The Royal Commoners and Hatchetman

All photos and article by René Maritz

Tuesday evening was the usual monthly gathering at the Clovelly Country Club for the monthly False Bay Folk Association Music evening. When I walked in I was blown away – the place was packed to capacity and they were adding some extra chairs in the far back corner. My gut instinct told me that this was going to be a good night.

IMG_2186The Royal Commoners were up to open for Hatchetman. I had recently met them at the Longbeach Mall Expo. After what I witnessed at the Expo, I knew the audience were in for treat. As they took to the stage I was captivated by the smile on Marieke’s face. Her enthusiasm and sparkle washed over the audience. The Royal Commoners are a duo, namely Marieke and Jaco. Their passion and love for what they do is visible and this comes as no surprise, considering the couple are newlyweds. I don’t know what is more beautiful – their love for one another or their music. Their faces mirror a certain glow, which is endearing in itself. Marieke has a beautiful vocal range and Jaco accompanies her with his guitar. The people lapped up every drop of it. They Royal Commoners played covers by the Lumineers as well as their own songs. For me, personally, I enjoy listening to their original songs as this is their story and they come alive in every moment of each song. The audience clapped and sang along with great gusto. Even an Afrikaans song was thrown in for good measure. Keep your eyes peeled on their events and find them in your area. The Royal Commoners will be performing as one of the opening acts with Jeremy Loops this Saturday coming, at the’ Cool as Folk Cape Town’ – check it out here:

Royal CommonersHere is the link to their Facebook page :

Take a listen to them :

After enjoying a delightful dinner I could feel the excitement mounting as Hatchetman took to the stage. I have witnessed them in action a couple of times, namely at the CT Folk Festival held at the Baxter Theatre as well as at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

hatchetmanUpon doing their thing, the crowd went wild and shouted for more, this evening was no exception. From beginning to end they ‘wowed’ us all with their music.

The trio consists of –

Jono Tait – guitar / vox
Nick Catto – bass / vox
Matt Catto – percussion / vox

Harmonies and beautiful melodies drifted across the room to our eager ears. I sat there taking it all in. I was captivated from beginning to end. The trio all come from strong musical backgrounds, with parents that have been actively involved in the music scene for years.

jono6What astounds me each and every time I hear him sing, is Jonathan’s vocal range – he has a range that seems to come from another planet!

Together their voices blend to perfection. Crosby Stills and Nash are a band that they look up to and I can honestly say with years of listening to the said band, Hatchetman bring their own unique touch to these songs from yesteryear. Their music is real and the audience clapped and sang along in great delight. Never before have I seen a crowd so taken with a band. Looking around the room I saw teenagers, middle agers and golden oldies. They literally brought the house down. When Jono announced a Beatle’s song was up next the people cheered and clapped even louder.

The band sang ‘Blackbird’ which was a phenomenal performance.

Give them a follow on Facebook:

Listen to them here:

If you would like to find out more about these delightful evenings follow the False Bay Folk Association on Facebook:



The Royal Commoners and Hatchetman

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