Paige Mac at Cafe Roux

VENUEAs we arrived at Cafe Roux Sunday afternoon I looked around and it was a glorious sunny day – the sound of children’s laughter could be heard above the chatter of friends and families gathered together for Sunday lunch. The lawn spread out like a beautiful green carpet was filled with children playing ball games and the like. Café Roux is situated in the valley of Noordhoek which is surrounded by picturesque mountains. A lovely play park is available for the children and parents can feel safe knowing their children can roam free. Tranquility is a word best used to describe this beautiful country setting. If you are looking for some retail therapy look no further! Browsing through some of the quaint art and craft shops you can find that unique or interesting gift you’ve been looking for, but not yet found.

Cafe Roux often host local artists. To find out about their events check out their facebook page:


I have watched Paige Mac on numerous occasions and despite it being a sunny day, Paige Mac bring their own kind of sunshine, even when the sun is in hiding.  Paige MacMahon and Garry van Vuuren are a duo and they play in and around Cape Town on a regular basis. Together they combine their skill  -Paige sings and Garry plays bass and together they are known as Paige Mac. A special mention must be made of Giovanni Sergo – Paige Mac’s drummer at most of their shows.

Words like warm, touching, rare and lively are just some words that come to mind when listening to them.

‘Wish Upon A Star’ –

3436EDITPaige has an array of vocal ranges that don’t seem humanly possible – like a rare and beautiful songbird. When I listen to Paige I feel as if I have stepped into a beautiful garden that I could easily get lost in. Paige’s exuberance for all she does is so apparent and what she feels rubs off on every person present. Her music has the ability to make you cry and laugh – emotions rushing through you like a mighty river– music that makes you feel. Lyrically Paige’s music is about her journey.

IMG_3245Despite Paige’s success thus far, she remains humble and what stands out is her love for people.

IMG_3251 IMG_3244Paige and Garry always make time to say hi and have a little chat. This is just who they are and what makes them so special.

Soft flowing music that soothes the soul and touches you deeply, to up tempo songs that make you want to get up and dance .

From old to young, their music moves the heart.

An image that speaks 1000 words without uttering any :3486EDITED

To quote:-

“Music is an outlet, a route of expression,” she explains. “It’s an uncensored story of the revelations in the journey of my life. It’s there, in the music, that I develop these heightened emotions into chord progressions and melodies.” Melodies expressing disappointments, heartache, frustrations, love and joy – they’re all etched into stories that each sum up what Paige Mac is.

“Universal Music is thrilled to have signed Paige Mac, she is unquestionably a world class artist whose voice and songs have global appeal” – Benjy Mudie

Paige Mac made their TV debut on SABC 3`s Top Billing on Tuesday 14th August, which they list as one of their favourite experiences so far. Other notable performances have been the Expresso Morning Show, The Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show and the Grahamstown Arts Festival. Paige Mac have played at all the major music festivals around the country.

IMG_3184Get out and watch Paige Mac you will not be sorry. Y life will be touched in the best possible way.

To find out more about them, check out their links:



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