Joshua Grierson at Cafe Roux

Saturday night I headed out to Cafe Roux for yet another magical night of the finest music. Cafe Roux is known to host S.A.’s very finest musicians and tonight was no exception. Joshua Grierson was the guest artist for the evening. It was a cold winter’s night and as I drove I was anticipating what the evening had in store. Despite it being a cold winter’s night, guests attending Cafe Roux were in for the warmest night they could possibly imagine, especially those that had not yet had the opportunity to experience Joshua Grierson.  Last year Joshua launched his double disc album at Cafe Roux and it was a night that shook the valley and  every so often I catch people talking about the sensational Joshua Grierson who took to the stage that night.


I arrived fairly early, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, so to speak. Cafe Roux is a quaint little restaurant which has amble parking and the finest food available in the valley. Upon entering, you always feel that the place welcomes you in with its warm ambience; the staff must be some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are always quick to escort you to your table and immediately offer you a drink.

The place was already filling up nicely and I sat back enjoying my drink and listening to a sound check by Joshua and Wesley Renecke—Joshua’s percussionist who accompanies Joshua at many of his shows, adding his unique talent to their act. They also arrived early for their set up, which just showed me again the dedication and commitment that Joshua puts into all his shows.

At 7pm my friends arrived and we sat back enjoying a catch up and yummy food before the show began.

Joshua opened the evening with the folk song ‘Colours’ written by Donovan, —a Scottish folk singer/songwriter. The single was released in 1965. This song, is a song that fits Joshua to perfection— the words love, freedom, folk and heartwarming are just some words that come to mind. A perfect way to kick off a cold wet night.


Joshua then proceeded to sing all his own songs.   My friend turned to me and said: ‘I love his music – it is different and unique’. She then asked : ‘Did he write all these songs?’ To which I could answer  a big ‘yes’.

All Joshua’s songs make my heart leap, because he not only gets up on a stage to sing them, but he expresses every single word as if he has lived them out—as if every song is a personal journey. Joshua has one of the most expressive faces and his emotion and sincerity never ceases to grab me. He connects with his audience in a tangible way.

If you want to experience music that can only be described as—real, honest, raw, emotional, spiritual, and touching, get to one of his shows. I must mention that Joshua is a creative being and is not just a solo artist, but is also actively involved in his band ‘Big Exit’ who regularly plays at various venues in Cape Town. To find out more about Big Exit, follow them on Facebook:

As the end of the evening slowly came to an end (sniff), the folk present shouted out the words ‘please play one more’. To which Joshua humbly concurred.

To find out where you can catch him next, follow him on facebook: Find his album for sale here:

Listen here:

Watch Joshua on You Tube 

JOSHBLOG3This is the heart and soul of Joshua Grierson—his music!









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