Michael Lowman and Jeremy Douglas at Studio 7

DRIVELast night I drove to Seapoint along the scenic route and looking out at the view of the sea it did wonders for my mood, which was already elevated due to the events that were about to take place.

My anticipation grew with each passing minute and I excitedly drove up and parked my car.

My friend and I climbed the little steps which take you up to Studio 7.

After watching Michael Lowman at the CT Folk Festival held at Kirstenbosch Gardens I thought it a good idea to get to watch him play a couple more of his songs and what better place then Studio 7.

IMG_2152Studio 7 can only be described as a private venue which gives one the exclusive opportunity of hearing ‘live’ artists in a quiet, homely venue, where people respect the artist as a creative being and as a person. With drinks in hand everyone settled down on comfy couches or cushions and I could immediately sense a hush fill the air. I can truly say that this venue is perfect in this regard, as it is small, personal and intimate.

To quote: “This must be the greatest best kept secret in Cape Town. By far the most incredible way to watch live music… this is how music was meant to be listened to …” – Cape Times.

To find out more about Studio 7 and upcoming events, follow them on: https://www.facebook.com/Studio7Sessions


EDIT1Opening act was Jeremy Douglas who surprised everyone present.

Jeremy’s voice made me think of a fire being lit on a dark cold night– a small flame at first and upon stoking it becomes a bright burning flame – sparks shooting out into the air for all to see.

Words like, glowing, warm, incandescent, smoky came to mind, as the combination of his voice and lyrics bring a feeling of warmth to the heart.

Upon doing a little research, EDIT2aI discovered that Jeremy is part of White Collar Club which is a vocal collaboration of 8 men that came together from all over the world. I have since listened to some of their music on Soundcloud and love it. The mix of different genres coming together truly creates a beautiful and totally unique sound. Keep a keen eye on this young man as his light burns brightly and is sure to bring a warm glow wherever he goes. To find out more about Jeremy and White Collar Club here are the links: https://www.facebook.com/Jeremydouglasmusic



EDIT3Next up was Michael Lowman who needs no introduction, as his music is play-listed on all major radio stations. To me, Michael is a man of mystery, but a little of the mystery was to be revealed tonight.

Michael’s voice is as deep and wide as an ocean. My emotions were tossed to and fro, as wave upon wave swept across my heart and I’m sure every heart present.

The mood and passion with which he performed touched me.

EDIT10 Michael shared a little about his life story; that he lost his dad at a very tender age and this impacted his life deeply, to the extent that it brought about his real and very meaningful music. Michael is a young man who has wisdom beyond his years.

Michael has a good sense of humour which adds something special to the way he engages his audience.  Listening to his music and watching him, I could tell how much he loves music, especially his new love of his life ‘Diane’ (his guitar-smiles).

EDIT8BWMichael sang a couple of blues’ songs and his voice brought a feeling of melancholy and sadness, which can only be felt when listening to the ‘blues’.

Michael’s music has a lingering effect, like a beautiful perfume which fills a room, which you cannot help notice and your senses are awakened.

Michael is a man who has taken SA by storm and I’m certain that soon he will be taking it  further and beyond our borders!

To find out more about Michael Lowman, follow his links: https://www.facebook.com/michaellowmanmusic


All in all a beautiful night was enjoyed by all present. If you haven’t yet had the privilege of watching these artists, best make a plan.



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