False Bay Folk Music Association presents Wren Hinds and Steve Van

Photo by Tj Biggs

Photo by Tj Biggs

Tuesday evening was another folk night. Yes, the False Bay Folk Music Association hosts a fun filled music evening every 1st Tuesday of the month at the Clovelly Country Club. I have been privileged to watch some highly accomplished musicians – Jonathan Tait, Jennifer Eaves, Simon van Gend and more. All thanks goes to Dominique Adelbert for bringing this whole experience to False Bay and in particular Clovelly Country Club. The view from here is breathtaking – mountains surround Clovelly and it feels like the view goes on forever. The premises were initially used by a group of naval officers stationed at the nearby Simonstown base and a number of enthusiastic golfers from the area – the Clovelly Golf Links was formed and started out as a nine-hole course.

CLOVELLY CLUB After the Great Depression of the late 1920’s, Clovelly was rescued from closure by two entrepreneurs, namely Gus Ackerman and Michael Pevsner who took ownership of the land. In 1932 Clovelly Country Club was formed and it opened officially in 1934.

The club as it stands today is one of the most popular played courses by golfers. The breakfasts and roast lunches are very tasty – I can attest to this. After a round of golf, golfers meet for a drink in the festive bar. I know golfers take their game very seriously, but despite sometimes sucking at it, once they sit down with drink in hand, all thoughts of this escapes them, as the view from up high spreads out before them and in the distant the sea twinkles invitingly in all its splendour.

CLOVELLYNow if you’re a golfer and a lover of music, you would do well booking a game of golf and then heading on to the dining lounge that is not just cozy but an intimate setting, which fits perfectly for the experience of folk music. Here are the links to both the Club and the False Bay Folk Association. The menu for the night offers Fish and Chips, Calamari, chips and salad, homemade beef burgers and chips to mention just a few – delicious and very well priced.




This Tuesday was no exception. I had heard that a young man by the name of Wren Hinds had moved to Cape Town from Durban and was eager to see if the rumours were true. Wren has a certain peaceful presence which is touching to watch. This rubbed off on all of us. Considering the flames of the fast approaching fire so close to Clovelly Country Club, it was a temporary relief – a moment of escape from the reality of this night.

 wren2Wren brings a folk/country feel and his music truly felt therapeutic. Wren has a soothing voice – his tone reminds me of a feather gliding through the air, falling lightly and floating to the ground – dreamy like soft fluffy clouds floating through a pale blue sky – light, soft and slow.

To catch up with all his latest news and to experience his music follow him on Facebook:


Watch him and his brother on You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r85Ame39gIE


STEVE VAN EXPOSteve Van was up next – folk/country and a touch of rock is what Steve’s music is about. What can I say about Steve; he has touched so many with his deep lyrics and his sincerity is strongly seen and felt by all who are fortunate enough to hear him.

STEVE VAN EXPO2Steve shared his song “Into the Sky” which was used in the Volkswagen television ad – “Saying Goodbye to Citi Golf” and let’s not forget his song “Faceless” which he wrote to raise awareness of rhino poaching. This is admirable, considering that 49 Rhinos have been poached since the start of 2015!

Steve has become a voice for the Rhino – he speaks on behalf of the Rhino through his music. Hopefully it will touch and change hearts. Every time he sings this song I feel shivers and deep emotions running through me at the thought of the brutality and horror the Rhino face.

Watch the song here:

Steve also sang another favourite of mine “Angel” – which he dedicates to his two angels – his beautiful daughters. It is heartfelt to see Steve’s emotions – his music is truly his story and how it impacts his life – this is truly what music is about – telling stories and bringing change in our world. Steve’s music is sincere, truthful, raw, current and deeply emotional. I didn’t want the evening to end, so moved I felt.

So often we hear music playing on the radio and we sometimes just turn a deaf ear, but it is important to listen – we can learn much through music.

Listen to Steve :


Give Steve a follow on Facebook to keep in touch and hear all his latest news:






False Bay Folk Music Association presents Wren Hinds and Steve Van

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