Paige Mac, Stone Jets & Grace de La Hunt at The Waiting Room

To say I was excited when I heard that Paige Mac was going to be joining forces with Stone Jets for a gig, would be an understatement. On Tuesday evening a friend and I travelled through to The Waiting Room on Long Street to watch them do what they do best.

WAIT1Driving through to Cape Town, in particular, Long Street, I watched people sitting chatting socially with each other in all the little restaurants and cafes along the way. It’s always a treat to watch the hustle and bustle that is Long Street. The street comes alive at night and the sound of chatter fills the air. Walking down the road, I felt exhilarated at the thought of what awaited us at The Waiting Room.

It is a venue that hosts many local artists and is one of the best acoustic venues in Cape Town. We had booked a table at the Royale Eatery, which is always such a treat.

Royale Eatery

Royale Eatery


The service and food is tops and the burgers are definitely the highlight on the menu.  I have yet to eat a burger that comes close.

A surprise awaited us! At 9pm sharp, Grace de La Hunt was the suprise! Grace took to the stage with a natural ease. I had not previously watched Grace, but the saying ‘first impressions count’ was certainly true in her case. Grace is a young lady who has a voice that is second to none.



Listening to her, I realized, that not only is Grace a natural beauty, but she possesses a deep soul.

Grace de la Hunt

Grace de la Hunt

grace4My friend turned to me and said ‘I love her voice’. We were itching to see whether Grace had brought any albums with her, but sadly Grace told us that no albums have been produced as yet. I am sure that it won’t be long before this happens, as Grace de La Hunt is someone to take notice of – young, fresh, dynamic, soulful and creative are words that come to mind when thinking of her performance.

Take a listen to her songs here:

Or follow her on Facebook:


Stone Jets

Stone Jets

Next up, was Stone Jets, a duo consisting of Given Nkanyane on vocals and Manfred Klose on bass and vox. The band has just celebrated their first year together and what a year it has been. Given and Manfred met each other in Johannesburg and the rest is history! Given with his heartwarming, soulful voice and Manfred with his brilliant guitar playing, bring a ‘sound and feel’ like no other. It is difficult to put a finger on it, but from the moment I experienced them for the first time, they moved me to my core!

Their music seeps into the deepest depths of your heart and spills over filling you with warmth.

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane

Manfred Klose

Manfred Klose

 Powerful, heartfelt, touching, happy and warm are just some words that come to mind when experiencing their music. The crowd loved them and shouted ‘more’ when they said it’s their last song. Given has a personality that is infectious and rubs off on a person – he has a stage presence that reaches out and grabs you. Manfred on the other hand has a quiet spirit that soothes the soul. When they performed Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ , Given brought it all on that stage. His energy and stage personality made me feel like dancing. As I turned to look at the crowd gathered, I saw happy faces everywhere. It bears mentioning, that when they perform ‘Caravans’ the mood changes and Given openly displays his soul – you can see it in his eyes. I have realized that Stone Jets are so versatile and they can perform just about anything.  Stone Jets add a special touch to everything they do. From happy to sad songs, they manage to reel you in with their presence.

Stone Jets have produced an EP and each and every song is a masterpiece.

I just discovered that Stone Jets have a video on You Tube!! Watch it here:

To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook:

Listen to some of their soulful tunes here:


Paige MacMahon

Up to this point the evening had been so fulfilling and I realized that I didn’t want it to come to an end. Last, but certainly not least, Paige Mac was up next. Paige Mac is a name that has taken off in South Africa and their sound is funky, emotional, real and unique. Paige Mac has played at most of the music festivals throughout the country and has appeared on the Expresso Breakfast Show on SABC 3 as well as Top Billing. Their diary is sometimes booked months in advance, as their popularity is known far and wide and they are dearly sought after – I can tell you, this is no surprise. The band consists of Paige MacMahon (vocals), Garry van Vuuren (bass) and Giovanni Serci (drums). I will never forget the first day I heard Paige sing. A very good friend of mine who promotes musicians, suggested I go take a listen to her on You Tube, the particular song was ‘Atrophy’ – from the moment I heard her sing, my whole body broke into goose bumps –  my whole body felt like one big goose bump. I only heard how personal the song was to Paige at a later date and it moved me deeply.

Paige MacMahon writes deep lyrics and she lives out her music on stage, sharing her truth and the emotions that she experiences. Her music is her life and her journey. The beauty of Paige’s heart is real and raw – this is Paige and her music in every sense of the word.

Paige brings it all together, as music is part of her past, her present and her future. Music that makes you ‘feel’. As a person who lives in an imperfect world, I can relate. Listening to them, you cannot help but be moved emotionally and spiritually. So often, music can be empty and meaningless, just words strung together, but Paige sings about real life and experiences, displaying real emotion and it grips me every time. When Paige performs her song ‘Love Makes You Fat‘ I cannot help myself from giggling as it has such a happy, funky feel about it.  Paige can sing about pain, darkness, joy and the light side of life and to do this truly speaks of someone who is gifted with a rare and genuine gift.


Garry van Vuuren

Giovanni Serci

Giovanni Serci

The first time I met Paige and Garry I was bowled over by their humbleness and sincerity.  As a band they form a powerful connection, which is conveyed to their audience. Paige and Garry bring so much to the table with their unique sound and I was fortunate enough to witness their drummer, Giovanni Serci  for the first time.  It was truly a ‘wow’ moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, Paige Mac are a band to be reckoned with.

The evening was every kind of perfect.  My friend and I left at the end of the evening  feeling deeply privileged to have experienced some of the finest musicians that South Africa has to offer.

Take a listen to them on Soundcloud:

Follow them on Facebook to find out about events happening in your area:

You Tube :


 Quote: “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
Sarah Dessen, Just Listen




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  1. Wow – Rene – what a fantastic evening. Burgers look delicious and I’ve taken your advise and followed Grace. Thanks for the intro. I have seen Paige mac perform at Brass Bell – brilliant. The Waiting Room – will have to make a turn there. Fantastic blog – thank you!

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    • Thanks so much Brian 🙂 – love reading your blogs too. The Waiting Room is amazing – you will love it. Hope to catch you at a show sometime. Cheerio


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