It was that time of the year again when lovers of music gather under the African sun on their picnic blankets, sipping long cool drinks while enjoying a delicious packed picnic with friends and family. The excitement mounted as the afternoon unfolded into an evening that was bound to end on a high note. Those gathered would leave with a feeling of euphoria. Yes, the day had finally arrived – the day of the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival.

The MC of the event, namely Gavin Minter, had arranged an evening with one of the greatest ‘line ups’ to date. This was to be the 7th official Folk Festival since its inception a couple of years back. This outstanding event takes places twice a year and the artist/s team up with a partner for a ten minute slot during which they play a song or two. So in other words, they each get to perform one of their own songs.

jen2First to take to the stage was a lady who is fast achieving fame in and around Cape Town, it was none other than the lovely Jennifer Eaves. Think ethereal, dreamy and haunting and you have Jennifer in a nutshell. Jennifer has opened for the likes of Jeremy Loops – no small wonder why. I always tend to break out in shivers when Jennifer reaches those high notes – her classic background comes across very powerfully.


Jennifer is a deep lyricist and her lyrics take you along on her journey, which is a beautiful one.

What an opening performance to kick things off. To find out all about Jennifer and to stay up to date with all her events, follow her on facebook: or visit her web site : to listen to Jennifer click on the link:


Alice Phoebe LouI will never forget the night I witnessed Alice Lou Phoebe singing her heart out in Cape Town – a mere girl with candy floss hair and a smile as broad as the ocean.

Gob smacked and amazed all at once by someone so young, I realized that Alice was a star in the making from day one.

Alice has been touring Germany, busking her way through Europe. A video was filmed recently onTed Ex-Berlin of Alice singing – this is a must watch!

aliceAlice travels the world bringing her stories to everyone that is lucky enough to find her. An album has been released and is available via her web site : – get yours today! The official producer of her album is Popsicle Studios.


Nick TurnerNick Turner and Paige Mac were teamed up for what was to be a powerful combination. I witnessed their duo performance at a previous Folk Festival held at the Baxter and I clearly remember how exhilarating it was.

Nick’s music is like a lucky packet – a bag full of surprises –Rock, reggae, African, hip-hop, ghoema and jazz.

If you can recall a band by the name ‘Sons Of Trout’ – well, the founding member was Nick himself. It just goes to show, that Nick is still in the groove and doing his thing.

Paige MacMahon is a name that is synonymous with soul. Raw, pure and honest are three words that come to mind when thinking of Paige’s music.

The lady sings her truth with every fiber of her being and when her voice reaches those heavenly places it feels like an angel has just landed on earth.

Paige MacMahonPaige is part of a band called Paige Mac. Gigging in and around Cape Town, it is always a pleasure to see them in action. Take a listen to their latest tune –

To follow here are links:

tina5Tina Schouw has a serene and regal presence and it comes across on the stage. In her own words: I am a heartist and singer/guitarist. I use music & words to make heart-connections to healing. I am a word & song-crafter & holder of spaces.

Looking at her expressive face, I could tell that behind those deep eyes lays an even deeper soul. Her music is so diverse and spicy; it touches you with rich and colourful flavours.

Gavin Minter joined her on stage, which was a lovely surprise. Together they performed one of his songs – what a treat!

Follow Tina on Facebook:

Or visit her website for more :

HatchetmanA band consisting of three fellows, namely Jono Tait, Nick Catto and Matt Catto rocked the stage with their harmonies and instruments. The band is known as HatchetmanJonathan Tait

Jonathan has a vocal range that blows my mind and his vocals are haunting in nature.

