Louise Day and friends at Studio 7



Thursday night was a night that promised to meet all my expectations. I was destined for Studio 7 where Louise Day was scheduled to perform with her friends. I had watched Louise a few weeks back at Mercury and the night was magical in every sense of the word.

After this encounter, I decided I would like to find out as much as possible about Louise. Upon research, I discovered that Louise started her career from the tender age of 10. From here on up Louise was destined for great things. Louise headed off to the USA where she spent a year.

To quote: “There she began performing at Aspen’s premiere live music venue, “Bellyup (www.bellyupaspen.com), regularly opening for visiting internationally recognized artists, including the likes of the acclaimed ‘Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ and ‘The English Beat’. This exposure resulted in a tremendous demand for her talents, and her remaining time was spent performing as a Fender Musician at the Winter X Games and Tempe Music Festival in Arizona, performing on the same stage as many international artists such as John Mayer and The Fray, as well as regular appearances on East Coast Plum TV with the ‘Morning, Noon and Night Show’. In 2006, she made her mark on Fender USA when she was approached to endorse their new range of guitars for women.  Since her return to SA, Louise and her band at the time launched their very successful debut album “Chasing the Wind” followed by a second album “Swallowed by the City” which received a SAMA (South African Music Awards) nomination for best Pop Album. After a busy time of live performances, the band is back in the studio working on their third album which will be released in 2014. Her band ‘Louise Day Band’ has since changed to fit her focus of getting back to her singer/songwriter/folk roots for the new album. Her current band consists of : Nathan Woodman on keys and backing vox and David Bryant on drums and backing vox.


Studio 7 is a prominant venue that is on every tongue in the music industry and has hosted some of the biggest names in the industry – this venue has one of the best acoustic set ups and the pure joy of the homely atmosphere adds to the value of what Studio 7 is all about. It is such a pleasure to enjoy the chatter before the show catching up on shared conversations and news from friends before settling down on the ‘oh so comfy’ sofas to watch the performers, wait for it…………. uninterrupted!! YES! You see, Studio 7 is a venue where people take music seriously. Every person present respects the artist for their craft and they are excited to see what is going to unfold before them. A kind of hush comes over the audience and the music kicks off. To find out about latest events, check out their page: https://www.facebook.com/Studio7Sessions


Louise had invited Joshua Grierson to share some of his soulful songs for the night. Joshua is a true folk singer in every sense of the word and his music is very much part of his journey. He loves to share what his music is about before he sings his songs.  Joshua adds a certain flavor and spice to each of his performances and the audience lapped him up as he worked his charm on the stage.

Music that speaks directly to your heart – it is a personal touch that he brings to his performances which simply cannot be denied.

Joshua is a rare phenomena and I have yet to witness someone so gifted.

To find out more about Joshua and his music, here are his links: https://www.facebook.com/joshuagriersonmusic

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2X0stmt3rA&index=1&list=PLh78-ppIFPq5s34mmT4W4s_l9ox65gWE-


To quote : ‘The sweat rolls down his brow;
his entire body aches and weaves with some internal, now exposed dance,
his fingers are rattling on his fret board like scattered bones on the sand
and the feet connected to his rubber legs, are stomping a new hole in the stage’


Joshua’s music always fills the holes and you come away having had a true ‘soul experience’.


When Louise and Joshua perform together it is truly something spectacular to behold – they compliment one another to perfection!


Louise, her friends Leandi and Lelani van der Berg rendered the audience speechless with their beautiful voices. Having these sisters accompany Louise just completed the picture, so to speak. Harmony, melody and rhythm are three words that bear mentioning.

Hearts melted –you could have heard a pin drop as each eye was focused on their breathtaking act. Louise’s voice is to the heart, what silk is to the skin.



A feeling of warmth washed over me as I sat taking it all in. What stands out for me, is the sincerity that Louise displays, not only in her music, but as a person. There is certain vulnerability in her approach and it comes across in the way she brings her music to life on stage.  A feeling of serenity and tranquility fill your heart when listening to her.

Like waves that roll onto the shore, her music rolls gently over your soul, wave upon wave rush in and quench you.



Nathan Woodman – a musician in his own right was also present for the evening and did a fine job on keys. Nathan has accompanied the likes of Ard Matthews, Just Jinjer and Jeremy Loops on keys. Nathan also accompanies The Swingsetters on keys and vox.

Watch ‘The Swingsetters’ on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyw8_n1vvfA


To quote: ‘Accomplished session musician Nathan Woodman is a keyboard sensation who has performed with most of Cape Town’s local talent as a session musician. He also has a penchant for belting out the odd Louis Armstrong cover with consummate ease’. Now this I would love to see!

At the end of the evening, I walked away richer for the experience.

To find out more about Louise Day Band, here are the links:



Watch her video on You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfviZ22S9mM





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