Review of Black Water – Gerald Clark

Review and photos by Rene Maritz Image


When listening to this album I am reminded instantly of ‘the blues’. The deep, dark lyrics that speak of love, loss and of trying to pick up life once love has gone bad come through clearly. Gerald Clark has a way and means of telling the story with his voice, but not just in words but with a deep gut wrenching cry from the pit of his soul. This is what makes this album from beginning to end.  Gerald spews forth emotions that take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The combination of the message being portrayed by Gerald together with the background instruments complete the album to perfection.


  1. It Ain’t You – This song just has such sad lyrics that you can literally feel the pain and the need to take to the bottle. Raw, gutsy and emotional are the feelings felt. The loss of a relationship and sheer desperation. A song of laying it all on the table – Gerald sings about ‘getting drunk, getting stoned’.
  2. Black Water – From beginning to end this song speaks of forbidden pleasures, but in a ‘use your imagination’ kind of way. A sensual and provocative song. The words ‘dark’, ‘black’ and ‘burning soul’ ‘come to mind.
  3. Giving Up On Love – For me, this must be a favourite – it has such a strong blues vibe and sends shivers all round. The different levels of Gerald’s vocal range move you and the deep soul wrenching words, stir you to the core.
  4. Ain’t Going To Heaven – Another bluesy song but with a catchy tune. The song brings a spiritual connotation by referring to heaven and not going there because he would have to ‘face up’. The guitar playing on this one is truly something. The darkness of heading down below is also mentioned.
  5. Breaking Down – The song is about breaking down and crying. The song has a good rhythm despite it being a bit morbid.
  6. Poor Man Blues – When listening to this song a picture is painted in my mind of a scene featuring a lounge, a piano and people gathering together from old to young to listen to some of the finest jazz music. It has a beautiful jazzy feel to it, which grabs you right from the start. Gerald still manages to bring that blues sound despite it being a jazzy tune.
  7. Let Me Tell You – A real rocker this song is! Blues and rock ‘n roll all rolled into one. A feeling of being in an old Pentecostal church is evoked from beginning to end. Just an incredible work of art.
  8. Stranger Blues – Beautiful guitar strumming in the opening makes this song. Going down to the railway station and getting a train ride, leaving the city far behind is what this song is about. A feeling of escaping one city for another.
  9. House Of The Rising Sun – this song is a take on the original by The Animals. It has a jolly sound to it despite the seriousness of the song.
  10. Feel So GoodCan’t Keep From Crying – the song is about speaking to the Lord- about getting there someday – getting back to Him. A very up-tempo song about feeling so good that you want to cry.
  11. Late Night Blues – Purely an instrumental song which has a true blues undertone- from the style and arrangement of the song.
  12. Marry Me – A romantic song that makes my knees go weak with the romantic nuances that flow from beginning to end. Gerald sings of wanting to marry someone – being that person that completes another. A lifetime of love and commitment is portrayed. When listening to this song, I could feel the sincerity of his emotions and the deeper part of his heart is exposed. I could picture this song being played as a wedding song as it fits the picture to perfection. A lovely end, to a beautiful collection of love songs. I think anyone can relate to this album, as we have all walked this road somewhere along the line. If you’re taking a drive, or just relaxing on your couch, this album will speak volumes to your heart and soul and maybe take you on trip of your own kind.
  13. As The Crow Flies – a bonus track on the CDwritten and composed by Tony Joe White and produced by Theo Crouse – Gerald brings it in this one. Back-up vocals add a new dimension to the song.

GER3All in all a beautiful compilation of songs that make you ponder on the deeper meaning of life and relationship, stirring and tugging at the heartstrings from beginning to end.

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