Ann Jangle and friends at Mercury Lounge


On Friday 13 June 2014, Ann Jangle was having a birthday celebration with her friends at Mercury to raise funds to replace her guitar which was stolen out of her car. I was privileged to get there to witness something that I have never witnessed before.

Ann Jangle was introduced to me by her agent and my first thought was, can this be for real? After eagerly watching some of her tunes on You Tube I thought how could this ‘pixie girl’ that literally bounces around the room like a tiny ‘fairy-like creature’ compare to the powerful voice I had heard.

ImageA band by the name of Taleswapper kicked off the evening. The first impression formed in my mind on the night, was that here are some folk that have the gift of storytelling. I was instantly reminded of a scene out of an old black and white movie. Let me paint the picture – a smoky night club down town where the great jazz players would grace the stage with their presence and people would gather together for a night of escape. Their music made me want to sit quietly and take it all in, so as to catch the deeper meaning of their lyrics.

Their lyrics are poetic and speak of hidden secrets which are mostly deep, dark and mysterious.


Music that has a strong blues feel, with a touch of jazz, folk and something stronger. Here is a little piece of what they’re about: Follow them on Facebook –


Next up was a band called The Shabeen.

The band consists of : Jon Shaban on Guitar & Vocals,
Ryan McArthur
on Upright Bass and Thomas Glendinning on Drums.

The band has a funky vibe about them and I could see the crowd instantly took to them. They call themselves a ‘punk project from Cape Town’ . Image

They evoke a feeling of happiness with their cheerful vibe and I could picture them playing in an Irish pub – they have a certain kind of groove that makes one want to get up and do a little jig.


To catch them in your area find them on Facebook:

Watch their tune ‘Product Of The World’ on You Tube

ImageLast, but certainly not least, was the reason we had come through for the evening. Ann Jangle took to the stage and quite frankly from beginning to end she mesmerized me with her vocal capability. Ann has a complete band which bears mentioning as they are second to none.


Together they form a dynamic team. When listening to Ann, I was reminded of the late great Jannis Joplin but with a richer quality to her voice – Ann encapsulates rock, folk, blues and a bit of everything if that is possible. Her music takes me back to a time when music all began, but at the same time it is so ‘now’. It is very rare to see an artist bring so much to the table, so to speak.

Her voice reminds me of a fire that runs wild through a forest- there is no stopping it once it takes hold. Once lit, it burns brightly with a flame which gets brighter and it runs wild lighting its path as it goes.

Watch her on

To catch a glimpse of what Ann and her band are about, watch this as they play and share!

Follow Ann on facebook to find out where she is next performing.

Listen to her tunes here:

Joshua Grierson – legend folk/blues singer/songwriter, Purity Zinhle Mkhize (Fruits and Veggies) renowned for her powerful vocals and Dubmaster China,added a special touch to the already great evening.

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