Lionel Bastos – ‘Konfetti’

LIONELEDITLionel Bastos is a name that is not only well known in South Africa, but internationally.  He is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Did I mention a guitarist of note! Upon doing a little research I discovered that Lionel has released 5 albums, 3 of which were nominated for South African Music Awards (“SAMAs”). His second album, Simple, won Best Adult Contemporary Album in 1999. Lionel has had nominations for albums which he produced for other artists.  A song on the new PJ Powers CD and 2 on the last Auriol Hays album.

I was fortunate enough to watch Lionel in action last year at the Kommetjie Festival, which is hopefully going to become an annual event. Lionel teamed up with Wendy Oldfield – another big name in the industry and together they blew the crowd away with their breathtaking performance. You could literally hear a pin drop, as people stood in awe of their music. I think, having shared so many years of music side by side as artists, Lionel and Wendy share a very rare companionship, which certainly comes across in their presentation and they captivate their audience when they take to the stage.

LIONELWENDYLionel plays gigs in and around Cape Town and it sure is a treat watching his shows. His links are listed below – give his music a listen and be prepared for a beautiful experience. My personal favourite of his is ‘I’ll Be There’. Lionel’s songs are deep and touch a part of your soul. Although Lionel writes about the deeper aspects of life, he has another side – a humourous one to say the least. Lionel’s daily status updates add a certain sparkle to the day and I cannot help but have a good giggle.

This is Lionel – a humble man with a quick wit and his gift of writing is always at hand.

konfettiChatting to Lionel the other day, I asked him about his involvement with the movie Konfetti, as I happened to see a photo of him with the crew. He then openly shared with me how it came about that he was involved in the movie.

Much to my surprise and delight, he told me that he had been asked to not only write all the music, but conduct all the music for the movie! I then decided that it would be great to share this with as many people in South Africa as possible. Let us as a community, acknowledge our very own gifted artists and songwriters such as Lionel and support them.


In Lionel’s own words: ‘To cut a long story short, the director had known my music as I’d played for his wife’s 40th and he had my album.  When he had finished filming, I played at his 40th. He said he wanted some songs for the film and felt that my song “All this cash” was the kind of song he wanted on the titles at the end, but in Afrikaans. So I went to see the rough edit and I laughed and cried and he asked me to write the whole score and that was it really! Best experience of my life’.

I was as curious as a cat and decided to search youtube for the song; I found it hugely entertaining and realized no small wonder that Lionel is involved in the music! Here it is:

The music was also recorded ‘live’ to picture with the full band, which is very unusual in SA. Some famous musicians play on the score too and it was very exciting for Lionel to work with them. They included Willem Moller on guitar, Ariella Caira (from Sterling EQ) on cello and Rayelle Goodman (from Coda) on violin.

This movie promises to be a ‘feel good’ movie with much entertainment. So be sure to get out there and book your seats folks. ‘Local is lekker’ and by supporting our very own SA musicians and artists, we not only put them on the map so to speak, but we put bread and butter on the table.

A synopsis of the movie: Jean is Afrikaans and Sheryl is Jewish and they are getting married.  The families are tense to say the least.  The best man ‘Lukas’ has been drinking  and has forgotten to confirm the band. Out of sheer desperation he books the first available singer he can find – what a boo boo! This is the bride’s old nemesis ‘Bianca’ and soon the whole wedding is turned upside down with emotions flying.  The best man has to try and bring everything together to make it a perfect day for his two best friends (which is a first for him) – he cannot even find the ring.  As the movie plays out with all his efforts to get the two of them to the alter, the movie makes for a bag load of giggles and entertainment.  Moments of laughter and tears are sure to ensue when watching the drama unfold.

Written by Louw Venter and directed by Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat


Here is a sneak preview:

Find Lionel here:

Konfetti’s facebook page:

KONFETTI2Just a couple of Lionel’s achievements over the years:

Simple Wins SAMA Best Adult Contemporary Album Award. 1999 archive, FNB SAMA Awards section. Retrieved 3 December 2010. Rock Digest Weekly Review of Rising Above The Madness. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Rising Above The Madness Number 1 Spot on The Charts. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Thank You Reaches Number 1 Spot Two Weeks in a Row on The Charts. Retrieved 2 December 2010. Bastos Propels Fund-Raising Concert For Haiti Earthquake Victims. Retrieved 2 December 2010.

I am eagerly awaiting the opening, which is this weekend! I love the diversity of our people and can say I am proud to be South African.

Some of the cast: Nico Panagio, Jana Strydom, Casey B. Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Casper de Vries and Christel van den Bergh



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    • Hi Zaheer, I am deeply humbled that you read my blog! Thank you most kindly for commenting – I agree Lionel is something else. I will correct my error, and must apologize. Cannot wait to watch the movie!



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