edit3I will never forget the first day I heard ‘Love Can’ by Shaun Jacobs. It was playing on 5fm and I turned to my daughter and said ‘who is that?’ To which I received the reply ‘I don’t know mom’. Well I raced to my computer and googled the song and voila I found Shaun Jacobs. I then tweeted Shaun telling him how much I loved the song, to which he tweeted back ‘go tell your friends’.

The last time Shaun visited, I missed his tour, but this time round I was not going to miss out on the opportunity of seeing him and his band. So Friday night, I headed off to our local music hotspot, namely Café Roux. Shaun had 4 totally booked out shows at Café Roux. I was not surprised to find parking was limited and ended up parking outside the farm village. Upon entering Café Roux, I could see the place was packed to capacity. Happy chatter and laughter filled my ears and in that moment I thought – life is good.

Café Roux never ceases to surprise me – the venue has a certain charm that entices you with its beautiful surroundings. The food is delicious and you have to close your eyes upon entering, because their desserts are displayed in a beautiful glass cabinet and the temptation to order is overpowering. The staff at Café Roux are exceptional and treat you like royalty, catering to your every need.

After enjoying a lovely glass of house wine and having a good chat it was time for the band to do their thing. I was fortunate enough to get a table right next to the stage and it was a thrilling experience from beginning to end.


Shaun Jacobs BandCraig Sparks Andrew SowterThe band consists of Shaun Jacobs, Andrew Sowter on drums and Craig Sparks on bass. I did a little research on Shaun and discovered that he comes from a strong musical background.

Shaun took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with his voice and songs. His voice reaches such high notes it astounds the mind. Melody and harmony flow like a beautiful rainbow of many colours. This is what Shaun’s music sounds like.

Folk/Rock is what it’s about for Shaun and his band. – Café Roux came alive as the band rocked our world. When he performed ‘Love Can’ I felt shivers all over, as the words are deep and beautiful. Shaun has released two albums. I opted to buy his original album ‘Paper Wings’, which is available from the band. His brand new album ‘Love Can’ is available at all major stores around the country.

edit16Paper Wings’ is a beautiful piece of work. Shaun wrote all the songs and all the instruments are played by Shaun himself. Additional backing vocals by Charnell Jacobs on “Will you remember’. Upon reading his dedication to his wife, family and friends on the back cover, it moved me to tears. Shaun is a family man and has a beautiful wife and child, who were both at his show. Shaun is a humble and  deeply spiritual man which is evident when listening to the album.

My current favourite on the album is ‘Love You So’ – moving, touching and endearing. All the words are inside the cover.

Another beautiful evening was experienced at at Café Roux.






Shaun Jacobs at Cafe Roux

2 thoughts on “Shaun Jacobs at Cafe Roux

    • Wonderful Brian. My daughter is working there. I entered a competition to win tickets. So holding thumbs. Maybe I get to go Sunday too 🙂 enjoy.


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