Longbeach Mall Expo With Mamma Gogo







 A decision was made to host the Expo again this year, after its huge success last year. Longbeach Mall Management gave the ‘go ahead’ and Donald Barnett of Mamma Gogo planned every last detail of the event that would take place, right down to a ‘T’. His right hand man Dylan Posthumus was an enormous help throughout the whole process. A big thanks to Janine Coomer Davidson, the Marketing Manager at Longbeach Mall for making this happen.

When I was approached by Donald to once again be part of the crew, I was excited to say the least. I humbly requested some musicians to do a set for us, as part of the couch jams. This just added to the flavour of the activities. The array of musicians that came on board were amazing.


The Longbeach Mall Expo

A special lady who spent the whole day watching the musicians on the Friday – even said she loves this as she did this when she was young!

The traders that came forward to display their wares were full of energy and their excitement rubbed off on all of us. Watching them set up every morning was a treat; expectant hearts were evident as they eagerly awaited the mall goers. Their tables were beautifully displayed and everywhere I gazed I saw their handcrafted displays. From crystal jewellery that magically sparkled, amazing artwork, colourful crafted chandeliers that make my mouth drool, embroidered cushions that were truly as pretty as a picture, to beadwork and more. A lovely lady called Bhanoo had a table set up for henna tattoos and in case you wondering whether I had one done, the answer is a big ‘yes’ I felt like a kid again as I marvelled at the ‘circus/carnival’ feel of the Expo.

A very talented lady by the name of Jeanette had a table set up for the young ones to do pottery – it was amazing to see the creative juices flowing among them.

Paul our sound man

Paul our sound man

A special mention must be made to Alexo Property Brokers who sponsored sound and a sound engineer for all four days. Paul Gennrich was our sound man and he did a superb job and on the last day revealed some hidden talent that we didn’t know about. Thank you Steve Van for arranging this – your generosity does not go unnoticed.

IMAGE36To find out more about Mamma Gogo, check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MammaGogoAdventures?fref=ts

To view the gallery of photos taken by myself and kindly shared by Mamma Gogo, click on this link:


Here is a little screen slide of the musicians that gladly and freely offered their time and music with us:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I would love to give a write up on each one, but time doesn’t allow for this. You can find them all on Facebook – give them a like and listen to their music. If I can put it in a nutshell –

Evelyn Hart – powerful, dynamic and goose bumps all at the same time. Tamara and Jean – thank you for playing all those lovely golden oldies from yesteryear – Johnny Cash has come alive again in my heart. Guy Collins, namely ‘Mr Soul’ – thank you for always bringing your all on any given stage. Emma Jean Beattie – what a pleasure to experience your voice – you are born to be a rock star! Kathryn Swain – graceful, elegant and such a natural voice – I could listen to you forever.  David and Lauren -Shamanzi – I just love the variety of instruments you use and the truly African feel of your music – soothing and calming sounds.  Myddle Earth – I felt like I had escaped into a fairytale land and Robin Hood was going to appear at any moment with his merry men. Marnus Daniel for your true passion and expression. Jamie Jupiter for your uniqueness, simply love your home grown music. Jennifer Eaves, for moving me to tears with your deep lyrics and for just being ‘you’, Jaco and Marieke –Royal Commoners for your glow that shines from your faces and infiltrates our hearts – you heading for big places. Steve Van, for your deep and endearing music that grips the soul. Grace de La Hunt for your quirky personality and spunk that shines through in your music. A special thanks to Kyle Chowles who stood in for an act who couldn’t make it on the day – you were certainly a winner!

image150Looking back on the four days a strong feeling of community was felt by all. A coming together of hearts sharing and giving. No one man/woman stood alone, but all joined together as one to support and encourage one another. This is what it is all about!

To see the bigger picture, you have to get involved.

It was great to see the response of the mall goers to the market, as well as the ‘live’ music. I am deeply touched and feel privileged to have been part of this amazing initiative and eagerly look forward to what awaits us next year.



Longbeach Mall Expo With Mamma Gogo

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  1. Thank you to all involved for making this Longbeach Mall Expo so good! It was interesting to see all of the stalls and then sit back and enjoy the wide range of lovely music.

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