Watch them on You Tube: – this band has a stage presence that grabs you from beginning to end. The guys bring a unique blend of folk and rock in their act. A wonderful feeling of comradeship exists between them and this certainly adds to the vibe that is felt on stage and it rubs off on all who hear. Kirstenbosch Gardens was rocking and Hatchetman were the reason. To find out more about this dynamic band, follow them on Facebook:

Hassan AdasHassan’Adas took to the stage in style, warming us with  African rhythms and sound. Hassan has shared the stage with some big names in the industry including Stimela, Hugh Masekela, Jimmy Dludlu, Simply Red, SibongileKhumalo as well as Brenda Fassie and Miriam Makeba. Other band members include Congo-born Kissangwe Junior Mbouta (drums and vocals), Nathan Carolus (guitar and backing vocals) and Lucas Khumalo (bass and backing vocals) who have all played and recorded with prominent South African musicians. To watch them in action, check them out at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

After their phenomenal performance I felt proud to be part of this beautiful place we call Africa.

Guy Buttery I was excited for what I was to be part of next – I had heard rumours of a man who played a guitar like no other – this was the moment for me to experience it! Guy Buttery took to the stage and not a sound could be heard coming from the crowd, as everyone waited with bated breath for the magical sound that was soon to be meeting our ears.

Guy delivered a breathless performance of sheer beauty and magnitude. There is something about musical genius that cannot be put into mere words and this is certainly the case for Guy’s brilliance.

I will adopt the name ‘butter fingers’ for this man, as it is befitting him. His playing was like melting butter on a hot piece of toast – I could see and taste and it was good.

Follow him on Facebook to find him in your area of the world –

Andre de Villiers Andre de Villiers is an artist that is well known for his songs ‘Passing Through’ and ‘You And Me’ – watch here:

Andre is a deeply spiritual person and this comes across very strongly in his music. Schools have been touched by his visits – he shares his music far and wide, even in prisons. Andre is a man on a mission to bring change in this world and through his music he portrays the message.

During Andre’s recording career which saw four albums and thousands of gigs, he has worked with some of the world’s finest musicians in the States as well as in Europe. For the past six years, Andre has been travelling the world sharing the story of his life in word and song.

To find out more follow him on Facebook:

Jesse CleggJesse Clegg is a name to be reckoned with. Not only is he the son of the legendary Johnny Clegg, but an accomplished musician in his own right. Jesse spent the first six years of his life touring with his dad and this explains a lot. To quote media: – ‘After the widespread acclaim of his first album, Jesse’s music caught the attention of 3-time Grammy-winning Canadian producer David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Placebo). Jesse subsequently moved to Toronto for 4 months to work with Bottrill who produced his 2nd album. Another notable contributor was Grammy-winning engineer Bob Ludwig who mastered the album in New York.

Jesse’s debut album in 2008, When I Wake Up, and Life On Mars in 2011 have both made the 25-year-old a platinum-selling success in South Africa. He has been nominated for three South African Music Awards in his career. Jesse continues to make waves not only here in South Africa, but across the world. It was a first for me and I was suitably impressed.


RichardHe was joined on stage by his guitarist Richard Onraet, who may I add, has a superb gift on guitar.

Together they rocked the stage so to speak. Their act was highly entertaining and moving from beginning to end.

Follow Jesse on Facebook:

Ard MatthewsThe two artists to end off the evening needed no introduction. Ard Matthews of Just Jinger fame and Ross Learmonth from Prime Circle are two of the most talented musicians to walk the earth. Ard and Ross both have voices that are unique in nature and together they formed a formidable duo. Looking around from my spot on the grass, I could see the admiration and awe on people’s faces.

Ross LearmonthLike a wave that is formed deep out at sea and rides in to shore, so Ard and Ross, took us along for the ride and what a ride – the music engulfed us all.

Big thanks to Gavin Minter who never ceases to amaze me with his organizational skills. Gavin himself is a brilliant musician. Check out his latest video:

Follow him on his page:

Check out the interview with Gavin on News 24 – this will motivate you to get to future Folk Festivals

Follow the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Musical Festival page on Facebook to keep up to date with events:

Music has changed my life and I love being part of a bigger picture.

Thank you for reading my blog. To read more about previous Folk Festivals, click on the links:


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Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Festival at Kirstenbosch Gardens

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