Joshua Grierson and friends at Mercury

Tonight was a night where a group of artists came together in unity to share their gifts and we were the recipients. Joshua Grierson had a plan – the plans was to perform his songs and he decided to gather together some of his fellow artists and friends to join him. A collaboration of some of the finest musicians in SA, came together to share what they do best and to share it with the community gathered there. It was an evening of bringing together different voices and styles to create a beautiful tapestry stitched and woven together to produce a rich work of art. The music washed over us like a warm sea.

ImageThe venue hosting the artists for the evening was Mercury, one of the biggest clubs in Cape Town. Image

Special evenings are created for events such as this. Mercury’s live stage has hosted some of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll, indie and other acts that you’ll find in the country. They continually create a platform for up and coming talent. There are long queues on popular nights. The acoustics are truly the best in Cape Town. To find out about events happening at Mercury, follow them on facebook:

Sometimes it’s good to have an evening of escapism from reality of life, just for a while. A moment suspended in time – a time to dream, but also be awakened.

Looking back on this night- a feeling of floating on a big fluffy cloud that moves slowly through an endless blue sky, this was what I felt. Like a walk in nature, where nature paints its own picture and speaks its own language.

The artists took to the stage to create something that can only be described as a bright starry night, where the stars came out to shine and in this case, they shone brightly, each bringing their own gift of harmonies and rhythm – flowing in unison with one another. You could sense the unity of the artists.Image Joshua Grierson has one of the most powerful voices and it resonates with deep emotion and feeling so intense. Whether loud or gentle, Joshua lays his soul bare. A crescendo of different levels can be reached as far as Joshua’s voice is concerned – from strong and powerful to soft and gentle. Joshua’s music is like a kaleidoscope of many different patterns, shapes and colours. A bit of ‘soul’, a bit of ‘blues’ and ‘folk’ – Joshua Grierson always has a little something up his sleeve, so to speak. Each time he brings something new, something old and even bold – it is a culmination of young and old, shadows of dark and light are revealed through his lyrics. Stories so deep, that make you not just ponder about life, but wonder. Joshua loves working with other artists and has a certain way of engaging and working alongside them to create something mind blowing and life changing for the broader community. For Joshua it’s not just about him, it’s about giving back and what music can accomplish. Joshua has many exciting plans lined up and if you would like to find out more about him and his events, be sure to follow him on Facebook.

For listening:

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The various artists that joined Joshua for the evening are Given Nkanyane, Simon van Gend, Julian Bach, Nicolai Roos, Wesley Graham Reyneke and last, but not least the beautiful Louise Day.

ImageGiven Nkanyane is a man who has a gift and he shares that gift with whoever has ears to hear. The gift is his voice, which is like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night. His voice has the ability to melt the hardest of hearts. Given sings with such soul, that I am reminded of the great Marvyn Gaye. For Given, It is not just about his voice, he is a humble soul with a heart that is as beautiful as his voice. From the minute he opens his mouth and he utters his very first word, it moves you. Given is in a band called Stone Jets with his right hand man, Manfred Klose. Together they form a powerful duo. Take a listen to their awesome tunes here:

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ImageSimon van Gend is someone who creates an impression of a man with wisdom not yet understood by many. Simon has a style that is uniquely ‘Simon’ – his quirky style grows on you, like a particular food you either like a little, or not at all, but once truly tasted, you cannot get enough. Simon is someone who writes some of the finest music I have ever read or listened to. His writing ability speaks volumes to the depths of mankind. Each week Simon writes a new song. His goal is to write a song a week, for 365 days. Each and every song is brilliantly written – the hand that writes it, reaches into your mind and soul and grasps you, tugging at your heart with poetry and stories of love, life and struggles. What I love about Simon is that his music speaks to me about our humanness and our failings. His lyrics are like a puzzle where there are loose pieces of one’s life, each needing a place to fit and once found, complete the puzzle. His music makes me reflect on the mysteries of life.  Simon is also part of the band known as Simon and the Bande à Part.

For listening:

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ImageJulian Bach is a new name to me and I was eagerly looking forward to hearing more about him. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. Julian certainly brings something different. I listened to his music on soundcloud and it is refreshing and has a new sound. Watching Julian, I could tell that here is a man that loves what he does. His expressive face told a thousand stories and listening to him, I realized that he feels deeply passionate about his music. To quote: From its opening track, Ride—with its rolling choruses and sing-along melodies—to the outlandishly eerie waltz, Ode To No One—right up until the closing track, the honest and anthemic Pirates On A Dead Sea—Julian’s new music captures a quality of songwriting entirely unique to him, but somehow still manages to sound familiar. Keep your eye on this young man who is destined for big things.

Take a listen:



Nicolai Roos plays various guitars and is involved with the band Big Exit – an alternative rock band. He works with sound and arrangement and forms an integral part of the band. I have heard him play at various venues with the band and can honestly say he is a man with much talent. Big Exit certainly measure up to any of the big names out there. Listen to them here:


ImageWesley Graham Reyneke is a faithful friend to Joshua and his enthusiasm and spontaneity is something to behold. He provides background percussion at shows and it is always a treat to watch him in action. Wesley is just always there – a stalwart so to speak.

ImageLouise Day has a voice that is equal to her beauty. Listening to her, I found myself thinking, surely an angel has just walked into the room. Louise has a sincere heart and her eyes speak volumes – there is an inner glow which shines forth to the outside and stuns you with its brightness.


Joshua and Louise captivate the audience with ‘My June To Johnny’

The biggest thrill of the evening was listening to her with Joshua on his song ‘My June To Johnny’ which is a song about unrequited love and always tugs at the heartstrings. Their voices blended together like velvet – rich, smooth and silky; I could imagine that if one could touch it, it would feel like this.

Together they captured the true essence of the song. The evening sadly came to an end and I left feeling renewed and thankful for another night of the finest music, ready to face the the big world once again.

For listening:

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