Michael Lowman at Cafe Roux

On Thursday evening a friend and I decided to visit Cafe Roux as Michael Lowman was visiting our valley after he had opened for international music sensation Tori Amos. I was excited as I had watched Michael previously and knew we were in for a treat.

edit10It was a cold winter’s evening, and a brightly burning fire added to the cosy atmosphere that Cafe Roux is renowned for. Cafe Roux is one of the finest restaurants to be found in the Noordhoek valley. The dining area is set up for either small intimate tables, or larger tables, depending on how many bookings are made and for how many people. The venue also offers a fully licensed bar for all your thirsty needs. Not only does Cafe Roux offer the tastiest food, but entertainment is a high priority.edit7 edit8Good food and   entertainment are a winning combination that very few restaurants offer and when you drive up the road that leads you to the venue you are surrounded by the beauty of the valley.  The ‘ever’ so friendly staff at Café Roux ushered us to our table, which was right in front of the stage.  I was tickled pink at the thought of taking some nice photos.
We sat back enjoying our delicious food, which is always beautifully presented and of the highest standard.

edit9Michael arrived with a friendly wave at the crowd gathered before him. We were all counting the minutes in anticipation to him kicking off the evening. Michael has this serene aura that surrounds him and you immediately pick up on it. He is as cool as a cucumber, so to speak. His charming personality  rubs off on his audience and people all around me giggled delightfully at his jokes and quirky personality. I could see that he was in good spirits and the mood was light and people felt relaxed and ready for a great show.
Michael played all his own music, which to me is ‘real’ music as well as some covers.

His lyrics are personal, genuine and sincere. Michael is versatile and his music is gentle on the ear- it comes naturally to him. There were people of all ages, young and old in the audience and they loved every minute of his soulful performance. Some ladies stood up and clapped loudly. Michael gladly indulged our requests for more and gave freely and abundantly of himself.  There was nothing that made Michael want to leave in a hurry and I think, even Michael was captivated by the ambience of Cafe Roux and the beauty that is our valley.
edit26A little background on Michael – Michael lost his dad at a very young age and it had a huge impact on his life and his music. ‘Michael recorded his debut EP “In My Own Words” with the help of producer Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers), Scott Austin and some incredibly talented musicians in the iconic Studio at The Palms.’ Michael has become a household name in S.A. and his music has a folk, blues and pop feel to it. Music that is pleasing to the ear and it tugs at the heartstrings. Michael is a deep young man, despite his music being lighthearted and fun.

When picturing Michael’s music in my mind’s eye, I have visions of the sea – not just the visible beauty seen with the eye from shore, but viewed from deep down below- the dark depths where beautiful colourful sea creatures live and move in rhythm to the waters – music of many colours, depths and beauty.

Michael is making waves, not just locally but internationally too and this is no small surprise as his music is heartfelt, soulful and once heard, there is no turning back – his fans are hooked for life.

edit2To find out more about Michael’s journey and latest events, check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/michaellowmanmusic
Michael on You Tube : http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelalowman


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