has a voice that can only be described as endearing, fun, touching, natural, engaging….the list goes on. Given’s voice has a warm quality that cannot help but creep into one’s heart. Image

There is a certain place that comes from deep within Given and this is what touches you to the core. I was curious to find out how long he had been singing and when asked was told that it has been a mere two years! What a rare and God-given (‘Given’ : smiles) talent he has been blessed with!

Copy of MANManfred Klose, Given’s right hand man does back-up vocals and plays guitar as well as bass and keyboards. Manfred has been playing for about 11 years and started at the tender age of 14. Manfred literally became addicted to making his dream come true. Image

Hardly doing any school work, and practicing 4 – 6 hours a day, he obtained his Degree in Audio Eningeering. Manfred also plays a few odd instruments, and has his own recording studio. Who says dreams don’t come true! All in all Stone Jets are a talented duo to watch out for.

To quote the Stone Jets: ‘Together, we form an Acoustic Folk Rock style that has its tonal fingers in a lot of pies… However, one thing is certain, our live performances are a sight to see and a sound to be consumed by’. Truer words have never been spoken!


Stone Jets


The album – Stone Jets – River

After listening to their beautiful music I had to get me a copy of their EP – RIVER. Their EP features Under your Spell, Borderline, River, Tell Me (sung in 3 languages. English, Zulu and Sotho. Although the Sotho is a mixture of South and Northern Sotho it can be called Sotho) and last, but not least You’re Gone. My personal favourites are definitely ‘Under Your Spell’ and because of the diversity and pure brilliance of the song – Tell Me. All in all their music lifts your spirits and leaves you craving more. These guys deserve to be on all national playlists! To find out more about Stone Jets, go check them out on their various websites:

To listen to them:

After a little break of refreshing our drinks and catching a lovely breeze on the beautiful deck outside, it was time for The Swifts to take the stage.


This trio has a tangible connection which comes across in their music.

Their harmonies and moderation is superb. ImageDerek Leisegang has the type of voice that one can listen to for hours. The Swift’s music has a soothing quality that touches you like a soft floating cloud and the silver lining to this cloud is most certainly their lyrics. There is a definite pop feel to their music – some up tempo songs to some ballads were enjoyed. Image

Julian Taylor entertained us with his tales and storytelling which happened in sessions throughout the evening.  Fits of laughter were heard around the room.  He played an electric bass which was a first for me.


The drummer, Rob has one of the most engaging faces, with a smile as wide as the ocean. I could see his pure enjoyment of bonding with his band members. The unity between this trio is something to behold.

Upon leaving I purchased their album – THE SWIFTS – ‘awaywithwords’, which I just couldn’t resist, as their music is easy on the ear and the perfect music for a road trip. My favourite song on the CD has to be London Streets – a song about missing home and listening to it, I felt the sincerity of the words and I felt a connection. Their CD is beautifully illustrated – a true work of art!

All in all their music is dreamy, catchy, sincere and music to get lost in.

To find out more about The Swifts, check out their website links below:



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