Emma-Jean Beattie and Jennifer Eaves at False Bay Folk Music Association

The False Bay Folk Music Association host a music evening at the Clovelly Country Club in Clovelly,  every month. The club has breathtaking views across the bay and offers tasty meal options, from hamburgers to fish and chips, the food is very reasonably priced and always scrumptious. So if you are after a night of good food and ‘live’ music, Clovelly is the place to be every first Tuesday of the month.

Follow The False Bay Folk Music Association on Facebook to find out all about the events – https://www.facebook.com/falsebayfolk/timeline.

On several occasions, I have had the absolute pleasure and delight to attend these evenings and I have come away richer for the experience. The variety of music has been out of the ordinary and each time the audience are swept away by beautiful harmonies, rhythms and the sound of a variety of musical instruments.

This past Tuesday, was no exception. A young lady by the name of Emma-Jean Beattie opened the evening by singing and playing her own music.

Emma writes her own lyrics, which echo her life story. A deep, serious young lady and despite only being 16, Emma portrays depth and deepness beyond her years.

JensepiaMulti-talented Jamie Harvey and James Hall of Blacksmith fame, joined Jennifer Eaves for the evening. Having experienced Jennifer’s heartfelt music  time and again, I was keen to see what the guys would bring.

Jamie Harvey plays the Accordion, Harp and Whistles and James plays the Fiddle. Together the trio wove their charm, placing us all under a spell that stayed unbroken until the very end.

Gazing at Jennifer, Jamie and James as they took us all along for the ride, the music seeped into every heart present, as people sat riveted to their seats, scarcely breathing.

This evening was different for me, as the trio played their instruments and sang, I was taken on a journey. The journey was to a moment in time – the place was the Plaka in Athens. The Plaka, as it is known, is a place where people live, shop, eat, dream and play. The place is ‘alive’ with festivities – all day, musicians line the street, the sound of children’s laughter fill the air and a feeling of merriment surrounds you.  Sitting once again, under the beauty of the music on Tuesday, I felt like I had been transported to this magical place; I reminisced and realized, that such  is the power of music and how it impacts your soul. Another wonderful soul experience was felt  by all those present.

To find out more about all the artists and to keep up to date with their events, here are their links:

Jennifer Eaves – https://www.facebook.com/jennifereavesmusic

Watch her song that she wrote when moved by the fires that ravaged our valley recently :


Emma-Jean Beattie – https://www.facebook.com/emmajean.beattie


Blacksmith – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blacksmith/192258127451521?sk=timeline

Video of Blacksmith –



Emma-Jean Beattie and Jennifer Eaves at False Bay Folk Music Association

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