‘Follow The River’ – Gerald Clark

Review and photos by Rene Maritz



This album to me, speaks  of relationships – love won, love lost, love as a journey – Gerald encapsulates it beautifully with his soulful voice, which brings highs and lows of emotions running wild and free. Gerald is known for his bluesy, country voice and this album brings just that. The background guitar, banjo, keyboard, vocals and drums complete the album.

Black Horses – When I heard this song for the first time it sent me to another place – a place of nostalgia – a time long gone. I remember reading insanely whilst growing up. Most of the novels were romantic ones that spoke of dark villains, knights and beaus in hot pursuit of beautiful ladies. Strangely, most of them were about castles in the country surrounded by dreamy forests, mountains and rivers. There would always be a scene where horses would gallop in wild abandonment. Now this song manages to re-create that moment in my mind. Having never experienced the thrill of riding on a horse, this song makes me want to get out there, find a horse and ride it. This is the power of music.

Watch it on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Y7hZTfK3E

Walking Slowly – This song speaks of having to move forward but longing for that feeling of familiar love. Gerald sings with such sincerity. It is about dreaming of the reality of that love and wanting to be back in that moment.

Maybe I’m A Fool – The sheer pain of waiting for someone to love you back – this song speaks of wasted love and time. A desperation, so to speak and Gerald brings that in this song.

All I Need Is Your Love – Another dreamy song about horses and love burning brightly. You get a real country feeling listening to this song. Gerald’s vocal range truly comes through in this one. I can hear a banjo playing in the background, which always sends shivers right down my spine.

There She Goes – A deep song about the painful experience of seeing someone walk away – sung so convincingly, the pain is almost tangible. Gerald’s voice reaches some high notes which express his emotions. The drums playing in the background add to a more up tempo beat.

Don’t Pretend – A sad song that speaks of love that is filled with pretenses. Very powerfully sung by Gerald. This song makes me think of empty and meaningless thoughts of a relationship that is dead.

Middle Of The Road – This song gripped my heart from beginning to end – it speaks of feeling worthy to be loved. Gerald truly brings the message across with this one. The song has a deep spiritual connection.

It Ain’t That Easy – To me, this is a love song that speaks of not wanting to take control. A complicated love that has run out is what it is about. Needing to end a relationship, but not wanting to break someone’s heart. A compassionate touch is felt.

Shooting Star – This is a beautiful song about a shooting star and wanting to fly back to someone special– seeing them in your dreams and wanting the relationship to last forever.

Set Me Loose – Wanting to be set free and on fire is what comes across in this song. Wanting to be ‘another man’ so to speak – having space, time running out and it being too late for love.

Marry Me – A romantic song that makes my knees go weak with the romantic nuances that flow from beginning to end. Gerald sings of wanting to marry someone – being that person that completes another. A lifetime of love and commitment is portrayed. When listening to this song, I could feel the sincerity of his emotions and the deeper part of his heart is exposed. I could picture this song being played as a wedding song as it fits the picture to perfection. A lovely end, to a beautiful collection of love songs. I think anyone can relate to this album, as we have all walked this road somewhere along the line. If you’re taking a drive, or just relaxing on your couch, this album will speak volumes to your heart and soul and maybe take you on trip of your own kind.



To find out more about the man behind the album, check out his website: http://www.geraldclark.co.za/ and/or

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/geraldjamesclark?ref=br_tf




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