Long Street - The Waiting Room

Long Street – The Waiting Room

Stone Jets and F O L L O W E R at The Waiting Room

Driving up Long Street in itself is an experience. By day, people enjoy the vibe and cosmopolitan feel thereof, from vintage to modern – you can find just about anything – an unusual gift – shirt, stopwatch or even a Victorian dress.  At night, the place comes alive with bars, restaurants, coffee shops and night clubs.

Roof top

Roof top

Tuesday night was one of those nights and Long Street was pumping. I was filled with anticipation as Stone jets and FOLLOWER were the two acts for the evening. The Waiting Room is one of the best acoustic venues in the city and for this very reason many of our countries top artists choose it. Upon arrival, we decided to pop in at The Royal Eatery for a coffee. Boasting the best burgers in Cape Town, The Royal Eatery serve delicious food, salads and drinks. The waiters always welcome you in with a warm smile and friendly service is the order of any given day or night.

Don’t let the steep staircase put you off, it is like a stairway to the stars. The cozy intimate feel of the Waiting Room, fills you the minute you enter. Retro decor featuring lighting from a long forgotten era, as well as the cool couches, add to the atmosphere. Leading out from this intimate setting is a roof deck that looks out over the beautiful city lights. In the corner of the room, a bar awaits you, where they serve beers, spirits and even tall pink drinks, if you so desire.

My friend and I took our seats, as Stone Jets took to the stage.

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane

Given Nkanyane moved to the mother city after a chance meeting with Manfred Klose in Johannesburg. Shortly after this, Stone Jets was formed and the duo hasn’t looked back. For the past 3-4 years the duo have been hitting venues in and around Cape Town with their sound and have since taken their act on the road, touring the country and bringing their acoustic/rock sound too many happy ears.

Given is someone who gives his every ounce on stage – from his golden voice, to his charm, he entices, enthrals and draws you in – like a moth to a flame, so Given works his magic.

Stone Jets

Stone Jets

Sitting under their music, I feel myself drift away to a happy place – their music has this effect on me. The tone and richness of Given’s voice reminds me of the late great soul singer, Sammy Davis Junior . image27

Given has a heart for the blues and you experience it from the minute he lets rip. Not only does he sing, but he plays a red hot bass guitar. Sitting there listening and watching him draw the crowd in with his magnetism, I couldn’t help thinking of James Brown – Given has the whole package, he just needs a few hot dance moves to go with his already red hot guitar.

Manfred Klose

Manfred Klose

Manfred hails from Cape Town and has his own recording studio.  Harmonising on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, Manfred portrays his gift with ease and grace and is worth his weight in gold.

Manfred is a multi-talented musician and adds a unique dynamic to the band.

Eleven years ago the journey started, with Manfred fulfilling his dream of making music and it continues to grow day by day. This,  is his true passion and gift. Manfred is living his dream, in every sense of the word. While at school, he would focus more on music, spending 4-6 hours a day practising.

Manfred went on to obtain his degree in Audio Engineering, this stands him in good stead.


Giorgio Laporta

Giorgio Laporta

The past few months has seen the addition of a chap by the name of Giorgio Laporta.  Giorgio is an accomplished drummer, who adds a rock groove to the band, giving it a solid edge.

Giorgio has successfully played with the likes of Paige Mac and Down On The First. Watching the guys together as a band, I could sense the camaraderie between them and I realized how far they have come.

The journey has just begun and I cannot wait to see where this amazing band is heading.

Check them out on Soundcloud and You Tube. Their EP is available on ITunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/river-ep/id726459261

Here are the links:

You Tube –


Other reviews on the Stone Jets – https://artandphotgraphy.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/paige-mac-stone-jets-grace-de-la-hunt-at-the-waiting-room/



Follow them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/stone.jets/timeline



After being blown away by Stone Jets, a relatively new act took to the stage known as- F O L L O W E R. The members are : Joshua K Grierson & Gean Burrell. Joshua Grierson revealed that they are currently in the process of producing an EP, which is due for release soon.

Joshua Grierson

Joshua Grierson

Their genre is     A L T R O (alternative electro).

Gean Burrell

Gean Burrell

I sat mesmerized and I had flashbacks you when I was a kid watching a certain kind of movie – it felt like that build up, when you knew something was about to happen, but you didn’t quite know what.. The suspense was electric – I sat on the edge of my seat, scarcely breathing, intrigued by the mystery and anticipation of what was coming. When it came, it ended too abruptly, I wanted more and as movies go, I will have to wait for the forthcoming attraction.

To keep up to date with their events check out their links:


Instagram: @followermusic


Stone Jets and F O L L O W E R at The Waiting Room

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