Freshlyground at Cape Farmhouse

EVSFreshlygroundFreshlyground had once again decided to do a fundraiser in aid of Cape Fire cause, this time with the proceeds being donated to EVS (Emergency Volunteer Services), an NGO entity raising funds for the Disaster Management Volunteer Corps in the Far South. They provide coordinated community response and relief to all means of emergency & disaster management – needs from fire and flooding to rescue and urban displacement. EVS volunteers played a crucial role in recent collaborative fire fighting efforts that contained one of the worst fires to hit the Deep South in 15 years. I was excited when I heard the event would be taking place at The Cape Farmhouse in Scarborough, as the venue is one of the most beautiful in Cape Town.

ScarboroughSaturday was a little cloudy, but as the day unfolded the sun danced out from behind the lingering clouds and shone upon the earth. Driving through via Misty Cliffs, the ocean in it’s many shades of blue, met my eyes and it left me with a feeling of peace and contentment.

Upon arriving at the Farmhouse, excitement filled me at the thought of watching a band that every South African loves and admires.

Photo from internet

Photo taken from internet

I had previously watched a couple of bands at the farm and was keen to experience the vibe which the farm is known for.  Families – old and young, came out for the day with picnic blankets, chairs, cooler bags and some even brought their dogs along. The farm is as pretty as a picture – a feeling of being in the country envelopes me every time I step foot on the grounds. The meals on offer are reasonably priced, namely cheese burgers, salads and pasta dishes. The farm has a fully equipped bar to cater for all your thirsty needs. For those who have been to Kirstenbosch Gardens and experienced an outdoor venue, the Cape Farmhouse is possibly even better. The Farmhouse offers a smaller more intimate setting, despite having grounds that can comfortably seat 400 people at a time. There is a stage as well as a cemented area in front of the stage where many gather to dance in tune to the music. If you get there early, like me, you stand the chance of getting one of their tables under the gazebo right in front of the stage. The Farmhouse also boasts a restaurant. This is a lovely setting for wedding parties too. If you would like to find out more about the farm and what they have to offer, follow them on Facebook:

After enjoying a lovely lunch, friendship and laughter it was time to sit back and enjoy the phenomenal Freshlyground. Zolani and the childrenZolani kids2

As they took to the stage, children gathered around the stage in eagerness.

With her funky personality that oozes from every pore of her body, a smile that can light up the darkest night and eyes that reflect her passion, Zolani wove her charm.  Children couldn’t hold themselves back from getting on stage to dance with her – this girl was born for the stage.

Peter Cohen

banjoPeople were packed like sardines in front of the stage to get a little piece of the action. The band rocked the farmhouse – everyone was shaking, rattling and rolling in tune to the music. It is no small wonder that since the inception of Freshlyground in 2002, the band has gone on to touch and impact lives wherever they find themselves.

violionistWhat I personally love the most about Freshlyground is their continued interaction with the community by involving themselves in charity and fundraiser events.

Watch them on You Tube –


To find them in your area or keep up to date with their latest events, follow them on Facebook:




Freshlyground at Cape Farmhouse

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