David van Vuuren at Cafe Roux

cafe roux

The Stage at Cafe Roux


David van Vuuren – photo by Rene Maritz

Friday night was a night that David van Vuuren would take to the stage at Cafe Roux for the very first time. Being eager David fans, some friends and I were not going to miss this one. I have followed David’s music journey for a couple of years now.

Cafe Roux is most certainly a venue that delivers every time -a cozy and intimate setting greets one every time you enter. In winter there is a beautifully lit fire, adding to the ambience that is already present. The staff are tops and always welcome you in with a warm smile. As for service, it is their number one priority to see that the people’s needs are met. Café Roux’s burgers are renowned, as are their desserts, which are beautifully displayed. South African’s finest musicians are featured here sometimes 3 to 4 times a week! I can honestly confess that the acoustic set up is one of the best.

While the audience sat savouring their dinner, David took to the stage. I could feel my heart skip a beat, as I have experienced nights like these before – folk evenings that evoked feelings and stirred the soul. David played some of his original songs from his first album and what we were all excited to hear, was his brand new songs off his EP which has just been released. It is available on iTunes– here is the link:


The EP is a collection of his finest work. If there was a window to his soul then this would be it. Listening to the songs, you catch a glimpse into David’s soul – a part of his soul laid bare for the entire world to see. A couple of words to describe the songs would be – romantic, real, touching, truthful, deep and soulful. In his song (that he wrote for his wife-Jessie) ‘Luna Girl’, his love is heartfelt. Click on the link to view it –



david's setlistThe setlist for the evening (image via David’s Facebook page)


Eyes To My Soul – DAVID VAN VUUREN photo by Rene Maritz

When David sings, it is like a soft, soaking mist, falling gently upon you and then it builds stronger and stronger – like a mighty thunder that echoes in your soul and echoes longer after. David has complete control over his voice; reaching incredible highs and lows,  rising to an intense crescendo and then falling to a gentle whisper.


Deep David – photo by Rene Maritz

We sat spellbound, every eye was focused on that stage, as David gripped us with his openness and conviction of what his music is about.

David has just recently relocated to Cape Town. A shaking and awakening is about to happen in our beautiful city.  Big news and big happenings….watch this space.

To keep up to date with all his latest news, events and information, best to follow him on Facebook: –https://www.facebook.com/davidvanvuurenfanpage and Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaveFromFire


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