CODA Africa at The Youngblood Arts & Culture Development


Last night was no ordinary night by any means. The Youngblood Arts & Culture Development is a relatively new artistic centre which was founded  in 2010 by Roger Jungblunt. Roger saw the need to support artistic/creative minds with a space to create and express talent. The gallery comprises multiple floors and when looking up, you feel as if there is no end. The building has an open flow design which is light and artistically furnished with a modern flair. Beautiful artwork grabs your eye from the moment you enter the centre. Read all about it here –

pic10Upon arrival, we were welcomed and ushered in warmly. With a drink in hand, we made our way to our table. As time moved on, the place started filling up and happy chatter filled the air.

At 7.30 I was reminded of the song ‘tiny bubbles’ – well in this case, it was a big bubble and in the bubble was a lady in a beautiful cream gown holding a sax! The music infiltrated the room and every eye was fixed on the beauty in the bubble.  A magical moment was experienced, as we sat mesmerized, not only by her beauty, but the  fairy tale experience of it all. What a way to kick the evening off.

CODA Africa

CODA Africa

zAMIA little while later, the reason for the evening arrived.  CODA Africa took to the stage – Camera, lights, action……..

Let me introduce you to this 5 piece band –

Zami Mdingi – vocals
Carol Thorns – electric cellist
Galina Juritz – violinist
Judy Brown – saxophonist
DJ LuvChild – DJ

A little background – Cape Town-based afro electro music group, CODA Africa, has been nominated for 2 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) for ‘Most Promising Artiste in Africa 2014’, and ‘Best African-Electro Act 2014’ alongside Goldfish and Mi Casa. The band play many corporate events in our country and have traveled internationally.

image4The band’s album  ‘Disclosure’ features an array of songs. The songs are based on stories of each member of the band. This in itself, is a beautiful thing.

Follow them on Facebook –

image90Listen to them on Soundcloud –“>

Stylish, graceful, funky, spunky, hotness, groovy are just some words that come to mind when watching them…the list is endless.

Deep soul and pure emotion

Deep soul and pure emotion

To say I was rendered speechless listening to Zami, would be an understatement. The adage ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ is certainly true in her case. Zami literally exploded before our eyes -her voice entered our ears and seeped into our hearts. When Zami sings, her face mirrors her soul- Zami sings with pure emotion and joy. It was an experience that moved me to my core.  Her vibrant personality comes alive on stage and from the moment Zami stepped onto the stage, the stage was hers.

When looking at Zami I am reminded of a beautiful African queen – her voice echoes nuances of her roots.

Carol wowed and captivated us with her red cello and big eyes. Super talented and gifted, Carol has taken her act abroad for years. Her latest project is ‘the bubble’ – To quote – This new, innovative concept has taken the corporate entertainment market by storm and has been booked for SA’s top launches, fashion events and parties. The Bubble is in great demand across South Africa and worldwide.

Read more about Carol here –

image48Galina’s face sparkled as she played the strings on her electric violin, bringing sweet melodies to our ears. In 2010, she started working with composer and performer Neo Muyanga and has since performed in his debut productions Memory of How it Feels and The Flower of Shembe. She has composed music for bands, chamber ensembles and short films, and often works as a session recording artist’.

Galina is highly accomplished in her own right, read more here –]

I sat watching Judy play her sax and felt shivers down my spine. Her album ‘Liquid Sax‘ is now available.

Click on the link for more info –

Judy has traveled internationally, bringing her dreamy sound too many. Being one of the most sought after saxophonists, Judy has collaborated with some of the country’s top performers.

pic16Last, but certainly not least, is the thorn among the roses, so to speak – Dj Luvchild – what a rad dude! Luvchild is based in Cape Town. Being a rare talent, Luvchild has opened for many of South African and international bands and acts ranging from afro house, dance hall, funk, rock, reggae, dub step to hip-hop. He is known for  opening shows for three respective bands on the same night, featuring different genres and rocking the house. Luvchild is chilled and brings a certain ‘coolness’ to the band.

Walking away at the end of the evening, I thought about this experience and realized that it was a first for me. CODA Africa bring so much as an act – you cannot put them in a box.

Like a million stars in the galaxy, so their music sparkles, explodes, lightens and transports you to another realm.

Watch them –



CODA Africa at The Youngblood Arts & Culture Development

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