The Trouble

The Trouble

Joshua Grierson- Storyteller/Folk SInger

Joshua Grierson- Storyteller/Folk SInger

Saturday night was the launch of a brand new band, however, despite this being the case, the band member s are not new to music, in fact they are multi-talented artists.

Joshua Grierson and Lauren Fowler-Kierman

Joshua Grierson and Lauren Fowler-Kierman

Joshua Grierson  together with Lauren Fowler-Kierman, Gene Kierman and Wesley Reneke, came together to create something old and something new, so to speak.

Gene Kierman

Gene Kierman

A spontaneous idea was born – to start up a band, incorporating Gene on guitar, French horn and vocals, the dreamy voice of Lauren on vocals, harmonizing with Joshua and Wesley on percussion. The band ‘The Trouble’ was birthed.

Wesley Reneke

Wesley Reneke

As 2014 drew to an end, so did Joshua’s’ folk act’.  Joshua made a personal decision to move in a different direction, namely  –

A L T R O (alternative electro) and hence ‘F O L L O WE R’ took form and shape.

The name in itself grabs one’s attention. To find out more, follow

‘F O L L O W E R’ on Facebook.

The song ‘Forgiven‘ can be heard here:

Poignant, eerie, haunting and soul provoking are words that come to mind when listening to this song.

I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get a ticket for the show. The event was held at Cafe Roux – one of the hottest venues in Cape Town. To find out about ‘live’ events, give Cafe Roux a ‘like’ on Facebook :

Situate in the mountainous, leafy suburb of Noordhoek, Cafe Roux is host to some of S.A.’s top artists and I couldn’t think of a better place for ‘The Trouble’ to launch their brand new act. From beginning to end, I was swept away by the electrifying performance of Joshua and his new band.  Folk music at its best, as I had come to know it;  Joshua played and sang all his original songs, storytelling being the name of the game. In full view of his fans and audience, Joshua and his band members cast a spell on us and drew us in. Bringing a band to the party has added a whole new dimension to Joshua’s act. Sitting there, I thought I had just witnessed one of the most beautiful moments ever and I didn’t want the night to end. Each band member is like a piece of a puzzle and the puzzle is now complete.  I am beyond excited to see where the band is heading – keep your eyes peeled for exciting events and news coming soon.

To get a little taste of what to expect, check out this You Tube video:“>







The Trouble at Café Roux

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