Fire Aid Noordhoek – Cafe Roux

pic8 bigoneThe beginning of March saw the start of devastating fires that ravaged our valley far and wide. Wherever I travelled across the valley I saw and smelt smoke and saw the bright glow of flames. The fire continued for days on end and the brave firemen continued fighting fire, day and night to distinguish the blaze from Muizenberg to Hout Bay. Despite danger to their own lives, they fought 24/7 to save us. Every morning we would pray that the helicopters would come. 6.30 each morning I would hear the distant rumbling sound of the choppers coming closer.

helicopterThe sound would grow and in that moment it would be music to my ears. They would rise above the mountain top like large birds as they took to the sky – up and down they would go– scooping water far down below – filling up and emptying out as they went.

Families lost homes, some left wearing just their night clothes, grabbing their sentimental treasures before fleeing into the night. Pets wandered off, confused and filled with terror, not knowing where home was. God’s creatures tried to escape, some did, but others were burnt up in the fire. A deep sadness filled us and we continued to pray. The community stood together, holding hands through it all. Earth angels worked day and night seeing to the needs of the people – food, beds and shelter were provided; they didn’t stop until all were cared for. Some of the elderly had to be escorted from the old age home – some fought to stay, not wanting to leave the safety of their little world, for an unknown place. Many able bodies helped save the lost and injured animals, transporting them to shelters. Food supplies and drinks were dropped off at various stations for the firemen and volunteers. Yes, men and woman from the community left the comfort of their homes and their busy jobs to beat the fire. Many had burns, sore eyes, scars and could scarcely breathe, yet they continued without fail. The firemen slept in their fire trucks at night – they said they would not leave us.

Through prayer, care, bravery and love, the fire was extinguished. A community knit in heart and mind, a unity of brotherhood seen and felt like never before. As we now travel the roads on the majestic mountains around us, let us be mindful of their beauty and the living creatures that dwell there. The next time we hear sirens, let us remember the firemen who give their all, day and night, to protect and keep us safe. My heartfelt respect goes out to all of them.

The lovely Jennifer Eaves wrote a song called ‘David & Goliath’ – watch it on You Tube – it portrays the devastation of the fire through her powerful song. The photography was captured by Gale McCall.
Check out her photography page – Gale has so much experience and truly captures the beauty of people through her images. Here is her link:“>

Jennifer has made it free for download – click on the link:

On Sunday 8 March 2015, some locals, namely the Noordhoek Farm Village, Cafe Roux and The Project Room decided to have a special fundraiser benefit to help support the firemen. Café Roux hosted the event and what a lovely venue to host an event of this nature, as the facility is family friendly and can comfortably host a large group of people. A bunch of artists volunteered to perform for free and all proceeds made on the day would be donated to the fund.

Marshall Music also came on board and sponsored the sound equipment for the day.  Wolftrap and Steenberg generously donated wine in aid of the fund and Foodbarn as well as Cafe Roux donated all sales of food towards the Fire Aid.

MCThe MC of the day was Dion Bing –  Dion did a fine job of entertaining the crowd, as well as providing all the information about the fire, firemen, volunteers, sponsors and more. He managed to get the auction in full swing as the people bid higher and higher. We all felt great sadness at the news of the loss of chopper pilot Hendrik “Bees” Marais – condolences to his wife Jackie Marais and the family.  We salute him for his bravery and all the years of fighting fires in Cape Town and South Africa.

Jeremy OlivierThe first musician to take to the stage was Jeremy Olivier. Sitting there I thought, who better to kick off the afternoon’s event.

Jeremy’s music reaches into your very soul and touches you to the core. Lyrics filled with meaning and truth – Jeremy tells his life story through his music. His sincerity is visible and he opens up his soul for all to see.

His song, or should I say their song – as it was created by both Jeremy and his lovely wife, Nicole- ‘Beautiful’ brings tears to my eyes. The song is about their son they adopted…Noah. A little baby that was abandoned at birth – Jeremy portrays the emotions of both parties involved through his song – deeply moving, powerful and touching. Jeremy shared with us that his song ‘Breathing Under Water’ speaks of having hope while we still living.

