pic45Shaun Jacobs visited Café Roux last week and the band was booked to perform two shows. Last year September the band visited our valley and had not one, but four sold out shows!!  Upon hearing that they were heading our way, I booked my tickets early, as  I didn’t want to miss out.

edit7There was a visible buzz as my friend and I arrived at Café Roux. People were gathered around tables enjoying their dinner with friends and family enjoying the beauty of the day before taking their seats indoors. We had booked for dinner and we were looking forward to our usual specialty – burgers. I have yet to discover a place that makes burgers that melt in your mouth with every bite.

From the ambiance that is Cafe Roux, to the waiters, the place stands out above the rest. Cafe Roux offers not only good food, but entertainment from some of the country’s finest musicians and acts. Shortly before 8.30 we were led to our table, which may I add, was right in front of the band – how awesome is that?

Excitement filled the air as people started taking their seats in anticipation.

blog2 blog1I love watching a solo act, but since watching this band, I have felt myself completely hooked to the whole band thing.  The true connection between the three of them, namely Shaun, Craig and Andrew is significant. This is possibly what makes them so solid as a band and it comes across to the audience with every word and sound. Shaun has a powerful voice and their music has a distinctive folk/rock feel which most people love and can relate to. The two songs that truly made it for them ‘Love Can’ and ‘At The End Of The Road’ are performed with true passion and sincerity and the crowd cannot help but sing along as if the song has become a regular on their lips.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7aK5RUrRBQ


pic50If I can describe their performance in a couple of words – it can be compared to a mighty thunder storm, some songs rumble gently and build up to a mighty crescendo, while others are so strong and powerful they ignite you like a bolt of lightning, flashing across the room, electrifying everyone present with an electric current, yet when Shaun sings ballads, you can sense the tenderness of the moment and a peaceful presence settles across the room, as if the storm has passed and a freshness fills each heart.

News hot off the press – Shaun shared that the band are currently getting ready to produce their next album, which will possibly be released in April/May 2015. I am sure, this in itself is music to everyone’s ears. I know South Africa is going to love what the band brings in the next couple of months and personally I cannot wait!

If you would like to read the review of their show in September, follow the link:


To find out all their news, here are their links:



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Shaun Jacobs at Cafe Roux

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