Camphill Village is a market with a difference!

Soul Sessions SA

Camphill Village – Monthly Market Featuring Music by Marnus Daniel

Photos by Kit Heathcock and staff

Yesterday a friend and I took a drive out to Camphill Village. It is a beautiful drive through, once you get past the hustle and bustle of Century City.

Camphill Village is an organization that has been operating for the past 50 years. Last year they celebrated the 50th year with an all day market that featured several musicians with Valiant Swart and Freshlyground being the main acts of the day. A barn dance was held a month later with an auction in conjunction with the event, which was enjoyed with great gusto by all.  As a visitor to Camphill, I can truly say that the care for the folk at Camphill Village is visibly seen and felt. The hands-on approach and dedication of the staff is evident at every event.


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Camphill Monthly Market With A Difference

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