Jeremy OlivierHaving watched Jeremy a couple of times I can honestly say there is deepness about his music, but I have seen the lighthearted fun side of him too – some of Jeremy’s songs are ‘funky’, ‘jazzy’ and have a whole lot of soul. Jeremy’s music is versatile and appeals to many.

It comes as no surprise that Jeremy’s music is being played on radio stations throughout South Africa. Jeremy has performed with some of the world’s finest musicians – George Benson, Katherine Jenkins, Jonathan Butler and more recently, Daniel Bedingfield. Some of the local musicians that Jeremy has performed on stage with include Danny K, Loyiso Bala, Sibongile Khumalo, Sonja Herholdt, Brandon October, Judith Sephuma, Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Freshly Ground, Mango Groove and Johnny Clegg. Jeremy continues to perform all over South Africa, as well as in Germany, The Netherlands and Dubai. His music is uplifting, encouraging and heartfelt. Take a listen to some of his music here:

Some of Jeremy’s friends accompanied him stage and together they rocked. To find out more about Jeremy and upcoming events, check out his website:

Watch his song ‘Beautiful’ on You Tube:“>

Beatenbergbeat6bwThe three young men that took to the stage next were Matthew Field who wooed us with his voice and guitar strumming, Ross Dorkin who played bass like there was no tomorrow and what can I say about Robin Brink on drums – passion written across his face as he beat the drums in tune to the music.

This trio is known as Beatenberg. I noticed the young people mesmerized by their sound. Radio stations feature their music and they recently did a set ‘live’ on air with 5fm. Catchy, cool and hip are three words that express what their music is about. To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook: or check out their website:

Watch their video ‘Chelsea Blakemore’ here:“>

It was to be my first time watching Freshlyground and I felt like a big kid with a lucky packet. I couldn’t help but be swept away by the fun that is Freshlyground. The band consists of :

Zolani Mahola – Lead vocals
Simon Attwell – Flute, Mbira, Harmonica
Peter Cohen – Drums
Kyla Rose Smith – Violin, Vocals
Julio “Gugs” Sigauque – Acoustic Guitar
Josh Hawks – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Seredeal “Shaggy” Scheepers – Keyboards, Percussion
Lovely ZolaniZolani is so tiny yet her voice is so powerful and fiery – all heart, soul and passion poured out of her. It set my heart on fire to see the people all around me laughing, singing and dancing in tune to the music. Together they form a powerful band – like dynamite their sound exploded and reached into the very hearts of the people.

zolanebwFreshlygroundFreshlyground is a band that all South Africans look up to and admire. They are strong supporters of charity events and have giving hearts. Zolani sponsored one of her designer dresses for the auction. The dress was designed by Michelle Ludek. Her dress was auctioned off to the highest bidder at a whopping R20 000. This is not where it ended…a Dutch couple very generously decided to match this sum which then brought the total to R40 000! What a compassionate couple! How cool is that?

freshyground23bwfreshlyground400To keep up to date with them, follow them on Facebook:


freshlyground75freshlyground60freshlyground65freshlyground70Me & Mr BrownMrBrown5To end things off, ‘Me & Mr Brown’ took to the stage. These guys play covers and what a fine job they do! Me and Mr Brown play at functions such as weddings or birthdays – I guess office parties too. After the very first song, all those that were not yet standing were up on their feet and swaying to the music. They played a vast range of covers that we could all sing along to and the vibe was just incredible.

crowd3 crowd2There is just something so unifying when people stand together and sing – no barriers, just hearts and souls facing one another and loving life.

Check them out on:

At the end of the day R150 000 was raised! What an awesome event and bunch of people that made this happen. Big thanks.

ChildWhen I look back on this day, the memory of what matters most will live on in my heart–

Love, brothers, sisters, friends and family! As long as we have these treasures, we have everything, despite adversity we can hold on together – we have hope.

If you would like to make a donation or support in any way – check out the website:


Fire Aid Noordhoek – Cafe Roux

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