As I drove into Camphill Village I experienced a feeling of ‘home’ as Camphill has the warmest people who welcome you like family upon arrival.

edit11Camphilboard1l Village is a home that was created 50 years ago in order to provide a safe environment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Read more on their website:

picoutside Camphill Village is not only a home, but it is a working farm where residents are part of the creative process of working with their hands. Many work in the dairy, bakery, herbal shop and on the farm in many different capacities. Peace is a reflection of what I see, when I look into their eyes. Camphill Village has successfully accomplished this by instilling each resident with a goal and purpose in life. This community shares their talents with one another, but it doesn’t end there, it is extended to the public. A monthly market happens the 1st Sunday of every month, where the public can experience what Camphill is about and also purchase delicious products fresh from the bakery and dairy. Beautiful hand crafted works of art are also available for purchase as are herbal products.

When I visited the market a month back, I looked around me and noticed how important the people felt displaying their wares – Camphill’s vision is visibly displayed through the works of the people – herein lays the beauty of the long term vision.

edit54 Tonight was a night of celebration and what a night it was. From the yummy hotdogs, to the music and festivities it was a night that would not easily be forgotten. All the residents and staff dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. I even spotted a few Indians.

edit21A barn dance had been arranged by the staff and I could sense the excitement as people were gaily chatting and ripples of laughter filled the air. Outside the garden was beautifully set up with seating places and aloe plants were placed all around the garden, adding a special touch to the theme of the evening. What I love the most, are the tall trees and the beauty of the land which stretches out for miles.

edit6 edit5

edit19 edit31 A couple of speeches were presented and an auction had been arranged, which added to the festivities.

edit64Lovely prizes were up for grabs for those that had purchased a raffle ticket.  A very sought after auction item was a rugby ball –

edit78it was snatched up in a matter of seconds by a very happy resident.

edit60The hall is a perfect venue to host an event of this nature as it is spacious, yet has a homely feel to it. The organizers of the barn dance did a superb job.  As the evening progressed they played a nice blend of various music and the dance floor was filled with eager dancers doing all kinds of moves – I even learnt a trick or two.

edit87I sat back taking it all in. It was such a beautiful picture to watch unfold before my eyes. The residents felt free and happy and the spirit of the evening was experienced by every person present. It was a picture that captured my imagination, not only with the physical eye, but with the eye of the heart. I didn’t want the evening to end, but sadly it had to.

If you have never experienced Camphill Village, do so. Your life will be touched and changed forever. I met a chap who shared my enthusiasm – he told me he was at the music festival which took place the previous month.  From that day, Camphill Village had gripped his heart and he now finds himself returning for all such events. Camphill Village calls to your heart and if you listen and hear, you will heed the call.



Camphill Village was recently featured on the Expresso Show. Here is the link :

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50th Celebration – Barn Dance at Camphill Village

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