Thursday eve I headed to Cafe Roux to watch 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR!  I was excited to say the least, judging from previous shows I knew we were in for a mind blowing experience!  3rd WORLD SPECTATOR had since then gripped me in a powerful way.  The band members are – Peter Crafford – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano Justin Versfeld – Lead Guitar André Wentzel – Drums Louis Kuhn – Bass, Backing Vocals Elan Schnider – Piano, Synth, Guitar.

What a night at Cafe Roux!

What a night at Cafe Roux!

Cafe Roux is such an awesome venue.  So if you’re looking for live music and good food, look no further, Cafe Roux is the place to be. All the top bands and artists in S.A. have graced the stage at Cafe Roux. So, be sure to check out their website for all the latest news and events happening –

This is no run-of-the-mill band – together they bring something unique and different. 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR boast a list of accolades, which includes their video “Ambulance’ it reached number 2 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart, placing the band firmly at the forefront of the local rock scene.

editnice1When listening to the band’s lead vocalist, Peter Crafford, my arms break out in goosebumps! Peter’s voice has a haunting affect and it lingers in your mind long after. It seems to reverberate in your mind over and over and Peter’s vocal ability is truly phenomenal – unforgettable is the word! An evocative quality is evident and not only does it enter your mind, but his voice infiltrates your soul – something much deeper takes place.  Their music has a spiritual element and I think this is what comes through very strongly when listening to them.


edit1 editnice6 editnice4The band are a powerful force – there is a strong rock element, but at the same time a gentleness which comes through. Being a witness to their energy and connection as a band on stage is something remarkable to behold. As a band, they bring so much and watching the audience I could see they were mesmerized by what was playing out before their eyes. The band has a certain liveliness that rubs off and looking around me I could see the energy in the room.

What warm fellows!

What warm fellows!

Peter shared at the beginning of the evening that they would play some of their old familiar songs as well as their new tunes. All I can say is, that listening to all the old familiar songs brought a fresh longing for more and listening to the new tunes wowed every single person in the room. I cannot wait for the release of their new album. 3rd WORLD SPECTATOR is taking Cape Town by storm and there will be no stopping the storm once this album hits the shelves.

To get a little taste of what they’re about, watch their song ‘Ambulance’ on You Tube :

Take a listen here:

To find out more about them as a band and also where they will next be appearing, follow the links –










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