Camphill Village – Monthly Market Featuring Music by Marnus Daniel

Photos by Kit Heathcock and staff

Yesterday a friend and I took a drive out to Camphill Village. It is a beautiful drive through, once you get past the hustle and bustle of Century City.

Camphill Village is an organization that has been operating for the past 50 years. Last year they celebrated the 50th year with an all day market that featured several musicians with Valiant Swart and Freshlyground being the main acts of the day. A barn dance was held a month later with an auction in conjunction with the event, which was enjoyed with great gusto by all.  As a visitor to Camphill, I can truly say that the care for the folk at Camphill Village is visibly seen and felt. The hands-on approach and dedication of the staff is evident at every event.

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Camphill Village

As we arrived yesterday, the camp was abuzz with activity. Children played and roamed freely in the lovely grounds and tree with ladders. Cars lined the sandy roadway all the way up to the market and main building. People chatting enthusiastically and in the distance I could hear sweet melodies drifting through the air to my ears.

As Mikki and I turned and looked at one another, I noticed her smile mirrored mine. We excitedly walked faster to get to the action. All around us there were people selling delicious food – from home made burgers to pancakes, fish cakes, spinach/feta fritters and let’s not forget the yummy chocolate brownies and good old-fashioned milk tart and refreshing herb juice of course! If you’re looking for the freshest homegrown vegtetables, look no further. Mikki managed to purchase a beautiful beaded necklace for a mere R30.00.  The lady who sells the juice remembered me from last month and mad ea special effort to come call to her table. Friendliness and interaction are two words that are synonymous with Camphill Village.



After getting something to munch on, we made our way to a spot under the trees where Marnus Daniel was playing his heart out for all the folk. People were dancing and singing along – what a precious sight to behold. The songs were a selection of classic and pop. To my surprise and delight I even heard an ‘Afrikaans liedjie’.

MARNUS DANIELMARNUS DANIEL SUCH BRILLIANCEWhen Marnus played the theme song from ‘Titanic’ – ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – a young lady started singing from deep within her soul, arm movements followed– it was a moving experience watching her – my own emotions ran away with me. For one moment in time -Marnus made her feel like a ballerina. I was astounded at his capabilities on the keyboard – his fingers moved endlessly – like lightening striking the keyboard, so his fingers brought sparks to everyone around him – as if we had been struck by lightening – our eyes fixed firmly on him.

MUSIC BY MARNUS DANIEL AND DONALD BARNETTDonald Barnett accompanied Marnus with some of the songs, playing his guitar and together they wove their magic, casting a spell on all of us. We sat in awe with bated breath waiting for each and every song, not wanting the music to end. A big thanks goes out to Donald Barnett of Mamma Gogo for arranging the monthly artists. If not for his commitment to Camphill Village, we would not have experienced this.  Look out for further markets featuring more of the same. Follow Mamma Gogo on their Facebook page:

A little more about what’s on offer at Camphill Village – the dairy boasts the finest yoghurt on the planet. Rumour has it, that they now stock chocolate yoghurt, but alas, in my excitement for all the day’s events I forgot to get some.

For those who love natural products – check out their amazing herbal products ranging from herbal cosmetics, lip balms, deodorants, massage oils to bath milks, just to mention a few.


The bakery uses stone-ground flour and natural wild yeasts. It offers – rye-ferment bread (wheat and yeast free), seed loaf, light brown bread, raisin bread, rusks, rye biscuits and more. There is nothing quite like fresh home baked bread and this is it!

I for one am eternally grateful I found Camphill Village – from that day my life had been touched and changed forever. I was drawn to the people and the beauty of the farm.


By visiting Camphill Village and purchasing some of their products, you not only support them financially, you leave with your heart ablaze and Camphill Village and its people live in your heart.  When we contribute as a community, we enable Camphill Village to continue doing what they do for years to come. This is a power that lies within you and me – we can make it happen. To find out more about Camphill Village- the work in progress, all the products available, as well as events happening – such as the ‘monthly music market,’ follow them on Facebook and give their page a ‘like’, or visit their website:






Camphill Monthly Market With A Difference

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