My happy moment meeting The Lumineers

My happy moment meeting The Lumineers


Stelth, Neyla, Wesley, Jeremiah and Ben

Stelth, Neyla, Wesley, Jeremiah and Ben



Fire ‘n Ice hosted a media conference for The Lumineers – one of the hottest bands from America to hit our shores. The Lumineers are well known for their songs – “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love”, as I entered the conference room it was buzzing.

Simone from One-Eyed Jack extended an invite to Fanbase Magazine and I was privileged to attend this awesome conference on their behalf.

Spokespersons from SABC 3’s Expresso Show, 5fm, Goodhope FM and Top Billing were in attendance, just to mention a few.

At 1pm sharp the band, namely The Lumineers, consisting of Wesley, Jeremiah, Stelth, Benjamin and last but certainly not least, Neyla entered the room.
Cameras flashed wildly as everyone wanted a piece of the action so to speak.no2

A spokesperson for 5fm welcomed everyone and opened the floor for questions.

Some of the questions that were asked:

What has your experience of S.A. been so far and what has surprised you? Wesley said ‘The safari – seeing the elephants charging’. Stelth answered: ‘I climbed Lion’s Head this morning and your city has spectacular views’.

S.A. is very far from America, with that in mind, did you expect mass popularity from SA and did you have a strategy? Wesley answered: ‘we have tried to expand and grow the band on every level, but the answer is ‘no’, there was no strategic plan’.

What do you think of playing in bars? Jeremiah answered: ‘We have played many, but one of the best experiences was playing in a hollowed out Church that had been turned into a bar. Without saying it was some kind of religious experience, we felt that God has a vision for the band, it was a special experience. It is more about connections then just the band. It is more about the people. We want to be part of something bigger and we found solace in doing this.’

Ben said: ‘Coming to Denver was a like mindedness among us, with us all coming on board. It was like finding long lost brothers with the same mannerisms. We all fit so well and it felt like it was meant to be.’

What has experience of S.A. people been like? ‘Friendly and overwhelmingly cool’.

Have you encountered some die-hard fans? Ben replied: ‘We would be nothing without them. When we played one gig in Dublin one emotional fan told us after the show she thought we were arrogant and insecure as we took too long to come out. She said she flew all the way from Hungary. A Mexican fan cried so much at one gig it was touching to see’.

Will you do a tribute tomorrow for Madibe, seeing as it is one year since his passing? Wesley replied: ‘we try not to publicize such things as people take it too personally; we choose to stick to the music. People also try to twist your words’.

Do you watch other bands? Neyla answered: ‘yes it is very important to see the other side and to feel the energy – to remember what we do and why we do it’.

How do you feel about opening bands? ‘We try to remember that anyone can be in this position.’

What does the future hold and what are you currently working on? Wesley replied: ‘We have made 100 songs, but only produce the best – namely the top 11. We will continue to work towards a specific sound until we find it.’

Tell us about the Hunger Games? ‘We think it is really cool, but we don’t want to be known as the Hunger Games band.’

What was a memorable gig for you? Jeremiah shared ‘playing at the Hall of Music in Brooklyn for my brother’s birthday, it was special as our family was there.’

Sleth shared – ‘seeing the crowds in Buenos Aires jumping and clapping in time, they nailed the rhythm – it had a wave effect, it was cool.’

Neyla shared – ‘Red Rocks was a magical show – it was in Colorado, literally in our back garden. It was pouring with rain and despite the show having been cancelled a few times, the show went ahead.’

Wesley shared – ‘we did an LA show and were robbed of all our instruments. Many bands shared their equipment with us and this meant a lot. We played many house shows after this.’

So the time had come to an end and I walked away having new insight into this incredible band known as The Lumineers, who not only are the humblest down to earth people, but some of the finest I have had the privilege of meeting.

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I wish them everything of the very best for their stay in South Africa and even more, for their future which looks as bright as a shiny star.

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The Lumineers – Press Conference at Fire and Ice

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